Reviews for Swing Life Away Lyrics

Performed by Rise Against

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sex | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/07

i once sang this song and my girl friend did me for the first time it was AMAZING

Everything! | Reviewer: christine | 6/23/07

i remember the first time i heard this song. My bf made me listend to it. Since then, This has been one of my fav songs. The lyrics are so deap and on top of that just about any one can relate to them in some kind of way! About i few days ago, we broke up. I miss him so much but i thank him for showing this song to me!

Mijn god... | Reviewer: Saskia | 6/20/07

I don't really know Rise Against, but do know this isn't their regular sound. Still, I think it's such an emotional song. I can't even react on it properly, I'm still completely blown away. I'm definitely becoming a fan, can't wait until I see them live once ^^

...memory that will never be forgotten... | Reviewer: Nami | 6/15/07

the first time i had even heard of rise against was the day my friend, Mel, committed suicide. we were sitting around playing her cds and this song started playing. It really hit home. That was the first time i'd heard this song and a year and a half later, this song resembles a very important memory in my circle of friends that we will never be able to forget...

zomg vedy nice | Reviewer: me | 6/16/07

This song is good. I heard it for the first time last night:)


<3. | Reviewer: Elly. | 6/14/07

This song made me cry, and its not even sad.
It reminds me of my friends ...
I love it.

I fell in love!! | Reviewer: hillary | 6/10/07

i fell in love the first time i heard this song. you know how some songs can get really annoying after listening to it the first few times..well not this song!! i love it!!!

^_^ Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/07

The acoustic version is great. ^_^ Its soo so fun to sing and play.

Love this song and lyrics!! | Reviewer: Emily | 6/6/07

Sweeeeeetttttt. I love this song so much!, although it DID NOT make me cry.. So I definately would not say tear-jerking. I mean come on. Did it really make you cry??

Nahh, didn't think so.

great | Reviewer: Bri | 6/4/07

I first heard this song a couple years back on punk goes acoustic. It's one of my favorite songs on the cd. Anywayz the whole cd rox but I LOVE Rise Against! Keep up the good work!!!!

Swing Life Away | Reviewer: muriel | 5/31/07


bomb diggity | Reviewer: Alicia | 6/1/07

i luv this song it is the bomb diggity it rocks my freaking sox hi to all the hott guyz! email me

robert | Reviewer: roberto | 5/31/07

the whole song is perfect you guys wrote the lyrics wrong ... stupid

Nice | Reviewer: Byah | 5/29/07

This is a very sweet and serene song, I sang and played this for my girlfriend on our year.

She cried.

Then I asked her to engage to me, and she said yes.

Awesome | Reviewer: me | 5/29/07

Rise against rule they are awesome, i love them all so much

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