Fantastic!! | Reviewer: Simone | 7/24/07

This song is the most amazing song ever to have been sung. It's like no other song to have been song. I was just watching matilda and i had to down load it!! Fantastic!!

wicked! | Reviewer: sammie | 7/22/07

this song is amazing... my friend has just moved away and it's the last song we listened to together so it will always remind me of her! Thanks to whoever posted the lyrics and you really should take the time to listen to the song!!!

love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/07

this song almost makes me want to cry, haha weird isnt it? i think that its just so overwhelming with happiness..awesome song!!

jim | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/07

i played this song in my music class, it gave everyone the shivers. you almost have to blast it to the point where the speakers almost blow to really truly appreciate it. you're missing out if you don't really take the time to listen to every beat, every instrument, every sound.

WOW | Reviewer: [L]ily xXx | 7/6/07

This song is AMAZING....
It reminds me of the film Matlida (Rold Dahl) And everytime i hear it it makes me smile! =D
Thankyou so much for the lyrics whoever posted them....

Uplifting! | Reviewer: Devin | 7/1/07

I absolutely love this song! My mom and my stepdad are in a bit of a rough spot right now, but when I'm feeling down I just pop my IPOD headphones in and listen to Send Me On My Way. It makes me want to smile and laugh and twirl around! A big help to me... Now that I know the lyrics it's THAT much better. (and I had no idea that it was in Ice Age, but I first heard it in the movie Matilda). Fabulous song!

Sen Me on My Way - Rusted Root | Reviewer: Renee | 6/29/07

This song always always always puts a smile on my face; it makes anything and everything okay.

Mmhmm | Reviewer: Holly | 6/6/07

this song is also in Matilda. I love hippie songs. Phish and Rusted Root are the bomb. Remember guys peace, love, and happiness. *throws out the peace sign* sorry I'm a zippie. childhood | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/07

This song reminds me of the movie Matilda.
I love both: the song and the movie!

rusted root - send me on my way | Reviewer: sally | 6/2/07

this song is great! everytime i hear it i get shivers down my spine! it is so uplifting! the video for it is ravishing :D!

brilliance just sheer brilliance | Reviewer: mia | 5/26/07

this is an amazing song it gives me such a great feeling inside. it was played by a band of friends at my leavers assembly from 6th form, we all joined in with little instruments in the main percussion part of the song, now everytime i hear it, it just makes me think of the amazing past two years ive had with the best friends anyone could ask is just sheer brilliance!xxx

WICKED MAN!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/07


wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/07

this song was like my childhood song, it makes me cry whenever i hear it. amazing.

pretty hott..... | Reviewer: cheaaaaa | 5/1/07

pretty always reminds me of the part in matilda when she starts making that stuff like float around her...that wuz pretty sick...

amazing | Reviewer: graceyy | 4/17/07

its an awesome song.
thanks for the lyrics.
me and amber can sing along now too :] x