All hail the genius of Rush and Ayn Rand! | Reviewer: Eric Rife | 11/15/08

Wow, you people are sooooooo right! Rush is the most incredible band to ever walk the planet!

Neil Peart IS a genius! Who else could make Ayn Rand's right wing, social darwinist philosophy so palatable to rock fans? I mean, who can argue with the notion that the rich deserve everything they have and the poor are just a bunch of lazy idiots who choose their lot in life? That is like, so profound!

I wish Peart would write a song about how Rand bravely testified before the HUAC in the 1950s! And why doesn't he write a song about her steadfast opposition to the civil rights movement? Wouldn't that be like, soooooooo cool?

And yeah, Rush never got the credit they deserved - despite all the airtime they've had on the radio for the past 30+ years, its like no one has ever heard of them!

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/08

Awesome song. One of my favorites. Along with Roll The Bones, Tom Saywer, and Sprit Of Radio, none the less we must not forget about 2112. All great songs by the best of the best. Timeless and no one will ever come close to being as good as them.

DAVE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/08

these guys play to a whole diferent tune than most of what we here,i can't get there song freewill out of my head and its agood much is missed when we overlook our own possibilities of our true greatness within.
keep rockin guys!!

Excellent stuff | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/08

Take three unbelievable musicians, sprinkle on a bit of LSD and you've got some seriously intense music. I was listening to Jacob's Ladder a minute ago, just excellent stuff.

"The shifting shafts of shining weave the fabric of their dreams."

The music is incredibly visual and I think this has a lot to do with incredible talent and a fully opened third eye, so to speak. Their lyrics pretty much always seem to have multiple levels of meaning as well, it's simply unbelievable to sit down and contemplate. Their contribution to music cannot be underestimated. Anyone who says their songs have no meaning is simply too shallow to actually look for any. They want to be spoon fed the meaning of a song like it's TV or something. They don't want to do any of the thinking for themselves.

This music will open your mind if you let it. It is truly psychedelic rock.

Correction | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/08

A previous reviewer said:
"They went to music colleges and all got doctorates in music theory."

I've read a lot about Rush, and I'm pretty sure that is not true. I don't think any of them went to college for anything, let alone music theory. Neil Peart never even finished high school.

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/08

rush is, simply stated, amazing. when you listen to their lyrics--there's just so much meaning. and their instrumental tracks, you can just tell they play a lot of feeling. i saw them live recently and it was the most amazing thing ive ever seen!

extremely smart | Reviewer: mike | 3/11/08

these guys are fucking geniouses. They went to music colleges and all got doctorates in music theory. All of them have more sense of rhythem than any other current rock band has ever had. Listen to YYZ an them think about howa many meter changes that they go in the song. I am a music teacher and i cant even do that w/out losing count. I grew up in pittsburgh and saw these guys live at the civic arena... TWICE! Niel Perts set was larger than my living room! BAck in the 80's they took the world by storm. Keep listnen to great music and have a great life.

Fan? | Reviewer: someone | 3/8/08

Although I can not claim to be a "fan" of Rush, I appreciate their art more than any other modern group. In his review, Scott B | 10/9/2004 stated that he understands how some people might not have the taste for Geddy's voice. Unfortunately, I am one of those people. Though his voice is not appeasing to my ear, I appreciate his vocal and musical talents immensely. It is amazing to not only hear Alex's talents, but to watch them. I can not keep my eyes off his hands in amazement of how he can manipulate any number of strings to create any sound. He makes the music come to life. Neil Peart's lyrics are the epitome of the how language can be manipulated and formed to perfectly express the most profound thoughts. Individually, all of the artists are phenomenal. To see three artists collaborate so beautifully as one is amazing. Together they are truly beyond just the sum of their talents. Like a diamond, each may be worth 1 ct, but together, they are 3 cts. Freewill is my favorite Rush song because its message daily plays in my heart and is expressed through my life.

This is such a spiritual song, I love it! | Reviewer: | 2/1/08

I'm not your typical Rush fan as a Latina from New York. BUT. This song, I think I heard it for the first time when I was about fourteen and angry, lol, opened up the possibility of seeing the world (and then myself) in a whole new way. I think my new boyfriend is still in shock that I don't believe the typical things about Rush:

1. That their songs all sound the same and lack meaning.

2. They are just another rock band.

NO and NO!

They rule. I even do yoga to Rush, so take a minute and not judge before you really LISTEN.

steve | Reviewer: steve | 1/1/08

Rush was light years ahead 30 years ago. They are unequalled even today. Rush is not my favorite band to listen to but they are without question the most musically talented band ever. The song, Freewill, is another one of their amazing songs. I'm glad they are back on the scene. Their contribution to rock music is immeasurable.

in total agreement | Reviewer: peart_fan_101 | 12/29/07

i couldn't agree more on the input that the other folks gave. Rush is like a shooting star. one of the most amazing things out there that not enough get to experience. Rush is way out of my generation, but that doesn't stop me from liking them at all. in many of the songs of their generation, the lyrics pose a puzzle that not everyone can understand. The band, Neil Peart especially, has an exceptional talent to put lyrics into a form where they can be straight forward and well understood, yet still have a near perfect not tune, but melody. There isn't really enough words to put together my respect for this band. Rush was too far under the radar to get the credit that they deserve. I haven't been playing drums for long but since i knew what a drum set was, I idolized Neil Peart. This band is very inspirational to me, and i recommend them to any up-and-coming band or artist no matter what genre. Rush does very well at showing what a good, put-together band is, and they also can teach the great values of music. (spirit of radio)

well that's about all i have to say, thanks for taking the time to read. may the immortals of music live on.....ha!

One of Neil Peart's Best | Reviewer: Timbre | 9/5/06

Many newcomers to Rush assume that the "lead singer," bassist Geddy Lee, writes the lyrics of the songs. Actually, Freewill, as are almost all of their lyrics, was written by drummer Neil Peart. A statement of religious philosophy, Freewill expresses his belief in the power of the human life. It is a crisp and coherent anthem, set to vibrant rock music.

One of their best | Reviewer: Scott B | 10/9/04

Rush is an acquired taste. The main reason for this is the lead singer, Geddy Lee's voice. It is high pitched and quite different from most. Personally, I think it's pretty cool, but I can understand why some don't like it.

Regardless of his voice though, no one can deny Rush's musical talent. They are a 3-man band with unequivocal talent as a whole. Lifeson, Lee, & Peart are each one of the best on their chosen instrument. Together, they put together unbelievably musical songs. Each musician has an interesting part in every song. The guitar riffs are memorable, the bass lines are unlike any other, and the drums are as smooth as silk.

I don't think I would recommend this song as in intro to Rush. But I wouldn't want anyone to pass it by either. Geddy Lee introduces you to his "rock" voice 2/3 of the way into the song and his bass line in the middle is pretty tight. Take a listen and give it a chance, you may find yourself a new fan.