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Sailing | Reviewer: Peter Ndungu | 1/5/14

There has never been a rocker in the UK like Rod. My fisrt album was "Atlantic Crossing". When I flew from Nairobi via London to Toronto, Vancouver and Maimi on different ocassions the lyrics of "Sailing" were on my lips! My heart sang the song! Visit Kenya some day for a holiday or safari! Lots of celebrities like Naomi Campbell and British Royalty do! Hakuna Matata i.e. No problem

Stirling Castle | Reviewer: Ann Thomson | 12/8/12

Watching your Christmas show on tele wishing I had been there, what a lovely show. Have seen you in concert many years ago at the Playhouse in Edinburgh and at Ibrox Football Stadium. Long may you continue to entertain us. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2013 as always x

Great admirer of a great family man | Reviewer: Jan Watson | 11/6/12

I saw Rod on loose women 5/11/12 and his sister Mary,how proud he was of her with constant reconision of her,how lovely to see.i went straight out and bought his autobiography and am glued to it. Long live Rod. Ardent Chelsea and Celtic fan born in the same year.

A fan letter | Reviewer: Jo | 4/17/11

Hi Rod, I've been a fan of yours forever. I have never seen you in concert but have always loved your music. Would love a hello from you. I'd frame it and show it to all my friends. My best to you always.

Rod stays "forever young" | Reviewer: Carol | 4/7/11

Hi Rod, saw your concert in philly the other night and enjoyed it immensely. you are truly a legend and still as sexy as the first time i saw you in concert about 15 years ago. keep on going. stay forever young and keep entertaining crowds of all ages. I'm 65 yrs old and wish i could dance around like you. you're in my heart and in my soul forever. God bless you and your new baby.

You are timeless! | Reviewer: Andrea | 3/30/11

Hello Mr. Stewart
I have enjoyed your music all my life and I really enjoyed your interview with Piers Morgan!
Your sense of humour is delightful.
The reason I am writing however, is that I have a very good friend who adores you and attends all of your concerts in Toronto. This woman saved my life, quite literally, and the best gift I can think of to show my love and appreciation, is to arrange any thing with you. If I sent you the money, could you send her a T-Shirt with your name and hers on it or give her a shout out at your next concert??? Or if you could think of something original, I would love to hear it. This woman is a hero to me and you are her greatest hero! I sincerely hope to hear from you.

to great man, | Reviewer: danette hall | 10/31/10

what can i say . you so wonderful to me. i,ve been fan ,since 1967 .you got thur hard times in my life , goodtimes. so you ever get back cleveland .i,m coming see you . i,m grown now . but tatse in music didn,t change you,re no1 in my book .i love you ,i love you so much from bottom of my heart ,soul .

Credits | Reviewer: wt | 6/15/10

In the bio author credits Robert Palmer as original artist of "Some Guys Have All The Luck". It was in fact Jamaican artist Junior Tucker. Palmer thought he wrote it and came very close to taking credit for it on the album, later saying "It must have been playing while I was sleeping some where...woke up with it in my head...and recorded it. Actually in the interview he didn't seem too sure.

oxoxox | Reviewer: pandy | 11/3/09

Dear Rod Stewart,I seen you on sunday in redondo i blew u a little kiss!I didnt want to bother u so i kept on walking.You look really good.By the way you made my day..i love your music and your rustic voice.Hope to see you again one day.i do still think your Sexy ololol.Love,pandy

you will always be in my heart and soul | Reviewer: Amanda Lam | 9/2/09

I'v lisened to you music for ever,You were there when I broke up with my first love.
I have your music in my car and the house, I even sing your songs when I got to karaoke not that I can sing as good as you do lol.
Thanks you for bring your music to are hearts xxx

Canadian fan | Reviewer: Joanne | 7/17/09

I'll never forget how your music help me through some very bad stuff, for the last 8 years, I have lost my dad, one special little boy and lots of special kids in my life. I loose myself in your music and can forget for a while the bad things. I will always remember you and your music. You are to me, a music legend. Your in my heart and will always stay there. Never seen you in concert. Maybe someday my dream will come true. Thanks for that wonderful raspy voice, don't ever chance. Love, Joanne

I'll be seeing you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/09

My Brother's wife of ove 49 years passed away 3 years ago, she was a great fan of Rod Stewart, for several months after her death the computer she always used would start at the same time every day with the song I'll be seeing you by Rod Stewart we never figured out how.

Helping me through Chemo | Reviewer: Lynn | 1/3/09

I have been a big fan of yours since the beginning and have been to many of your concerts. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through Chemo and surgery, I lost myself in your music. I really helped me. Thank you

rod the legend | Reviewer: sioban | 12/12/08

I have been a massive fan of Rod since I was a teenager and his music all through the years. His music brings back special memories of my first love from Atlantic crossing and the gorgeous (P) to a few years later Out of Order and (P) again. Keep singing Rod but I do prefer the original music from Rod and not his recent albums, lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxx

greatest fan | Reviewer: lauren aube | 11/9/08

rod stewart im a 15 year old girl from south africa i realy love you and your music and i would realy appreiciate it if you would email me im coming to your concert on the 6 of december in johannesburg

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