robert palmer: a seeker | Reviewer: pete sav | 8/18/14

i first came across robert palmer in the very early eighties were a friend gave me sneaking sally through the alley cassette which i put aside for weeks thinking i ll keep it to record over at some point, as soon as i put it on i was hooked.... literally, id never heard up to that time such mastery in playing, time keeping ,passion and musical freedom stitched together with his youthfu vocal prowess, truly fearless with his voice lowell george of little feat who shared songs and guitar work on palmers tracks was astonished by his ability to cut tracks in under 3 takes keeping them fresh and vibrant robert worked and was respected by the very cream of session and solo artists. he always seeked a musical path least expected and recorded west/east african songs Mediterranean and Polynesian material as well aided by his vast knowledge of world music predating the 80s womad movement by years a serious appraisal of his work is long overdue

LOL | Reviewer: Carl | 8/18/14

Was a fan of Robert Palmer's. He was a good musician, impressive in that he played around with a lot of different styles. Enjoyed Robin Davis's inside view of Simply Irresistible's writing, although it wasn't my favorite Palmer song. The man did a lot of good work. It's a shame this LL clown psyched out here, attacking the other bloggers with his theories ala John Hinkley. The fool acts as if he were a personal friend of Robert Palmer's, which he wasn't. Sad, man, but it takes all kinds. Peace.

Reviewer | Reviewer: Eugene | 2/28/13

I had the pleasure of having a very prime position on Robert Palmer's last tour and can confirm that he was diffidently with Mary Ambrose. She was on the tour with us. He called her his wife and I never saw him without her. They seemed very happy together. I find it very sad that she is not recognized as his partner at the end.

Information | Reviewer: Rica Dorff | 1/31/12

By way of introduction I worked for Elizabeth Freud as her personal assistant from 1996 till 2009, when she retired. Elizabeth Freud was Robert Palmer's Publicist and Spokeswoman from 1998 until 2003. Jackie Wilson has excerpted and linked an article titled "The Interview" that was written by Jane Gordon for the Sunday Mirror. The blogspot linked has attributed this articles' publication to the Sunday Mail in error. This article in addition to another article written by the same writer titled "Robert Palmer Was Addicted To My Love" were both removed by the Sunday Mirror due to libelous and defamatory content. A suit was brought against the paper by the Palmer family and Elizabeth Freud due to the fact the Robert Palmer had never granted Jane Gordon any interviews. In fact when the "Robert Palmer Was Addicted To My Love" interview was taking place, he was in fact on stage performing in front of a live audience. Two members of his family were in the audience at the time. Both articles were redacted by the Sunday Mirror with an official apology made to the Palmer family. Please do not confuse the Jane Gordon who is a columnist for the Daily Mail with the Jane Gordon I have mentioned here. They are two separate people who share the same name. Thank you.

On the other hand | Reviewer: jackiewilson | 1/29/12

Interesting overview of RP's music - got me searching for the likes of 'On The Other Hand'. Came across this interview with comments from RP about Mary Ambrose:
"He is here to talk about his first new album in five years, Rhythm & Blues, but by the time he's started on the linguini he seems happier to talk about his muse than his music. It is, it would seem, his addiction to Mary Ambrose, with whom he has lived for the past seven, eight or nine years (he's not entirely sure about the arithmetic), that is the root cause of the physical, emotional and musical changes in Robert Palmer. It is 35 - year old Mary's cooking that has brought on the middle-age spread; it is Mary's devotion that has prompted his current happiness and good humour; and it was Mary's beauty and sensuality that inspired him to create the softer, more romantic tracks on his new album. "There is nothing more important to me than Mary. That's all there is. She's my reason for living", he says "I write about love. Well, what else is there?""

An honest review of Robert Palmer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/11

I am sixty years old and remember music from the eighties and nineties quite well. There really was a mixed bag offered, some worthy, some not. To the individual who said some critics did not "get" Robert Palmer and that he wrote about love, that could be true on some levels. On the other hand, maybe some critics truly did not like his product and had a right to their opinion. As for him writing about love, well, I read the words to some of his songs out of curiosity. I am sorry to say this, but the words to "Addicted to Love" are unpleasant and offensive. It turns a natural state, love, into something ugly. I personally never viewed love that way. In a couple of other songs, Palmer essays love as control, which I found even more disturbing. And in "Hyperactive" he views a successful businesswoman as a sexual squeaky toy. Others of his songs are just plain unimpressive. In particular, I take umbrage at the way he discusses love as a way to belittle women. I read an article about Sting. In the course of the article he was asked about his song "Every Breath you Take." He said it was an ugly song about a stalker set to pretty music, and commented that all you had to do for some people was provide a pleasant melody and put any words down, and some people would like it. It was blatantly honest for Sting to make that statement and I respected him the more for it. He was right. In the final analysis, in my opinion, Robert Palmer presented himself as an interesting and unique visual to entertain the masses, but that was it. If you dug a little deeper and listened to his songs, they were pedestrian at best, or thinly veiled hostle diatribes about sex and love at worst. All in all not my cup of tea.

An Extraordinary Artist | Reviewer: eli | 11/17/11

He is one artist that a lot of critics didn't "get" thank goodness he didn't seem to care and blessed us with an extraordinary collection of music that will always be relevant, even if it wasn't political or raging against the machine or sticking it to the man. His songs were about love and that was enough.

An opinion of Robert Palmer | Reviewer: Ciel | 6/11/11

Your biography of Robert Palmer was enjoyable. Palmer was an interesting if iconoclastic performer. Some of his songs did stick with you although none of them could be described as deep or moving. His songs were mainly about relationships of some sort or another. His strong suit were his live performances. He always gave his audiences their money's worth. The world tour mentioned in your biograpy that was to take place from 1999 to 2000 never came off unfortunately. He could not get backers for the venture, coupled with the fact that the album Rhythm & Blues never charted in the United States. Palmer did have a following, there was no doubt about that. He had pizaz and he was fun to watch onstage, a true entertainer I would say as opposed to a moving songwriter and composer. No offense intended there, it simply is that all performers have their strong and weak suits. With Palmer there was always the substance versus style argument and I would have to fall on the side of style, which is no insult. I would make the same comment about the singer Harry Connick. In the same breadth, I would say that I would rather buy a U2 CD than see a live performance of theirs. Their great music eclipses their stage style. Anyway thanks for the biography of a unique and interesting performer.

Remembering Robert Palmer | Reviewer: Omar | 5/18/11

I was playing my Addictions Vol. 1 CD the other day and decided to look up Robert Palmer on the Internet. I caught on to your site. Thanks for your biography. It is well written and well thought out. One really cool song by Robert Palmer was "Life in Detail." It had a really atmospheric feel to it and I personally thought it should have gone higher up the charts than it did. But, truth be told, I enjoyed his work in general. I really was not crazy about "Drive" probably because I enjoyed his original work over his covers, but that is only one man's opinion. Thanks for the bio. Peace.

Drama queens: | Reviewer: DMiller | 4/18/11

Just read the hateful and rude comments written by Miekho/LaReina - didn't appreciate them one bit! Was is with you people that you literally are unable to answer a simple question with a bit of respect! I said NOTHING negative about Geraldine Edwards - I was simply asking a question. I obviously didn't have my head up RP's ass every waking second as the two mentioned above so forgive my ignorance of his personal life which only proves I HAVE A LIFE; however, I strongly suggest you folks get one! To the idiot who was "going to run errands and listen to RP" how about running that CD up your ass. How many people have ya'll bullied off this site? This is indeed a sad site w/vicious folks!

I loved Robert Palmer but some of his fans need a chill pill | Reviewer: La Reina | 4/16/11

I had a major crush on Robert Palmer and loved a lot of his music. I knew the party had started when I heard Addicted to Love being played. My favorite song of his was Some Like it Hot. No offense, and I am not trying to be garrilous, but D. Miller's attack on Geraldine Edwards was uncalled for. By all accounts she is a nice person and did not deserve any such tirade. Sheesh. You'd think Miller was in love with Ambrose. After Robert Palmers death, I specifically heard Jack Bruce publicly send his condolences to Geraldine Edwards, not Mary Ambrose. On the BBC, Eric Clapton also sent his condolences to Geraldine Edwards. Howard Stern commented on the Estate of Robert Palmer will debacle and cited Geraldine Edwards as Robert Palmer's girlfriend. I read four biographies of Robert Palmer that also name Geraldine as Robert Palmer's girlfriend. Whats more, Mary Ambrose never appeared in any video of Addicted to Love of which there were more than one version released, one recoreded in the studio and some recorded live. In no interviews given by Robert Palmer prior to his death did he ever mention Mary Ambrose, but in three interviews I recall him mentioning Geraldine Edwards. I guess two articles written about Robert Palmer and Mary Ambrose were debunked as one writer stated that the interview was given by phone. She was asked when the interview took place and to produce tapes of the interview. At the time the interview allegedly took place, Robert Palmer was on stage at Ronnie Scott's club in London, England, working on "Every Kinda People" and according to Palmers agent, the voice on the tape did not belong to Palmer. The other article had Robert Palmer living with Mary Ambrose before he had even met her and had an additional host of obvious errors in it. I guess it also appeared about ten days after Robert Palmer's death, and was back dated to 1994. Palmer's pulicist went over Robert Palmer's interview log and discovered that no interview was listed as being given by Robert Palmer to this man in 1994, only one in 1991. Here are my feelings, though. Robert Palmer was a professional musician since he was sixteen years old. He worked hard at his craft. Let's remember him for his contribution to the music world, not the scandal that erupted after his death brought by Mary Ambrose. In memory of Robert Palmer, I am going to play my Living in Fear CD while running my errands today. May Robert Palmer RIP.

Shocked/D.Miller attack on Geraldine Edwards | Reviewer: Miekho | 4/15/11

Your not to quick on the uptake, are you Miller? I happen to be a Robert Palmer fan and do remember him mentioning Geraldine Edwards name in interviews, in fact he stated her name in the last television interview that he gave in his lifetime. He also discussed her in Rolling Stone, Melody Maker and on Howard Stern's radio show and undoubetly on other occasions. I have seen pictures of Robert Palmer and Geraldine Edwards together. I don't know the lady personally, but of what I have read about her she is private and does not want pictures of herself posted to the internet. She is happily married and has been for years and is enjoying her life in real time, not living in the past like Mary Ambrose is doing. The woman is a Legal Administrator and Trustee for cripes sake. I really don't think she would be interested in your opinion. Oh, and one more thing, hotshot. Virutally all of the reports naming Mary Ambrose as Robert Palmer's companion were generated from information provided by Mr. Mick Carter, Robert Palmer's manager and the married "babydaddy" to Mary Ambrose's first son, born in 2001. Let's see.....hmmm....who do I beleive,.... the panicked manager who wanted to remain married to his razor toed wife or the Access Hollywood interview where Robert Palmer flatly stated that Geraldine Edwards was his girlfriend? I guess I'll go with the evidence of my own ears. Oh, and I saw pictures of Mary Ambrose. I was not impressed. Definitley not Palmer girl material. Here's a piece of advice for you; get a life.

Shocked! | Reviewer: DMiller1964 | 4/11/11

I just happened upon this site while looking for facts on Rober Palmer and was totally shocked learning about "Geraldine Edwards" being his girlfriend! ALL other sites state Mary Ambrose was; shows interviews where RP himself states it; there is also a video clip of him singing "Addicted to Love" in France (I believe)and Mary Ambrose is his backup singer, etc. Why was the public so misled? So basically he wasn't attached to any one woman as betrayed - was he a womanizer then?
This site does indeed put a whole different spin on my opinion of RP the person.
Just wondering too....are there any pics of Geraldine Edwards b/c I surely cannot find them?
I do not claim to have known or even spoken with RP - I am simply a huge and obviously midled fan.
If anyone could help clear up some confusion here I'd be forever grateful.

I love Robert Palmer! I did not know him! | Reviewer: Lacebra | 2/2/11

I would just love to know his life story. However, I have come to the conclusion I will never know, because he is no longer alive to tell!It has become obvious, also, there are not enough honest people to tell what they know(or what they do not know). Folks, I am sad to say, I am not expecting any good accurate books on his life story! THIS WILL BE MY LAST BLOG ON this beautiful,elegant man. EXCEPT: I still think one fact was obvious and constant:RP was a dog when it came to women, but nobody's perfect! I think I am going to listen to "Early in the morning."

Robert Palmer | Reviewer: Ll | 1/21/11

Once again, I am suspicous. I've only used two sites for a reason. There is a technical reason. Trust me, I am going to get to the truth. The wedding story is true, it's mentioned by the biographer. There is also an interview with RP mentioning it. There are two other couples who use RP songs on a wedding invitation. The name of the song is mentioned in the interview. Also, a specific search must be completed in order to find the site you are refering to. I believe "Michelle" did not have to search anything to find Phyl. He/she knew about her from the one and only question Phyl posted on a bloggers site. Davis' comments are identical to a post made under another name on that blog site and so many other sites, I have lost count. All comments are posted. None removed. All consistant with RP's sense of humor. I question Rylee's identity also. One of the names he/she mentioned is from another website and one can only be found if you search facebook. Why put it here? Phyl or me, we are fair game. the other people are just curious fans. Searching and then revealing a person's real name, that's malicious and inappropriate. Although we could, we have never attacked or revealed the identity of anyone. We are questioning the intent of one particular person.