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A Real Heartbreaker | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/2008

Ryan Adams is a fantastic artist. I have every album and single he's put out independently and with The Cardinals. Never get tired of listening to his work. His music is bittersweet and beautiful, but it can also be a little weird and rocking. Very talented at all that he has tried, and I look forward to hearing more from him.

hey | Reviewer: VD | 6/1/2007

I really liked Come Pick me Up when I heard it in Elizabethtown too))) awesome song and great movie, but I really fell in love with his another song called Desire, maybe someone could help me, cause I want to know if he has more songs like Desire...

Most Def | Reviewer: Rob | 5/3/2007

Most def. Ryan Adams is fucking awesome. and I also think that Gold is his best album...

my top 5 songs would have to be

5. Bartering Line
4. Gonna make you love me
3. Tina Toledo's street walking blues
2. The Rescue Blues
1. Touch, feel, & lose

i'm in love!!! | Reviewer: steph | 12/23/2005

Ryan Adams is for sure my favorite signer ever! He has such a great voice and great lyrics! The first song I've heard from him was "Come Pick Me Up" from the movie Elizabethtown and i fell in love right away! I've listened to that song so many times and I never even got tired! I have 4 of his cds: Heartbreaker, Gold, Jacksonville City Nights and 29. My fave songs are:

10.Note To Self:Don't Die
7.Cherry Lane
6.New York, New York
5.Memories Of You
4.Carolina Rain
3.Dear Chicago
2.Gonna Make You Love Me
1.Come Pick Me Up

hahaha well that's it...cya!

Ryan Adams ROCKS | Reviewer: Anya | 11/1/2004

god, I love Ryan Adams soo much. I first came across him when a friend sent me his cover version of Oasis - Wonderwall and i was a fan eversince. In my opinion, his best album is Gold, and my top 5 favourite songs of his are

5. Sylvia Plath
4. Dear Chicago
3. Goodnight, Hollywood Blvd
2. My Blue Manhattan
1. When The Stars Go Blue

***** :)

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