hey ronan do you have msn | Reviewer: kylie little | 10/30/07

hey ronan keating when are u coming back to Austraila to sing your best songs have you heard from boyzone yet

keep on smiling | Reviewer: pema | 5/7/07

You the brightest person in this world.
keep on rocking.

Great singer | Reviewer: Pradeep Mudi | 3/18/07

i like his way of singing. according to me he is the one of the most talented singer in the west.

hi | Reviewer: nadeen hattar | 2/23/07

hi my name`s nadeen hattar .i from jordan.
i love u and i love you`re music

is respectful one in everything; i like him | Reviewer: heba | 11/29/04

actually, the most thing attract me in ronan's songs is the respectful ideas in his songs which are found in lyrics, videoclips.
really, his respectful songs are perfect to me.
and i hope to go on& on, non-stop such a great respectful songs, lyrics, videoclips,...
actually, ronan is respectful character, respectful man; i like him& respect him because he is a religious person.