Amazing story | Reviewer: G Schmitt | 9/22/11

This album blew me away the first time I heard it around 15 years of age. I am now 41 and listen to it all the time. The story of how he not only discovers a guitar and creates music, but how he comes to the realization that his life has been stripped of free will. And with this new knowledge he is so distraight that he takes his own life. And in my opinion it becomes a tragic story. Because at the end it seems that the elder race has returned and reclaimed their home after he has taken his own life. It's a lesson that no matter how bleak things may seem, your life can change in an instant. Love this album! Geddy Lee sounds incredible on this album too.

2112 | Reviewer: nicole | 8/11/11

I agree with the common opinion, 2112 is Rush's master work. I have been a rush fan from a really young age, I'd say around 8, thanks to my dad. But recently, I have gotten really into Rush, in the poetic sense. Peart's lyrics are like no others. I am 15 now, and Rush will always have a special place...

2112. hmm. | Reviewer: Scott | 1/6/11

I first found out about this song by playing Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock. I personally think this song was the best in the year it came out (1976) and now (2010-2011) The song means so much to me and tells an awesome story of how your own music can triumph over all.

2112. a review according to me. | Reviewer: Scott | 1/6/11

I am 17 turning 18 and i just recently discovered this song thanks to the release of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. I personally think this is a great song. One of Rush's best. i wasn't really a fan of them until i heard this.

Still get goosebumps | Reviewer: WhyAmIHere | 6/21/10

I saw Rush with UFO in 1978 in Dayton Ohio. I had a friend who had a ticket, and asked me to go. I had never heard of them, but went. It blew my mind. It was a life changing experience, and I still get goosebumps listening to 2112. They're #1 on my list. It's thinking man's music, so a lot of people don't get it, so that's why it's so special.

12-21-2112 A.D. not 12-21-2012AD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/10

The hype all about 12-21-2012 is based on the Meyan calendar and the tracking and alignment of Venus. With everything in the cosmos alligning up for the beginning of the age of Aquarius. 12-21-2112 seems more mathemattical correct than 12-21-2012.With all the changes man has made to recording time thruout history like adding months to callendar,adding days by leap years, daylight savings time etc. With Venus passing between the sun and Earth every 400 years backtrack in history the events that have happened. The Meyan empire dissapeared app. 400 years ago. App. 2000 years ago was the comming and passing of Jesus Christ. The Egyptians and their pyramids were bet if you do the math at a time divisable by 400. The Great pyramids built, the SPHINX. The Meyan TEMPLES built for viewing and tracking Venus. RUSH 2112 lyrics such as WE are the PRIESTS of the temple of the SYRINX. Also numerous other lyrics relating to the Cosmos. PLEASE TO THE OTHER RUSH 2112 followers give me your imput. NO,YOU DIDNT LISTEN AGAIN!The passage to bangcock ,away I now go come and join me Follow the RED STAR . ARISE FOR WE ARE THE PLANETS OF THE SOLAR GENERATION ....WE HAVE ASSUMED CONTROLL<WE HAVE ASSUMED CONTROLL>we have ASSUMED controll!!!!!!????

Rush. | Reviewer: Mr YYZ | 3/8/10

yes by far its one of the greatest rush songs of all time, and for me being only 17 rush means alot to me, the music they create not only means something, but has style and heart to it. Peart is a lyricical Genius and the music created by geddy and alex make it 100x better, rush is the greatest band of all time, although i listen to alot of other music rush will always be number 1. for a possible 2010 album, im dying to get it!

-Biggest Young Rush Fan - Mr YYZ.

bummer.. | Reviewer: | 1/7/10

its so gay i bought the cd 2112 but the song doesnt have those little bits between each movement like ... "Behind my beloved waterfall, in the little room that was hidden beneath the cave, I found it. I brushed away the dust of the years, and picked it up, holding it reverently in my hands. I had no idea what it might be, but it was beautiful" ...

does anyone know where i could find the song with this in it?

20+ minute songs | Reviewer: Jeremy | 11/21/09

in response to your question: "Has there ever been a song that has went on for 22 minutes like 2112?". there are quite a few. Echoes by Pink Floyd is an excellent song, Lizard by King Crimson, Dark Star by The Grateful Dead, and many Led Zeppelin songs on any of their live albums are upwards of 20 minutes. these are all great songs, and 2112 is among the best

Mr. | Reviewer: Roger Waters | 9/4/09

Ok, let me think. Has there ever been a song that has went on for 22 minutes like 2112? Some would say Pink Floyd's dark Side of the Moon, but that was a number of songs. I like to hear these younger fans write about an era they didn't live in. What about Rush?

Rush didn't even make it big in the states until the FM stations started playing their music, and that didn't happen until all those party goers who had bought the RUSH album brought them to those parties.

I remember my first time hearing them. It was just after hearing Grand Funk Railroad. I couldn't believe my ears. Then they said there was only 3 of them. I had to buy this album.

Then after coming back from the Marines in 1976, there was a RUSH concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Everyone was telling me they were not that good. But I went.

I never listened to a critic again. You talk about a concert, it was more than that, it was an event. To watch these three guys on stage performing 2112, was magical. Their light show combined with the music could only be compared with Blue Oyster Cult which used Lazers first.

To see Getty Lee play base and sing with that so high voice, and Alex driving the lead sent shivers up your spine. But as a drummer in high school, it was Neal Peart that stole the show for me.

I have never seen any concert who had a drummer with so many drums, and he used every one of them on every song. Then came the drum solo, OH BOY. No RUSH concert is complete without a drum solo. I have all his live drum solos and it is something to see and hear the pregression over the years of his level of experians. Topped with RUSH in Rio, it is magestic as drum solos go.

I know there were was Kansas, the Cult, Grand Funk Railroad, and others, but Rush reigned surpreme over them all, why? Because anyone can sound great on a studio soundtrack, but RUSH sounded exactly the same on Stage live as they did on recording. Not to many can achive that.

been there | Reviewer: rooster | 8/17/09

I was at the 2112 tour in Indy and there has never been a show that i have seen that could top it. There are alot of talented bands out there that will give them a run for there money but "true" RUSH fans will never rate them less than #1. Rock on and God Bless!


wow | Reviewer: gingivitis | 8/7/09

Wow. 2112 is a classic story of oppression and overcoming oppression. Every word is precisely picked so that it can depict the mood and attitude that Peart wants to convey. Even the music reflects the mood of the lyrics. (Hard and rigid when the Priests are talking, and smooth and flowing when the man is talking). The song prooves that oppression isn't the answer and that the only way for humans to be happy is to be given the opportunity to fill their highest intellectual potential. An amazing work of both poetry and music. Rush's lyrics will change the way you view the world. They are so deep and meaningful.

PS. I think these reviews are for critiqueing the song and discussing what meaning it has, not bashing Rush or other bands. :-)

Just a feeling | Reviewer: DrDuck | 7/4/09

I am not an expert on Rush at all, but I would like to share what I felt after listening to this song for maybe 10 times a day for about 6 month. I was alone (again) in a foreign country and felt like awaking from a nice dream in the sad reality. So Soliloquy made a lot of sence to me... I really liked this song and the album, and from there on I LIKE Rush, regardless of whatever else can be added in terms of good or bad music.

Number four all time | Reviewer: Charles kotas | 6/30/09

ELP? WHO? Ok, let's get something staight right now... this maani guy just said that Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart were NOT as goog as musicians as this ELP band that has sold how many records again?? Ummm not nearly as many as Rush. A little Rush history lesson for this Maani idiot...
Rush is a Canadian rock band originally formed in August 1968, in the Willowdale neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario, currently composed of bassist, keyboardist, and lead vocalist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson, and drummer and lyricist Neil Peart. The band and its membership went through a number of re-configurations between 1968 and 1974, achieving their definitive form when Neil Peart replaced original drummer John Rutsey in July 1974.

The band released its eponymous self-titled debut album in March 1974, after which followed 18 additional studio recordings, 8 live albums and 6 compilations. As a group, Rush possesses 24 gold records and 14 platinum (3 multi-platinum) records, placing them fourth behind the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Kiss for the most gold and platinum albums by a band in music history.According to the RIAA, Rush's sales statistics also place them fourth behind The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith for the most consecutive gold or platinum albums by a rock band. Rush also ranks 78th in U.S. album sales with 25 million units.Although total worldwide album sales are not calculated by any single entity, as of 2004 several industry sources estimated Rush's total worldwide album sales at over 40 million units.
They also have 76 singles released to date.
IMO Neil Peart is not one of, but THE best drummer and lyricist, and as for Geddy and Alex, well they are in fitting company with Neil.
Number four all time and the best musicians who was Maani comparing them too.....I can't remember.....oh yea ELP I think....who are they anyway??

fact | Reviewer: AVP | 5/20/09

To whoever thinks they can top this concept albun and is not a musician, and is a critic, I tell you this, FUCK OFF MATE, why are'nt YOU in the studio making something that can top it? EXACTLY,you can't.This album is one of the preimere albums of the 70's. And if you dont believe me, roll the biggest joint you can get your hand's around, listen to PASSAGE TO BANGKOK, and then tell me I'm wrong. This album is simply..............BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!