Reviews for Swing Life Away Lyrics

Performed by Rise Against

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best song evar!!! | Reviewer: Tyler Helmuth | 10/1/09

this was my best gf and i's song, we both loved rise against, and as such, we both knew of this song, but we didnt realize just how much meaning it had until we weren't together anymore, now, even with the hell it takes me every night to do so, i have made a vow to listen to this song every night, and so far, have kept it up
thanks rise against for making awesome music, keep up the good work
(and tour a little more in florida)

uniqueness. | Reviewer: Kate | 9/12/09

There are some (very few) songs that have a straightforward singular meaning. This, obviously isnt one of them, and i think anybody who's even whispered the name 'Rise Against' knows how much depth and meaning, each and every one of thier songs has. This particular song is one of my favourites, i've learnt it on guitar, and still every time i play/hear it, it creates a new meaning- or brings out an old memory. But i know Tim, and that he may have written this song for a certain purpose, or with a certain meaning, but that he also knows, and understands that other people find new meanings in his songs, in thier songs, and that is part of what he does. Rise Aginst write/play to be listened to, and comprehended, and thought about... im glad for them, and for myself that so much thought goes into tims lyrics, its worth obsessing over, right? :P!!

LOVE THIS SONG!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/09

This is definitly my favourite song 'cause I think it reminds us that you don't need to be rich and have everything in life to be happy, it reminds us that true happiness is love from family, friends, and being in love!! Just living life day by day and enjoying it with people you care about is what I think can lead to true happiness!! : D

kira | Reviewer: kira | 8/23/09

jus remembrd i nevr put "her" answr . . . i played dis song 2 a girl i love and she rejected me . . . apparntly she loves my best friend o well dats how life is . . . . i wish u luck 2 any othrs in love o btw STILL THE BEST SONG EVER xD

him | Reviewer: Tabs | 8/15/09

i didn't start listening to rise against till i found out a boy i liked loved them. so thats when i started searching. well i never talk to this boy anymore but i still love the music.

now i've fallen for my bestfriend. and it turns out he loves rise against like me. we've been through quite a lot together. when i heard this song i immediately thought of him. its been our song ever since. love falls blistfully on those who wait patiently.

this song | Reviewer: aaron | 8/11/09

I love this song. First of all it's a great song, andit reminds me of one of my best friends. we could talk about anything together. we kinda grew apart. we just stopped talking and she went to a different high skool than me. I don't think she knows how much she means to me.

my bestfriend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/09

i fucked up our friendship i feel in love with her and got jealous and insead of telling her encouraged her to be with ppl who could do what i never can it backfired b/c she picked all the "bad" ppl who tried to use her and i had watch, but before i could tell her everything and for the first time inmy life actually told ppl my past it stinks b/c all i was trying to do was make her happy and for awhile i did but i am bad luck i told her too late and ruined everything i'm and clear, i cant give her what i want her to have and i lost someone important or may have b/c even tho i get angry and i fight i've never felt like this with anyone

Simple story. | Reviewer: Abigail | 8/6/09

two lovers. or two friends.
who have both been thru different hardships in their life, heartbreak, school, drugs, sex, violence, death, parents being alcoholics or druggies, being raped, anything.
its about sharing stories, and being there for each other. forever. no matter what the other person has been thru.

Amazing. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/09

This song is bisexual; it can go either way: it can be about friends who live life like it's the last day of their lives, or it can be a love song. It's all what you make of it, however, you must also take into account what the writer wanted to portray.

I personally think it's a love song, and what a wonderful song it is. Quite possibly one of the best acoustic Rise Against songs I've heard.

talent show | Reviewer: Bella | 7/21/09

im gunna sing this in a talent show and my best friends will help me with the backround singy thing. and yes, i love this song! and no, its not about people falling in love. its about that people do nothing with their lif and he is telling how he and his friends live every day like it was their last...and i hope all of u are doing that. :D

I dunno | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/09

Anyway I think that this song is about two people who are pretty much in love and that they will be together forever, and the part where it says the scar, I do believe that it is about there pasts but that he is willing to share every detail about his past, I can see how it could be about a friend...besides I think that this song, like most songs, are interpretated by the listener and that is what gives it a meaning

Absence Not Love | Reviewer: Another Face In The Crowd | 6/22/09

First Of I Love Rise Against Loved Them Since The Unraveling And Everywhere Since Now To my Review, I Hate This Song I Despise It With Every Fiber Of My Being, Not Because It's A Bad Song, But Because It Reminds Me Of The Friends That I'll Never See Again Because They've All Left Me Behind Like An Obscure Memory That Will Never Be Remembered, I hate This Song Because I Only Got To Know Most Of These People For Less Then A Year Became Friends And Then Poof A Hole Where Happiness Reign Supreme, The Line " I've Got Some Friends Some That I Hardly Know, But We've Had Times I Wouldn't Trade For The World" Perfect Example We've Become Friends But Didn't Have Time To Know Each Other And Now We Never Will Everytime I Hear The Opening to This Song I See The Backs Of All That have Left Me Behind And When They Turn To Greet Me They Vanish Into Clouds Murky Black. Overall I Hate This Song Because I Love It

Reviewers Do not Comment On My Closing Statement Saying I'm An Idiot Because I've See That Before And Really It's Quite Childish.

Best song ever! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/09

The first time I heard this song was from my best friend, and I fell in love with it. Everytime I listen to the song, it reminds me of her, and always cheers me up. Because it reminds me of my bestie, I see this song about love for friends, rather than love for a partner.

I think it would have to be my favourite song ever, and I want it to be the first song I learn to play on the guitar (which I am learning.) I've decided that once I've mastered the song, my best friend will be the first person to hear me play it. :D

Bliss | Reviewer: Maxxy | 5/25/09

So, where do I begin? Rise Against, Tim McIlrath. The best band, the best lyrisist up to date. Whenever I feel sad and need some reassuring, all I do is turn on some Rise Against. This song is so different than the norm that the first time I heard it I CRIED, no joke. He is in love. Love is so powerful, McIlrath is saying, that he needs nothing else. He can survive just with the feeling that he has in him. He doesn't need to have a house or anything. But what he does need is his love. He never wants to let her go. When he says 'scars' he means all the bad things that he has done. He'll admit it, but he is stilll afraid. Tim ripped off his hard shell and shows something LOVING here. He shows bliss. Utter, total bliss.

A beauty | Reviewer: Lawrence | 5/13/09

This song is great, it's something totally different of what you'd expect from Rise Against. But it prooves that they are great even in some 'less-hard' song. Nice lyrics, it gives room for interpretation and it reveals that feeling we all have inside of sadness of what we've lost and at the same time 'thankful-ness' of the times lived before we lost it.

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