the smile on your face | Reviewer: ivona | 7/3/10

this song is so beautiful, i was listen this song 1000 times and it seams like i listen that first time, i dont know what to say, its the best song what i ever heard in my life!!! and the singer have a beautiful voice,when he sing i crying and i feel so good, like in seven heaven!!! the best, really!

I feel the same | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/07

I love this song more than any song in the world, it is so true, Its the same way I feel, when he is near me <3 Now, I've got goosebumps, I just love this song, and Ronans version <3

the song says everything | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/06

when you say nothing at all is the song of eternity it says everything about love the way ronan sung can drive anyone crazy...i dedicated it to my friend and i find no other song is as appropriate as this to express my feelings

right | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/04

you are my love