Review of the 'Reviews' | Reviewer: Brian | 10/9/05

Excellent review shaina. Geddy Lee can tell us that there is really no hidden message in "The Trees", but the truth is, there is. The truth is that most songs in general have a message of some sort, no matter how simple or complex. Composing song lyrics takes alot of thought, and usually something to motivate you.

And sorry to partially disagree Debbie, but Rush was never plainly "pure and simple". Pure maybe, but definitely not simple. In fact, their inability to be a bit more simple was their downfall. Perhaps "Moving Pictures" was the turning point. Yes, it was truely a great piece of work, not my favorite, but truely great. Problem was, they could never top it, even with all of their detication to striving for the ultimately complex.

Message to Rush - Get back to your roots. Do not be so focused on the complexity of your lyrics. It takes away, not from your talent as musicians, but rather your ability to create songs that "catch the ear" of many of your biggest fans. Fans from the 70's and 80's that are still waiting. Though "The Trees" has a message it conveys, it does tend to be one that is relatively pure and simple (this is where Debbie is partially correct). Get back to focusing on THE MUSIC, and the lyrics will natually follow, Just as it were in the 70's and 80's. Don't forget your roots and us fans who faithfully supported you. Get back to "Circumstances" and others like that. Good solid hard rock coupled with poetically inspired songs that stay with you for a lifetime ...... concepts in lyrics not over done. Let it flow from the heart and sole again.

Respecfully submitted, Brian

how funny! | Reviewer: shaina | 9/20/05

Well, how funny! For my school (Im a sophmore) we had summer reading and this years book was "Cry the Beloved Country." NOw my teacher having a doctorate in english and the biggest fan of Rush I think ever lived, had given us this song and told us to read the 'poem'. And we we're all like, "Okay great a poem about trees' but then he told us about how Cry the Beloved Country is about racial injustice and this 'poem' could be a metaphor for the blacks and whites in SOuth Africa (where it is set) and then he played this song and it turned out to be his favorite band. For those of you that have read it, when you hear this song, remember Cry the Beloved Country. =)

Rush | Reviewer: Debbie | 7/4/05

Ah yes, Rush. They continue to amaze me more and more every time I listen to their songs. Where can you go wrong? Most good rock music is all "DIE DRUGS SEX WOOOO!" Is Rush like that? No. They have -real- talent, they don't feel the need to be like everyone else. And that, pure and simple, is what makes them so -effing- mind blowing.