To My Wife of 36-1/2 Years who Died of Cancer | Reviewer: Andy | 5/14/13

I sing this song to you each time I hear it. To say that I cry and cry is an understatement. This song is a perfect reflection of how I feel inside about you. The words match my feelings about 99%. You were my whole world! You changed my life completely when I met you. It was love at first sight for me and I know for you as well. I cherished you with all my heart and soul. You made me a complete man. You gave me the greatest gift a woman could give to a man and that was her total love and devotion and life! I can never forget you. In spite of arguments and differences we had as we got older, my love for you only deepened over the years. I cherished your human soul. Now that you are gone, I think about you everyday. Even though I pretend that I've moved on, you'll always be my baby. No matter where life takes me too, a part of me will always be with you. What a PERFECT SONG for the way I feel about you!!! This song will ALWAYS make me cry for you! Goodbye Jennifer! You will Never Be Forgotten! NEVER!
Your loving husband of 36-1/2 years!

musika | Reviewer: kzfovm | 12/24/12

``never had a dream came true┬┤┬┤
when i first met him, i know that my dreams come true...
this song reminds me of someone who pick up every pieces of my heart and put them back together...

still missing you bhebiekoh.. | Reviewer: teiyah | 11/21/10

..i just love this song.. it reminds me of someone special in my life. We love each other but don't have the chance to be together for some reasons..Just what the song says no matter where life takes me a part of me will always be with you..You'll always be my bhebie..

I miss you purity | Reviewer: Omondi eddybrian odera | 4/17/10

This song reminds me of a girl i met in campus called purity.i dated her for a year,and i had a feeling she never could love i let her go.whenever i listen to this song,i feel the sweetness of the presence of the love of my life,right inside my heart,n wish she could be here with me.i will forever love you purity

:):):):) | Reviewer: Madi | 3/26/10

I dont no why i think this song makes everyone feel the same way, sad but happy at the same time
It was released in late 2000 or 2001 and back then i was only about 7 so it reminds me of being a little girl and i used to love s club 7 and all their songs so this song reminds me of back then when i used to listen to it. It makes me sad because i miss being a little kid! It has a special significance to everyone is some way because its such an amazing meaningful song
There should be a reunion!!!

aryan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/10

i love dis song because my boyfriend and i broke up but still i love him and its hard for us to let go even we love each we need it! so i really love this song i will always love him and my feelings for him will never change even i felt in-love again our memories together will be with me forever and i will treasure it deep inside my heart..

Never had a dream come true | Reviewer: Jacob | 1/9/10

I went to camp last week from my school.there was this girl also from my school called amanda.i had liked her a little bit.we had a great time together. At night whe i was listening to this song alone she came and kissed me .this song reminds me of sometimes we used to hang out together

never had a dream come true | Reviewer: joanna | 11/8/09

This song reminds me of my x boyfriend whom i loved so much. i know i did wrong of wwhich i apologised for it but he still dumped me. everytime i listen to this song, it reminds of him. its so painful upto this day coz i have never been able to let go of him. sometimes i wonder if he thinks about me at all. he was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

i like it | Reviewer: yaya | 7/23/09

i like this song...i let my love go...and i've lost part of my soul... but it's for the good.. yes, letting someone go really is painful and the memories can never fade away... he would always be in my heart..

Remember a dream | Reviewer: Memory Lopez | 5/26/09

My boyfriend just broke up with me but i totally fell in love with this song. He'll still be with me cuz he left a mark on my heart for eternity. sometimes letting go doesn't always mean that you are weak. sometimes it just means that you are brave enough to let go.... and i have done just that...

Awesome | Reviewer: MegJo | 5/13/08

You Song Is Awesome I love it, it remides me of the people I love and my one special person I found Ever Since I Herd It It Has Been One Of MY Most Favorite Songs Ever!
So Keep It Up Guys Your Awesome!

Review... | Reviewer: samantha | 12/26/07

Everytime I hear this song...
I dunno...It just gives me a feeling...a sad and lonely but very sweet feeling...It's very hard to understand...I know...but...It just makes me feel like that...
A feeling that makes me wanna cry...

Maybe somehow I can relate to it...
I dont know why but...I just feel so helpless when I hear it... but when I dont I'm just plain old me

Never had a dream come true! | Reviewer: liz | 12/11/07

This song reminds me of a boy i split up with and i dumped him coz i thought i had fallen out of love with him but after a couple of months or weeks i found out that i still loved him and i asked him back out and he said no then he said yes and now im going back out with him! but i haven't heard this song for years untill last saturday when same difference of the x-factor sang it!
Liz 14 nearly 15 tenbury wells worcs x

Still S-Clubbin' | Reviewer: Still S-Clubbin' | 8/27/06

I have been a fan of S Club 7 since the beginning, way back to S Club 7: Miami !!! Its a great show, great group, and this song is beautiful! I was devastated when Paul left and the show ended here in America. Now the only S Clubbin I get is to think of the memories and read the lyrics. Cause I never had a dream come true til I listen to their music.

Never Had A Dream Come True! | Reviewer: Ann Marie | 9/29/04

This song will be the song that me and my soon to be husband will first dance to on Feb 22nd, 2005! This song relates so much to the choices we make today as teenagers and as grown adults! Never ever wonder what it would have been or what it could have been, because that will make your current relationship fail! S CLUB 7 COME BACK SOON!