The new birth | Reviewer: Jerry Urban | 1/9/12

Hi i'm from nigeria, west africa.... I've been so lost all my life about what to sing about... You've given me the reason to sing again... I'm proud of you... We def luv u frm over here! ;)

Another kind of heaven.. | Reviewer: chii | 11/10/07

I absolutely love what ive heard from this guy. So Sexy! The kind of songs i listen to time and time again and never get sick of. "Lost without you" i love! Even though there aint no guy im lost without.. well not yet. Keep up the great work

robin is great | Reviewer: viktoria | 10/19/07

robin thicke is one of the best artist
he´s just simply great love the song brand new jones. and his i need love is sooo beautiful

If we wasn't married ! | Reviewer: Jeanette | 8/4/07

When I first heard Robin's music I was impressed . IMy BFF introduced me to his music last year sometime-before the radio started playing it . And the rest is history .I actually have him as my screen saver @ home and work :-) He's my favorite artist by far .....

HOT/SEXY/GREAT VOICE | Reviewer: mimi | 8/3/07

WOW,when i heard him for the first time on TV one day, i just feel in love. I went straight to my computer and wanted to know more about him and his music. Now i have all his music and lots of pic's too. Something about his voice just makes you want more, LOVE HIM...

Love!!!!! | Reviewer: Cortney Kelly | 7/25/07

Robin Thicke gives you a reason to fall in love again. His music touches my heart and a whole lot of others. His sound is so special. i would love to sing wirh him someday.

lost without u | Reviewer: jocelyn | 6/6/07

evey time i get on the computer, i go 2 and listen 2 lost without u. it reminds me of my boyfriend don ross.

Lost without you... | Reviewer: Joao Alexandre | 5/2/07

Man, this guy is so good, the first time I heard this song "I'm lost without you" I said to myself thank God the old good days are back. He sings so nice, I would call him "Steve wonder of the new generation"...keep it my man, you gonna make it...We would be lost without you

You are very gifted and have a beautiful voice | Reviewer: Brittany | 4/29/07

When I first heard your song on the radio, I thought "WOW". I think when people listen to you sing they feel sexy. You are doing a wonderful job. I will continue to be one of your fans.

oh you are sooooooo fine call me............... | Reviewer: Delesia | 4/16/07

i love your music do much you should keep your hair longer like you used tooo that is sooooooooooo a turn on to the ladies

Robin Thicke | Reviewer: Felisia | 6/17/06

I like your new song "Goin' love u girl" and I wanted to kno' are u goin' to produce anymore songs and I must admit you have a nice voice but I kinda thought you were black but it's nothin' wrong with bein' white or whatever you are and havin' a nice voice. When's your birthday? I notice it wasn't stated in your bio nor where ur from. I just happen to be skimmin' over ur bio uh well I guess that's it Thank you 4 ur time.