"Best song" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/09

Rush is the best band ever. For about 40 years, they have been making music. All i can say is, Rush, if you read this, keep it up. On a personal note, my favorite parts of 2112 is Oracle: The Dream, and Soliloquy. Anyone got the Snakes & Arrows cd yet? You should.

correction | Reviewer: 21garion | 11/15/08

2112 was released in 1976, not 1985. So the time frames for ELP and other bands of the genre are more compacted. Each had its' own style: ELP was much more into the harmonious almost playful classical style whereas Rush was much more of a hard-driving, power band. They were the middle ground between the heavy metal sounds of Led Zepplin and somone like Walter Carlos. So much for my 2 cents....

Overrated, but... | Reviewer: Maani | 10/10/08

"For a band of just three people to play a 22 minute song is insane. No band can match the level of skill that Rush has."

Excuse me? Ever heard of a little band called ELP? They wrote the far more impressive 20-minute "Tarkus" in 1971 (14 years earlier that 2112), and the even more impressive 20-minute "Karn Evil 9" suite in 1973 (12 years earlier). This is why Rush admits ELP as one of its biggest influences.

Compared to these two compositions, 2112 is little more than a relatively good (if extended) fairly straight ahead thematic rock concept piece. It doesn't even come close to the "progessive" nature of anything ELP did. And these guys only WISH they were as good musicians as Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer.

That said, what Rush much be credited with is helping to keep alive the extended thematic concept piece in rock. Because although there were still some seminal progressive groups writing long conept pieces (e.g., Genesis, Yes, Tull et al), no NEW groups were doing so - and NONE were creating the kind of "progressive" sound that Rush finally settled into a couple of albums further down the road. As well, once they truly "hit their stride" progressively, Rush must be credited with creating what has become known as "progressive metal," including such extraordinary new groups as Dream Theater.


The worlds most skilled band | Reviewer: Jamie | 9/26/08

For a band of just three people to play a 22 minute song is insane. No band can match the level of skill that Rush has. Alex is a master of the guitar and geddy has the most unique and awsome vocals I;ve ever heard. Plus he can play the bass while he sings which I would imagine is difficult. And Neil Peart is crazy on the drums. It's like he has four arms or something. I don't think any band will ever be able to out due 2112.

Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/08

Everything you guys said and more. I absolutely love the Ayn Rand in it, especially the rediscovery of music which is almost right out of the book! Kind of reminds me of Serenity too...
Music beyond words, ironic, but I have no other description worthy of such perfection

A wonderful Poetic Epic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/08

I love this song. Being a fan of Pink Floyd, I looked into other bands like them in the progressive genre. This song is an amazing epic that tells you a wonderful space dystopian story, and about the importance and beauty of creativity and art.

amazing song | Reviewer: colonel | 1/18/08

it took me almost an hour just to hear all of the song since i kept on rewinding it back to the beginning since i was so hooked on it..........its a really awesome song from the start to the end

one of the best songs, by the best band! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/08

every time i listen to it, i have to listen to the whole thing. This song was just well put together, and there is nothing they could have done to make it better.

Stunning | Reviewer: Phil | 10/1/07

This song transendends normal music, and reaches a plateau that few other songs will ever reach. The lyrics are amazingly written, with virtuoso like playing from both Alex (guitar) and Geddy(bass). Light a joint, turn off the lights and enjoy.

Probably The Best Song Ever Written | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/07

The story is great. Geddy's vocals are amazing. Neil's drumming is flawless, Alex' guitar is godlike. This is a perfect song!

Simply lie down, put this song on, and turn the volume way up! Nothing beats that!

Sitting in a comfortble chair with a beer/drink and a lit joint would do the tick also

- | Reviewer: Adrian Gallant | 5/12/07

Read over the lyrics slightly, get stoned, turn the lights off, the music up and enjoy. Best experience of my life listening to this song cooked.

One of the most Exceptional | Reviewer: Foghat | 7/17/06

2112 has to be experienced. Words are just words. I invite you to lie on the floor, just enough light to read the lyrics, and enjoy this. 2112 is better than a movie, and as enjoyable as a good novel. Let it seduce you too.