Makes me happy =] | Reviewer: Katiie | 1/30/08

The beat to this song just makes me smile, me and a few friends love it but some people are like 'You're 13, why do you like this old crap?' But tbh i think it's ace!

luks lyk marie's got olde world teen company :) | Reviewer: Harini | 1/14/08

i absolutely agree wid you...n i absolutely love the beatles...btw i heard this song for the first time on ice age...n i think it suits those scenes better than the ones from matilda..though i dont really remember matilda...i didnt think it was all that awesome to be doesnt bring out the unique-ness of the book well enough.

=) | Reviewer: Cassidy | 1/3/08

I love this song! It is the best! It always puts me in a good mood. Plus I love it in Matilda. haha, best movie ever! This song is the best!

if anyone knows what music is... | Reviewer: Marie | 1/4/08

this is a great song. I think i was meant to be born a long time ago, because my favorite band is the beatles. What teenager is in love with them now-a days? This song is also old, and i LOVE IT. If anyone knows ANYTHING about music you wont listen to the crap they play on thoes gangster radio stations. Music has took a turn. Next time you're parents make you listen to some old crap, take the time and remember this comment. The downright best music is from back when our parents were teenagers, PERIOD!

awesome! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/07

omg i have been in love with this song since i first heard it on matilda im so glad i was able to find the lyrics! thank you...

i no him | Reviewer: Lauren | 12/26/07

i no rusted root's old drummer, jim donovan. he lives down my street and my sis and i babysit his kids, tupelo, the oldest, ella, the middle, and oliver, the youngest. they r the cutest tings in the world

on my way... | Reviewer: Katie | 12/10/07

my dad had introduced this song to me so many years ago and ever since it has been our favorite song to-date. for my 18th birthday last year my dad and i went skydiving and this was hte song my dad used for my skydiving video... now everytime i hear this song not only am i in a feel-good mood... it also brings back the best of memories! =] love it.

:-))) | Reviewer: victor!:-) | 11/25/07

OH MY SOUL!!!!! i am in love with this song, its sooo gud. i hadn't heard it 4 ages, n my friend had it on his ipod n now im totally hooked!! also lurve matilda!:-) byee! p.s the video is random!ha!

MY ALL TIME FAV | Reviewer: Court | 11/20/07

This has been my favorite song for about 10 years. I remember buying the CD when it came out, so it brings back some of my best memories.

HAPPY SONG!!!! | Reviewer: Fabz | 11/18/07

omg this song is TOTALLY AMAZE!!!!!!!!! lol only second to "Little Bitty Pretty One" also from matilda from the scene where she's doin all the magic on the table. or at least i think it lol. anyway listen to both these songs as they rock my world!!!!!!! much love! XxX Luff Fabz XxX

grrrrreat | Reviewer: Monique | 11/11/07

this is such a feel good song. no matter how you're feeling it makes you smile even if you don't want to.i love it.

creepy | Reviewer: Nick | 11/6/07

ok so i was at school today and my gf told me to download this song. so i did and i didn't know what he was saying so i went on to this site to look for the lyrics and what do you know? gf was the top comment on this song (well i guess im the top now but my gf is right under me). the reason why I know this is her because she's talking about matilda or soemthing like that and there's something about matilda in her msn name when i last talked to her. so ya i thought that was kinda creepy.

Great Song | Reviewer: Jenna | 11/5/07

Alright, well, for some reason I was sitting at my computer desk and all of a sudden I was thinking of the other song in Matilda where she is dancing on the table, so I of course had to find it, and when I went looking I found this song. I almost had a heart attack when I heard it. I LOVE this song!! Its the greatest, you cant help but move to the music! I love the intro!!

Send Me On My Way | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/07

I find most peoples "favorite song" changes with the trends but for the last 10 yrs this has been my favorite above all else. I still remember watching Matilda for the first time when the song started to play...I don't know how, it just felt like something that was going to be a part of my life for a very long time. I found it about 3 or 4 yrs later....and listen to it everyday now.

YAY! | Reviewer: ET | 10/22/07

I have looked for this song for ages and I'm so glad that I finally found it. It reminds me of Matilda and Ice Age =] I rather <3 this song