love song | Reviewer: michael newby | 8/30/07

i love this song soo much because i cano out to my parents when this song was playing. i also met my partner (Stephen) to tis song it was sooooo magical! this is our special song where we can go away to a magical place in our heads (and pants...)i scream send me on my way stephen

Go Rusted Root!!!

poppy! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/07

omgggg wot a tune! this reminds me of matilda, i always sing this song and whenever any1 else hears it they think of me coz im always danicin n singin this song! its such a feel good tune. Its never gonna die! Rusted Root 4eva! Such a lovin tune!!!!

love.hapiness. | Reviewer: viswanathan | 8/26/07

Whenever I hear this song, I feel the urge to love. My wish to all is that you can embrace this song with as much passion as I. Peace. Love. and Happiness. forevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

the song Send me on my way.. | Reviewer: josefine | 8/24/07

I looove this song.
if i couldt i would haer it all the day !
it makes me happy and thanksfull.
when i'm in a bad mood i just need to hear it.
it makes me glad :D

Love It!!! | Reviewer: Caryn | 8/20/07

This song is the song I call my HAPPY SONG. When I'm having a bad day or in the morning before I go to work I listen to this song to put me in a Great mood. I dance, sing and laugh with this song. Everyone should know about this song!!! Love It!!!!

awsome | Reviewer: amanda | 8/20/07

i love this song its awsome its sooo peaceful i could hear it all the time

ice age | Reviewer: meeee | 8/9/07

well dis sng reminds me of ice age n i js loooove it..!!! i saw ice age late at nit wen i had sm important wrk early in d mornin js 4 dis sng..
absolutely adore it..!! i fills me up wid life..!!

smomw | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/07

this song makes my nipples really hard and easy to suck.

this song is amazing.. | Reviewer: Jlarge | 8/7/07

I love this song.. it's so nice... i hear it all the time..XD

me fascina esta cancion, es buenisima.. la escucho todo el tiempo..XD

send me on my way | Reviewer: agrege | 8/7/07

does anyone know the translation of the lyrics that arn't in english?

so goooood | Reviewer: ...I love love... | 8/6/07

o my god!! ive just heard it.. its amazing . i think its the best song i ever heard in the entire life... i lost my job couse it has this power on me that makes me want to hear it every time and i get distracted but for me its worth it . its an addiction, i prefer hearing one time this song that havin sex with the beautifulest girl/boy ever!!!

Love it! | Reviewer: Mackenzie | 8/4/07

I have always loved this song. I would change my myspace song to something but I would always seem to come back to this haha. I loveeeeeeee itttt, i dance everytime it comes on

another opinion | Reviewer: Blanca | 8/2/07

there is just something about this song that makes me feel like things are gonna be alright...

Brill song!! | Reviewer: Jim | 7/31/07

Matilda is good..

My gf showed me this song, i knew i heard it somewhere before,, matilda

and this song makes me smile too blah blah

matilda | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/07

haa i agree with the one person it reminds m e of matilda and it makes me smile every time i hear this song i picture matilda walking down the sidewalk with her books =P