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Performed by Rush

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frigging amazing | Reviewer: natalie | 6/29/13

wow i really really really love rush this song was my favorite before i even knew about the little story going with it but.. well how do you pass favorite, now its super sepcial awesome!!! ROCK WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!

Dear Bummer 1/7/10 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/12

In the olden days, music came to us on "really big CDs" as my kids called them, they known as Albums. These albums were very largs and had big jackets that gave us fantastic album art and significant information known as liner notes. The text you refer to was shown on the inside cover and as mentioned earelier it's purpose was to provide context to the lyrics. For a better understanding, read the inspiration of this work; Anthem by Ayn Rand. Great book. Great music.

ELP | Reviewer: Davis | 8/31/12

Maani, i like Emerson,Lake,and Palmer, but to say Tarkus is a superior work to 2112? Please!!!!!! Tarkus sounds dated,albeit with the nice time signatures changes, but the overall feel of the song sounds like 1970's typical progressive rock. Rush broke open the doors of progressive rock and hard rock with 2112, with a more direct, focused theme and music with songwriting unparalleled by no one from their time. No one here would say ELP is not talented, they truly are. But to compare the styles and music between Rush and them is like comparing apples to oranges, pardon the cliche. Both very different approaches which is why progressive is called indeed progressive.

Still awesome after 35 years. | Reviewer: NeilH | 3/16/12

I first saw RUSH in 1980, and was about blinded by the flash at the beginning of 2112. I had all of their albums within 2 weeks after that concert. Now, after 30 plus years of enjoying them, they haven't lost a step. There have been some new styles, but the same passion. RUSH should be in the hall of fame. Come on Cleveland. Get 'em in.

Beware! | Reviewer: HeWhoKnowsAll | 3/2/12

The books by Ayn Rand; fountainhead, anthem,atlas shrugged and a few others were written to warn Americans about progressivism
if we allow obama and the progressive leftists to continue on the path they are on, we will become victims to the oppressors like father brown and the red star of the solar federation. Fight for freedom! Fight for freewill! Fight for the American dream. Just because not everyone makes it rich doesn't mean that one of you can't be the next Oprah Winfrey, Andrew Carnegie or even Wayne Huizenga. Even if you feel you don't have "opportunity" excel in sports and be the next Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez or Vincent LeCavalier. There are a lot of ways to make it rich. As for my self... I measured success in how well I raised my kids. Money comes and goes but my children will love me forever. GOD bless all.

keep listening to rock! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/11

for me this song discribes what the world would be like if people keep listening to "pop" and then the human race will forget the sound of a guitar... "What can this strange device be?
When I touch it, it gives forth a sound
It's got wires that vibrate and give music
What can this thing be that I found?"...

yes they kick | Reviewer: d | 12/1/11

it's encouraging to see so many young voices chiming in. i've been fortunate to catch them a few times at various venues. perhaps the most memorable was in denver for the either vapor or test for echo tour. it was in that awful ampitheatre that has a dozen or so ordinances against it for noise control. it got so ridiculous at one point that i walked out of an eagles show because i couldn't hear a damn thing. anyhow we walked the whole theatre before showtime and there were families everywhere. i mean every age group was represented! hell, i even hit on some high school girls because there were so many of them! we had kickass tix for that one and as soon as the sun set the boys took the stage and just kicked ass. this was summer on a workday if i remember right but they rocked well into the night and the volume stayed good. if anything it got louder. rush is one of the best acts you can ever catch live. only the floyd surpasses them.

2112 IRL!? | Reviewer: Cozad2112 (PSN ID) | 10/23/11

lol the review by anonymous was funny. but i really think some of what they said made sense. And it would be cool or interesting if other worldly beings came to Earth and took over the these nations/governments as their own. but then we'd probably become slaves or something haha. oh well as long as we still are allowed to listen to Rush right?? :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/11

Oops I gave the wrong advice :$

Those little bits r in the album if I'm not mistaken.. They are there to help u understand the song, but not part of the sung song, which is why they are in "quotations"

Amazing story | Reviewer: G Schmitt | 9/22/11

This album blew me away the first time I heard it around 15 years of age. I am now 41 and listen to it all the time. The story of how he not only discovers a guitar and creates music, but how he comes to the realization that his life has been stripped of free will. And with this new knowledge he is so distraight that he takes his own life. And in my opinion it becomes a tragic story. Because at the end it seems that the elder race has returned and reclaimed their home after he has taken his own life. It's a lesson that no matter how bleak things may seem, your life can change in an instant. Love this album! Geddy Lee sounds incredible on this album too.

2112 | Reviewer: nicole | 8/11/11

I agree with the common opinion, 2112 is Rush's master work. I have been a rush fan from a really young age, I'd say around 8, thanks to my dad. But recently, I have gotten really into Rush, in the poetic sense. Peart's lyrics are like no others. I am 15 now, and Rush will always have a special place...

2112. hmm. | Reviewer: Scott | 1/6/11

I first found out about this song by playing Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock. I personally think this song was the best in the year it came out (1976) and now (2010-2011) The song means so much to me and tells an awesome story of how your own music can triumph over all.

2112. a review according to me. | Reviewer: Scott | 1/6/11

I am 17 turning 18 and i just recently discovered this song thanks to the release of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. I personally think this is a great song. One of Rush's best. i wasn't really a fan of them until i heard this.

Still get goosebumps | Reviewer: WhyAmIHere | 6/21/10

I saw Rush with UFO in 1978 in Dayton Ohio. I had a friend who had a ticket, and asked me to go. I had never heard of them, but went. It blew my mind. It was a life changing experience, and I still get goosebumps listening to 2112. They're #1 on my list. It's thinking man's music, so a lot of people don't get it, so that's why it's so special.

12-21-2112 A.D. not 12-21-2012AD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/10

The hype all about 12-21-2012 is based on the Meyan calendar and the tracking and alignment of Venus. With everything in the cosmos alligning up for the beginning of the age of Aquarius. 12-21-2112 seems more mathemattical correct than 12-21-2012.With all the changes man has made to recording time thruout history like adding months to callendar,adding days by leap years, daylight savings time etc. With Venus passing between the sun and Earth every 400 years backtrack in history the events that have happened. The Meyan empire dissapeared app. 400 years ago. App. 2000 years ago was the comming and passing of Jesus Christ. The Egyptians and their pyramids were bet if you do the math at a time divisable by 400. The Great pyramids built, the SPHINX. The Meyan TEMPLES built for viewing and tracking Venus. RUSH 2112 lyrics such as WE are the PRIESTS of the temple of the SYRINX. Also numerous other lyrics relating to the Cosmos. PLEASE TO THE OTHER RUSH 2112 followers give me your imput. NO,YOU DIDNT LISTEN AGAIN!The passage to bangcock ,away I now go come and join me Follow the RED STAR . ARISE FOR WE ARE THE PLANETS OF THE SOLAR GENERATION ....WE HAVE ASSUMED CONTROLL<WE HAVE ASSUMED CONTROLL>we have ASSUMED controll!!!!!!????

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