enlightning | Reviewer: Nicky | 2/28/11

this song is old, but its completely amazing. i am a very happy person and this song reminds me of the 90s. those were really innocent years for me. this song really takes me back to childhood and it makes me feel..tickly in my gut and heart.

this song is only appresiated by the people who have light and happiness in their hearts.

great song!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!! | Reviewer: wulfy wulf | 2/22/11

Me and my friend jen are looking for a song to do for our last chorus concert in middle school and we've chosen this as one we might do! A real tear jerker, perfect for our cause :( our last middle school concert! waaaah

One of the two | Reviewer: Diggleiggle | 1/23/11

This song is beautiful. It's just a fun happy upbeat song, and even if you can't quite mimic the ridiculous pronunciations of the lyrics it's fun to sing. This song and No Rain by Blind Melon are just the best^^

supporting our troops | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/10

I have always loved this song, but it has a special meaning to me ever since my brother has been overseas. This is now his 3rd tour of duty. Everytime I hear this song I want them to send him on his way... home!

delightful | Reviewer: wildflower49 | 11/23/10

I'm a lover of classical music, as well as traditional & ethnic folk & gospel music. So why would I listen to something so offbeat as this? Because it's absolutely delightful! It's upbeat and makes your spirit dance. I'm all about surrounding myself with joy, and this song does just that. Now...I have to go back and watch Ice Age I again, and find the movie, Matilda. Great reviews!

=) | Reviewer: awright | 8/17/10

this song is just happy in nature, anybody who dislikes it is probably not too pleasant of a person. it never fails to make me and anybody around me smile and just want to sing (even if you cant sound like their singer worth a shit). I wouldn't go as far as to call it a classic but if you're having a bad day, put this on your ipod and it'll take you to a much happier place. great song.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Pru | 7/31/10

I saw Rusted Root in concert a while back and LOVED them then. Three kids later, my daughters (4 and 5 years old...) discovered their love for them from the movie "Matilda". I just downloaded it for my iPod and surprised my little lovely ladies with it on our way to a b-day party. The look on their faces when they heard it was priceless.

This is an amazing song that always keeps your heart happy and remembering the very first day you heard it. Timeless and priceless!!!

so good :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/10

sometimes the best songs have lyrics which don't make sense. It leaves the song open to interpretation. All I know is that this song makes people feel happy. So it's a good song. Yeah it can get annoying when you have no idea what he's singing, but just let a good song be a good song. :)

Good Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/10

It is great for just listening but you will go mad if you try to make out the lyrics by hearing the song.
For example when he sings "How we will run We will. How we will crawl we will" half of the words are not pronounced.

ice age 1? | Reviewer: Norton Webber | 2/28/10

The song is a tickler, I am not going to read all the revues, because some of you interpret it a little too freudianly, if you will.

We are watching ice age 1, one of our favs and interestingly the song is not listed on the play list. The sequence goes from from the melon song to the baby in the cave, with no mention of "Send ..
Fun, though somewhat carribean. Burlap to Cashmere comes to mind.

Pure Gold | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/10

This song is great. It's clean and upbeat, encouraging and soulful. To those who may not like this song, your loss (and the rhythms in this song are African, not native american, so you know). When I look at how many people took time to respond so positively, I know this song has a real depth to it, because a lot of people are connecting to that. Keep up the good work RR!

Absolutely Amazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/09

I just re-heard this song today for the first time in a while and what can I say...it is just an amazing song. I love Rusted Root and see them every time they make it out to the West Coast. They have a lot of great songs, but SMOMW has a deeper, spiritual something to it. Look at all the posts saying how the song makes them just feel better. Listen to this song with earbuds, close your eyes (smoke a little bud, if you're into that) and just let the music take you to an awesome place. Doesn't matter what kind of music you like, this song is great.
Not many artists or songs can make that claim.
Go Rusted Root! Michael G. and company please keep the amazing music coming. Love the new album!

Feel-good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/09

I had the pleasure of opening for Rusted Root last week during the first leg of their tour...you should see the elation come across people when this song comes on -- the whole place turns into a dancing, happy-go-lucky mob! It's amazing. Good work, RR!

Chill out guys | Reviewer: Nate | 10/18/09

When I was a kid I used to dance around a keg to root while they were still just playing local shows trying to make it big. This song and all their others have great meaning to me based on where I come from. It's not up to others to judge my music just like I don't judge theirs. Everyones got their own groove and they should be left alone to roll with it. All I ask is that you pompous yuppity assholes stop putting down one of my all time favs just like I don't put down yours

I raged | Reviewer: Michael Brown | 10/16/09

I cannot even begin to express how much I raged at this song, first of all cos a bunch of caucasians shamelessly ripping off native american culture to sell records, but mainly because of the incomprehensible singing of the main singer. The repetitive nature of the lyrics just didnt help either.