about the send me on my way lyrics... | Reviewer: Taylor | 3/23/07

to "sean" lol not only is this in Ice Age.. it is also in Matilda!!!
This is the most uplifting song i have ever heard! i am absolutly in love with it...my cousin and i used to make up dances wen we were little.. and the only one where we remember all of the moves is the dance to this song!

Matilda | Reviewer: K | 3/10/07

Ahhhh... this song reminds me of being a little kid and watching my favorite all time movie: Matilda! This song is played in the movie, and it just brings back memories and makes me feel GOOD!! Love it!

Top 5 | Reviewer: Benjamin | 3/9/07

This is my #1 song i have ever heard I love the beat the tune the everything of this song! Its the greatest song that I have ever heard....And YAY Ice Age!

WOAH!!!! | Reviewer: Courtnee | 2/13/07

This song is so awesome...i love how he sayd send me on my way...<3

tokyo | Reviewer: deeba | 2/12/07

this video was on in the hard rock tokyo and i will never forget it, i loved it before but now it is part of my life changing trip...so wonderful i cant get enough...if you want to get along in the world you better travel it!

tammer4@mac.com | Reviewer: Sean Tamisiea | 2/8/07

All we need to know about this song (besides its a great song) is that it is in Ice Age. Great movie and great song!

A blended family on a family vacation! | Reviewer: S Vander | 8/19/06

I have three childern, every year since the beak up our family we would have a summer song. This year was different and a hard one. We still had summer break but with my new husbands children, total five children. I did my normal and came up with a song. This song hit me like a ton of bricks. I got the song on CD and when we were leaving our driveway for a 30 hour drive I played this song. The children all sang and danced in their seats. Well, everytime we stopped and started this would be the song we played leaving where ever NO MATTER what. If anyone was unhappy it was still played. It became a song WE this Blended family of SEVEN will never forget!!!! Thank you for our first summer song it will NOT be forgotten!!!!
P S J C J E J Vander

send me... a smile | Reviewer: Mitch | 5/27/06

I love this song!
it makes me feel happy, even whem I'm down
it's cheerful, helpful and joyful
it puts a smile on my face, anytime, anywhere, anyhow

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/06

This song is craaazy! Its definitly flavorful and makes everybody fell good. I love send me on my way!!!!!!!!!

send me on my way | Reviewer: me | 5/5/06

even now, while i'm crying for the man i loved, this song makes me smile in my tears
i love it that's really MY song
flo si un jour tu vois ca, bisou

Awesome | Reviewer: April Parker | 8/16/05

I love this song. I will stop whatever it is that I am doing and just have to dance and twirl and it makes me smile everytime. I love the percussion and the lyrics. Great Song!!!

Great :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/05

This is the most uplifting sounding song, its so catching! Everytime hear it I whistle it for the rest of the day, it's just great :)