Love It | Reviewer: Paris Guinn | 10/4/09

This song makes me want to grab my dick and suck it while dancing. I love this song. Even though I am only 12. I love my penis. Lets Suck Dicks. I am a Gay man. i intimidate people by pulling down my pants and waving my Penis in their face.

<lovely> | Reviewer: emily | 8/18/09

I really like this song and so does my brother! He heard this song and just had to have me look up the lyrics to it so while I'm at it I might as well let the song writers know that they made a wonderful song that really touches the heart!

No word can explain | Reviewer: Jennaya | 8/1/09

.. as soon as this song comes on. I smile & dance around in circles. I was ironing the clothes listening to my ipod & it came on. I started skipping around the house smiling. Feeling like I can acomplish anything. That I am prepared for what ever comes my way.... I think i had it on repeat for about half an hour. lol =D

Thing song is Amazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/09

A perfect song for sending people "on their way" into the big world. This song is so simplistic that it almost makes spreading your wings seem like a comforting thing to do. My younger brother's Grad class used this as their Grand March song and it brought tears to my eyes." Hold my hand" it's okay to reach out and take what you need to get by in life. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!

definately a good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/09

this song made me LOVE MUSIC EVEN MORE THAN I ALREADY DO... which i didn't think was possible... it put me in the best mood of the day... i held my daughter and danced with her when it was on and she smiled at me ( 3 weeks old )... then i listened to it two more times

Magic. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/09

the deeper meaning to this song is its simplicity. Look at all the people in here who said that it just makes them feel good. Not just anything can do that, it takes something better than the usual something..."deeper"

To this day, it still makes myself and all my friends laugh because I invented a crazy dance to accompany the song. For us, its impossible to hear this song without smiling or laughing. That is magic.

=] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/09

this song is quite possibly the best song ive ever heard, and im sure its been said 186896436834 times but it brings me back to my childhood, sitting on my living room floor watching matilda. turns out rusted root is from one of the neighboring towns around me, SO AWSOMEE. feel good music! <3

brilliant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/09

this song is so absolutely bril, even though it doesnt have many words. it just takes me back to my childhood, i can still recite matilda word for word, i love this song, i cant believe its taken me this many years to actually look up the words! i had no idea this was what it said i thought it said golden honey instead of hands haha, but the real words just make the song even better.

Deeper Meaning | Reviewer: Katie | 4/28/09

For the one who said this song isn't good because it doesn't have deeper meaning,... trying to go with the philosophical approach to this song. Guess what, if you can't find the deeper meaning, maybe you're not good at finding it. everything has a deeper meaning, it takes critical thinking and thinking out of the box which maybe what you lack. This song is amazing, maybe you should think a little harder?

i love it and Matilda and ice age | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/09

every time i hear it i think of Matilda and Ice Age. It's such a good song. Thanks for whoever put the lyrics on for clearing up the whole, "You know what they say about the young", thing. It makes more sense now.

it's ok | Reviewer: solearesoul | 4/17/09

This song does have a good feeling... sure, but I agree with the other reviewer here that says the lyrics are nearly indecipherable, and it does sound like he's singing,'bobily say bobily ahh'. This song has always frustrated the s**t out of me for that reason.

MAN PLEASE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/09

Man that dude is a dumb ass, he is talking shit about a song he went out of his way to look for the lyrics. Man you couldn't write a song this good if you had 1000 years to work on it! Keep being a hater but one day you will wake up and learn to appreciate everything, even if it seems a bit out there at first.

whatever | Reviewer: gosh | 3/31/09

I think a lot of the best songs out there can have very simple lyrics and convey a deep message through not only the strength of the singers voice when he sings the lyrics but also the music in the background. Besides it doesn't have to have a deep meaning, because curiously for most people this song is uplifting. I love it. Go Ice age!!!

dude. | Reviewer: lucy | 3/25/09

this song is amazing, in my oppinion. if you dont like it, why the hell are you looking up the lyrics in the first place? if you have a terrible thing to say about it (like the comment 3 down from this one) just keep it to yourself, there's no need to be an ass about it. we all have our own oppinions, but that doesn't mean we have to make others feel bad about theirs.

delicious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/09

hah. this song is AWESOME! all you haters can suck my cock.....especially the guy two comments below. shut the fuck up why the hell are u looking up the lyrics u cunt fucker. :) kidding!. this is song is awesome! everything about it. it may have spiritual meaning for some people and some it may not, but it is a great song