What a wonderful voice | Reviewer: Denise | 8/9/14

I have been listening to Ronan's music since 1999....his soulful vocal has brought me through several low moments. Just today (Aug 9, 2014); again I found myself not only enjoying Ronan but also the BoyZone music. Best wishes to Ronan...and thank you for all the beautiful music you have filled my life with!

keating. (kiwi) what a name my claim to fame | Reviewer: sheilagh keating | 12/22/13

I read that ronan and the boy's are to make a comeback, what great new's -'v been watching oldie's make comeback's and I'v often wondered when ronan and mate's would let the younger generation of today see what they missed first time around, he lost his best friend(mum) but he can carry her with in his heart and mind that way he know's she's alway's with him, I'm asked many time's is he a relative .mmmmmmm I wonder ?? Good luck in all you do x

i love ronan because ? | Reviewer: sophie | 5/15/12

i love ronan because he is amazing singer and he is the most gorgeous men ever i love him as a person his music inpries me and i love boyzone he is my favourite in the band and i went to go see them on there comeback tour in 2009 it was fucking amazing and keith and ronan wave at me i love ronan he is just a perfect to make me happy when i listhen to his music one of my favourite songs are when you say nothing at all arsone song xxxxxxxxxxxx ronan i love u babe

Amazing Voice | Reviewer: Hirushi Nanayakkara | 7/24/11

Ronan was, is and will always be my favourite artiste of all time.. I love his voice not to mention his looks... he's so cute!!! :) will always be no matter how old he gets... Truly blessed with an amazing voice.. awesome talent, gifted by God.. Wanna wish him all the best for all the years to come his way.. love you Ronan , tc and may God be with you always guiding your every step...

LOVE your voice!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Charlotte | 9/13/10

I first heard your song on the movie "Head Over Heels" and I instantly became a fan of yours. The song "Life Is A Rollacoaster" is a really "feel good" song and it always makes me want to sing and dance!!!!! I have NEVER written a review before, so this is a first for me.
I really enjoy your voice and music here in Texas!!
From Charlotte in Texas

LOVE your voice!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Charlotte | 9/13/10

I first heard your song on the movie "Head Over Heels" and I instantly became a fan of yours. The song "Life Is A Rollacoaster" is a really "feel good" song and it always makes me want to sing and dance!!!!! I have NEVER

U R a Supperman | Reviewer: pooya mirdavardoost | 8/27/10

thank you for all of those songs, here in iran , not many people know u , but i as an english teacher try to show u to all of my students and help them to undrestand love from the point of view of ur songs, they r awsome, if a man wants to be happy and fulfill in his life he muct find a love that u introduced her in ur songs and beautiful voice

everytime i hear ur voice i refresh and get back to fight with my troubles,

thx a zillion ROnan Keating

I like him | Reviewer: L. Mayikana | 1/15/10

All his ulbums are the bomb.His music got message that inspires me.(We've got tonight who needs tomorrow) wow! keep it up man. L. Mayikana from RSA likes your music so much. When are you comming to Cape Town South Africa?

your songs are an inspiration to me | Reviewer: spi | 11/7/09

hi i really like you and your songs . i am also a singer in my country. can you tell me how to be successful in my career as i am not doing very well in my singing career although i am positive that i am a very good singer, i am talented you know but i think i lack something in this kind of career. best of luck. i will be your greatest fan whatever happen

for my imaginationary man | Reviewer: maryam | 11/7/09

i love ronan because he is good and chaste singer and family_loving man and he is similar to my love that i never reach him ;because he(my love)never iove me ,ibecome numb .when see ronan i see my love in his face with crying eyes.all of my friends bblieve i am mad;i khow iam crasy about him;are`nt i?

love your music!! | Reviewer: heather | 10/31/09

i love your music and your vioce its just beuatiful but im from america and i have 1 question.. songs that arn't yours, why did you chose to do them? like "i hope you dance" and "if tomorrow never comes" peassee reply!!

why i like him | Reviewer: charlotte doran | 7/15/09

i love ronan because he inspires me by his music and i love the band boyzone and i went to see them and shane who i love waved and so did mickey but i really want you to write at 14 shelton place exeter ex1 2re devon

many thanks
charlotte xx

I really love Ronan keating!! | Reviewer: Yue | 6/13/09

Well,what can I say?! He's such a Nice,gorgeous,relgious and respective man I've ever Seen and heard.His voice is so good..Ronan I hope u cn read this:I love ü and ur voice sooo much!! and I hope that we will meet in the near future.Keep creating beutiful music because many people believe and support ü for whatever ü do or whenever ü go.. And please dont forget IM ALWAYS ONE of them who always LOVE and SUPPORT ü take care stay in good health,always be happy ",) I LOVE Ü VERY MUCH RONAN PATRICK JOHN KEATING..

Great | Reviewer: Grace | 10/25/08

I have never read about a much principled, respected, clean history and family man like Ronan. I cant stop my self from listening to his songs, i actually have most lyrics by heart, my best is "If tomorrow never comes" I love it. Thanks Ronan!!!!!!!!!!

songs on which we can cling on 4 a lifetime | Reviewer: poornima alexander | 8/6/08

its not just any music that matters to me.but i value those volumes it speaks to my heart.

songs are always a weakness to any human being& often a million singers are born everyday but to find sombedy who sings from his soul is difficult& u r the one who really understed what's music.u were telling the reality of relationship