Reviewing comments and Robert Palmer Biography | Reviewer: Rylee | 1/21/11

Hi LL. I am not trying to attack you but there are comments appearing on multiple sites using your handle. As to how this is happening, I don't know. You sound sincere so I thought I would let you know. In some cases comments attributed to you and Phylsdeal are being posted in an attempted comic vain. In other words "LL" makes a comment and "Phylsdeal" responds. The comments go on for a good portion of the page and became inappropriate. The comments are invariabley removed by the next day. This type of activity is being attributed to you. If you are sincere, I know you will not want that. If you are Mr. Agostino's son, and I don't know if you are or not, you may want to consider directing your energies in other directions. And I am sorry, but I have seen a personal plea written by a man billing himself as John Agostiono, imploring people not to encourage anyone billing themselves as LL, Phylsdeal, Sherry, Lacebra or Kathy Lehrmeyer. I know this sounds goofy, but me and many other people have seen this request. That being said, I wanted to write in about my experience with one special song written by Robert Palmer. The song was "You Overwhelm Me" and it was the song played at my wedding for me and my husbands first dance as man and wife. I told my kids this, and they were horrified. They hated it when me and their dad made out. They are adults now, but they still tease me about that. In general though, I have always enjoyed Robert Palmer's music. In 1980, I saw one of his shows in Palm Beach, Florida, and he brought down the house. I enjoyed Robin Davis' review about Simply Iresistible as I have often wondered how people are inspired in a creative sense. I could not write a song to save my life, but I am moved by music. I also wonder if any of the songs Robert Palmer wrote before he died were ever recorded by other artists? He was a wonderful entertainer and an excellent songwriter. May he rest in peace.

Focus On The Music | Reviewer: Ll | 1/20/11

I think someone called me a psycho? And I'm wrong. If you are an english teacher, my apologies to you. I just don't believe a blog spot with only one message from 2008, all of a sudden have "friends" showing up all over the place. If you have done the research that I have, you would be suspicious too. In the past I have had a chance to talk with
Robert Palmer's brother and people who have worked with
him, never once have they said anything degrading about Mary Ambrose. It sound as if the point is to discredit her. If you don't believe me, here's a question. How does
"Michelle" know who Phylsdeal is, and why would she think we are the same person? Prior to 1/19/11 there's only one other place Phyl has a post questioning MA's relationship to RP. Here on 1/4/11 was the first time I have ever posted
anything anywhere. You would have to visit A LOT of websites to make that connection. Yes, we know each other. The person who knows HOW we know each other is not "just a fan" or "a friend." They are visiting websites and posting this garbage about Robert Palmer.

Commenting on the LL problem | Reviewer: Michelle | 1/19/11

I don't know if you realize this, but LL is a person with issues. I have read on the internet that LL or Phylsdeal, he is using that handle as well, was the son of a man that Mary Ambrose worked for. He became fixated on her as he was a teenager at the time she was employed by his father, whose name is John Agostino. Mary worked for him as his Au Pair. LL or Phylsdeal is now in his early twenties and it sounds like his friends and his father are concerned about him. Please check Blogcritics for confirmation regarding this. I guess he fixated on Mary when she started working for his father and his father had to speak with him about this. He has now apparently created a complete fantasy life involving himself and Mary Ambrose. As you can understand, this is not good. Please do not encourage this confused young man any further. You are not helping him. Thanks.

Enjoying the Robert Palmer Biography | Reviewer: Crystal | 1/18/11

I saw this site and decided I wanted to write some nice words about Robert Palmer. I was always a fan of his. I was afraid to though, because LL might disagree with me, and attack me as he has done to others who wrote in to your site. But, what the heck, I decided I would take the chance. First, I would like to say that your biography was well thought out and full of information. Robert Palmer was a prolific writer and I enjoyed many of his songs. As a performer, he was one of a kind. I once read that he referred to himself as an entertainer, and I liked that because that meant to me that he was willing to take chances musically as opposed to ever getting stuck in a rut, musically speaking. My favorite Robert Palmer song is "Life in Detail." I think it set the perfect tone for the opening scene for Pretty Woman. In a couple other versions of Pretty Woman "The King of Wishful Thinking" was substituted, but I preferred Robert's song. There was just something about Robert Palmer's voice that I loved. I read that Robert Palmer wrote some songs before he died, but he never got a chance to record them. I wonder if any other musicians recorded the songs? That would have been an excellent tribute to Robert Palmer. Robert Palmer was one cool cat. I don't know why I am bothering, but here is a note to LL. My name really is Crystal, I have not "invented" a name, and this is an actual fan comment about Robert Palmer. Nobody quite knows what you imagine is happening, but it appears to me the only person who is ranting is you. I don't understand what you mean by channeling, but you sound more than a little bit weird. And Virginia was right. Your punctuation is horrendous. Chill, LL. Remember, nobody likes a bully.

Focus on Robert Palmer's Music! | Reviewer: LL | 1/17/11

John, Andy, Eric or whom ever. First, you are the one who felt it nessesary to mention personal info about RP (your stories are constantly changing) The bio didn't. Second, you are the one ranting on and on about nothing. Let it be about the music. If you did know RP, which I know you didn't (channeling doesn't count), what a way to treat a friend. No "Virginia" inventing names and stories about someone, that's sad. FYI, I'm not a blogger. I noticed your rubbish floating around the internet. What's the point in discrediting Carter and Ambrose? Take a break and get a life. Lot's of Love;)

Comment on the excellent Robert Palmer Biography and Robin Davis Review | Reviewer: Virginia | 1/15/11

Who is this LL psycho? I enjoyed the article by Robin Davis by the way. Has LL ever seen the movie Conspiracy Theory? What a nut! Don't worry, LL, it's all a plot. LL, have you never heard that you are not supposed to drink and dial? In your case it would be drink and blog. And if you are going to pontificate to the masses via your writing ability, please learn how to use punctuation properly. Otherwise, I enjoyed the bio of Robert Palmer. It was interesting and informative. I did not realise how many songs Robert Palmer had written in his career. I always really enjoyed his music though. In reading the review by Robin Davis I got a better insight into the nature of Robert Palmer. It showed that he had a very good sense of humor, something his public image often belied. I remember pictures featured in interviews in the seventies of Robert Palmer including his beautiful wife Shelly, and his three geneticaly perfect children. It is sad that Robert died so young, but he left a fine legacy of music. And no, LL, I am not a fake person. I am a real fan of Robert Palmer's.

Davis and Carlton are fakes | Reviewer: LL | 1/13/11

"...just the facts." Stop spreading lies all over the internet under fake names. Anyone with half a brain can see how your facts and dates are really off. BTW, I did't question his process of song writing, there are photos and interviews showing it. I suggest you, Davis and all the other assumed names contact John, Andy Eric

Comment on The Creation of Simply Iresistible | Reviewer: Piers Carlton | 1/11/11

This is a response to blogger LL's comment about Robin Davis. I was a friend of Robert Palmer's since the early seventies. LL, I don't recall meeting you. Oh, that could be because you "never met or had a conversation with Mr. Palmer." I have known Robin for many years, and he was indeed a friend of Robert Palmer's. He also happened to work with Robert Palmer professionally. Robin's accounting of the writing of Simply Irisistible is right on. As LL never met Robert Palmer, he would not have known that Robert was known to be very honest upon occasion even if it meant raising a few eyebrows. Robin's comment about one of the ways in which Robert got ideas for his songs was quite correct, i.e. inspired by a comment or phrase, quite honestly he would write the information down. And on more than one occasion, he would put ideas together for one song that he had originally slated for two songs. That is not unheard of in the creative process. LL, how many Grammy's do you have for your songwriting efforts? And, yes, whether you like it or not, Geraldine Edwards was Robert Palmer's girlfriend at the time of his death. If you would like to argue this point, by all means, contact John Taylor, Andy Taylor, Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, adnausaum, to put forth your brilliant argument. I am sure all the named gentlemen would be amused. May Robert RIP.

Robert Palmer's biography | Reviewer: Philipe | 1/9/11

If I'm not mistaken, I think it was Robert Donald Palmer Jr. who played guitar on Bobby Womack's album The Last Soul Man. Robert Allen Palmer UK, Robert Franklin Palmer Jr. US and Robert D Palmer US are all associated with similar music, so often there is confusion. Robert A Palmer the artist from the UK did write the liner notes for his live album recorded at New York's Apollo Theater, but he is
mistakenly given credit for liner notes written by Robert F Palmer the music critic for Rolling
Stone. Both Robert F (1997)? and Robert A
(2003) passed away.

Robert Palmer Review | Reviewer: LL | 1/4/11

Excellent and very informative. Your inclusion of small details about the recording of each album is wonderful and I agree with you about his Honey album. Nice review. In response to the reviewer "Robin Davis" you are misinformed and I doubt you ever met or had any conversations with Mr. Palmer.

The creating of "Simply Irrestible." | Reviewer: Robin Davis | 9/25/10

I was friend of Robert Palmer's. He told me the story of the creation of "Simply Irrestible." Robert was known to carry a small notebook with him. If someone said something that amused him or used a phrase that he liked, he would write it down. He said it helped him with his creative process. Also, if an idea for a song came to him, and he was unable to sit down and work on it at that moment, he would wrtie a brief note about it. That is how "Simply Irrestible" came about. Here is the funny part. He created it from three potential songs. In short, he came up with both a segue and a transition that he thought could link the three ideas. It worked out perfectly. Some things have been written as to who the song was written for. As it turns out the song was written for two different women. He admitted this to me. Part of it was dedicated to his longtime girlfriend, Geraldine Edwards, whom he met in 1976, and the other part was dedicated to his wife, Susan, whom he was married to at the time. He admitted to me that he had actually told Geraldine this and that her response was to "laugh." She thought it was one of the funniest things she had ever heard. I don't think that he was so forthcoming to Susan. He wrote two other songs for Geraldine. One was when he was with Powerstation. It was called "In your heart" and the other was called "Witchcraft." For some reason, Palmer's manager, Mick Carter announced a woman named Mary Ambrose, whom you note wrote a song with Robert entitled "Aeroplane" as Robert's companion at the time of his death. As far as Robert's friends knew, Ambrose was Robert's housekeeper/personal assistant. He did date her from about 2000 to 2003, but she was known more as a "friend with benefits." Ambrose dated quite a few men as well as Robert. Geraldine was Robert's girlfriend at the time of his death. Carter had simply misreported, and later was taken to task for this error. It was eventually sorted out. As a birthday present to Mary Ambrose, for her twenty fifth birthday to be exact, Robert gave Mary credit on his "Drive" recording for "strings and vocals." He never actually used any of her work on the project. Mary was not a professional musician, but she did play the violin in her high school orchestra, hardly the credentials neccessary to play on a Palmer record. Robert was ready to return to the studio to record his next album at the time of his death. He had the songs written that he was going to record. He is missed. Thank you.

Robert Palmer | Reviewer: Amy | 1/19/08

I wantto know as much as I can about him , he fasinated me..ever since my fiancee introduced him to my life, as my fiancee is a historian, and writing about Robert. and now I am hooked...