nans song | Reviewer: yvonne arevalo | 5/29/13

I was not aware of this song till last night, a disc jockey read each lyric to comfort a caller because his grandma is dying. My mom died last febraury, how I wished we could have played this song during her wwake and burial

your bestist fan here!!!! | Reviewer: peter | 11/16/08

i love your songs and listen to them as much as possible!!! i am doing my homework and it is about robbie. i support vale, so it is not just him!! my gran use to look after him at a daycare center.
i would like to see him as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!

This American loves you | Reviewer: Gee Gee | 1/23/08

When you sing--you let the heart and soul of yourself flow out and you let us feel you (thank you) It feels good. You are a beautiful soul. Your songs will live forever!

Hi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/07

I am doing my homework at the mo and one of our things is to find facts and opinions about you.I am really enjoying learning about you so far.All the best.Seeya

loving angels | Reviewer: true fan | 8/25/07

the song "Angels" and the video are beautiful. only someone as awesome as robbie williams could make something this wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

robbie u r awesome | Reviewer: sajad | 7/7/07

when i started listening to western music ,,,its robbie williams who stuck my heart..and it has been like growing up with him..i love u robbie for ur personality and ur songs..dont change...

IM THE REAL ROBBIE WILLIAMS | Reviewer: robbie williams | 4/19/07

Melanie Im totally and utterly in love with you i can't stop thinking about you!

I luff ROBBIE | Reviewer: nabela | 2/28/07

Whoo-ho-ho-ho... weeeeeeee
i luff robbie's songs, he's a real singer also a great entertainer, ur concert was the greatest than any other singer!!!!!

Lovelove | Reviewer: Vera | 1/2/07

I'm in love with Robbie's voice!!!!!!!!!!!My favourite song is the Milleniu.I wish that I hear it all time in my life,I wish that it never finish.Sorry,I'm learning English for 8 years,and I'm not too good in grammar....I' m from Hungary and I was in his concert.It was fantastic!!!!!!!!!I LOVE YOU ROBBIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!Bárcsak ismerhetnél...

By far the BEST in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Justin | 5/29/06

Robbie to me is the best singa in this world, i LOV his lyrics and his voice.I would lov to go to his concerts but i live to far away if u hve the chance to DO SO!!!!!!!!

Massive Fan Here | Reviewer: Kae | 2/1/06

I'm a massive fan going to see him in Glasgow this comming Sept. His music is more than music, the lyrics are great. Meaningful.

Hes the best, by far.

i'd like robbie williams answers to me | Reviewer: sandra | 1/3/06

i like robbie williams.
i'd like a sit in front of him- at Milan concert on the next july 06- for me and my daughter.
thank you and kisses to robbie williams - sandra.

eheh | Reviewer: T r e b o r | 11/10/05

I love myself too ladies...go to the stores and please check out my new album INTENSIVE CARE !!... thank you!

Robbie your fuckin mint! | Reviewer: Becx | 10/30/05

Robbie is THE BEST male singer going, no one can beat him. He's a singer, songwriter, born entertainer and is a top person too! Love ya Rob, keep bring out the great music!!!
Robbie williams will never die in the music industry! His voice will be heard forever around the globe!!!!

love robbie he's da bomb im going to marry him | Reviewer: mitch | 10/4/05

robbie is the best all his songs are great and he's great ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh i love him marry me robbie i love you