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Performed by Rise Against

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Best song of all time | Reviewer: Patrick | 4/8/12

The song isn't about being constantly hurt, nor is it about having a perfect life. It points out both of these extremes, in an effort to explain that everyone lives somewhere in between. No one is ever 100% depressed, but no one is perfect. By using "fucking", Tim is adding emphasis to the sentence he's using the phrase in. Don't we all listen harder when we hear a naughty word? He is also swearing to point out the irony of his statement, because the state of "never get so great" either never lasts or never happens. Perfect song, describes life just as it is. And, as always with Rise Against, the message is positive, even if not directly so

Intelligent | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/11

Many of my friends have told me that this band is death metal or screamo music. I find it almost comical that some people actually think that. Many people think this kind of rock is bad because it swears. As their pop music portraying the individual's lavish life of: riches, drugs, booze and sex is so much better. Instead, what I see from this group is that they choose their words very carefully and would not just toss in swears because it sounds cool. Instead, it adds another dimension of meaning to the song. In some ways the obscenity in this song could be viewed as a sarcastic twist, because, rarely is one that polar in the way they view their lives. This is made clear by the opening line. Since this specifically is referring to the rejects of society, it is important to note the words "life isn't like this" suggesting that a "real" life should be lavish and amazing all the time, a misconception often created by media. Perhaps, though, it is taking a criticizing the media for putting the lives of the rich and famous on a pedestal. In any case, this song was put together very judiciously.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/11

This song is amazing. To all of those that think it cusses too much, the cussing isn't bad. Rise Against never uses it as a sexual reference. They use cuss words for emphasis. Ex. Rise Against does not do: I f*cked a chick last night. That is rap. Rise Against does: F*cking up my life! This is punk rock and that is ok.

Amazing | Reviewer: Brian g | 5/13/11

This song is amazing, to me it basically tells the meaning of life. And for all of you idiots who thinks that it cusses too much, life isn't just good or bad life is FUCKING good or bad it puts more meaning to it.. There's not much of a greater way you can describe it

this has helped me so much | Reviewer: christopher warner | 4/22/11

this song is just so great it has helped me so much that i cant even explan it this band is so great and if you think any one is emo because of these things your wrong just because of how they feel doesnt mean there emo i just lost family and this song just makes me feel like i know what there talking about when they say life isn't like this

Truly survive. | Reviewer: Kirky | 11/1/10

This song explains the meaning of life i reckon (in a way)."Somewhere between happy, and total fucking wreck, Feet sometimes on solid ground, sometimes at the edge..." It basically say that life is never going to be perfect it has its ups and its downs and its points that you just have to pull through and get over shit."An obvious disinterest, a barely managed smile, A deep nod in agreement, a status quo exile, I shirk my obligations, I miss all your deadlines, I excel at quitting early, and fucking up my life" this says that at points where you want to truely kill someone just to grit your teeth and get the fuck over it."All smiles and sunshine, a perfect world on a perfect day, Everything always works out, I have never felt so fucking great, All smiles and sunshine, a perfect world on a perfect day, Everything always works out, I have never felt so great" this says when life is good everything is going your way so then be ready for when it fucks you over again.

Hey all | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/10

well i agree with a few ppl, this is one of the few bands that doesnt sing about shit, this band is not emo, it just talk about how REAL WORLD IS, not like those freaking faggs like justin bieber that sing about that everthing is perfect if you have a little money, cuz thats not reaal, theres a lot of ppl who "live" the songs, and theres some other that live in a perfect world cuz of money, FREAKING MONEY IS FUCKING UP THE WORLD remember that, this is not being emo is COMMON SENSE GOD DAMMIT

this song has got me through alot.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/10

this song has helped me hold on and get through stuff i never thought i could.. the most powerful part to me is the chorus:

"Life for you, has been less than kind
So take a number, stand in line
We've all been sorry, we've all been hurt
But how we survive, is what makes us who we are"

i love it because its true.. then the bridge just makes it so much better how he describes a perfect day but then says "life isn't like this".. it's just so powerful.. the first time i actually read the lyrics i teared up a little because it hit me so hard.. and for anyone who wants to say this band is emo or i'm emo because i get depressed, your a hypocrite.. everyone gets depressed, everyone cries, so stop making fun of the band because they write about real life, and stop making fun of the so-called "emos" because they're not scared to show their emotions...

this song speaks to me | Reviewer: Brennan | 3/28/10

my life itself hasnt been the greates. full of hurt and pain. i havent had the best life nor is it the worst, but this song really reflects how ive felt most of my life. full of sorrow and hurt. for taht reason this song is number one on my list.
Rise Against Forever!!!

... | Reviewer: Name | 1/24/10

me and my family have been through alot lately and so far listening to rise against is the only thing that lets me just forget about wats been going on, it's songs like this that remind you other people feel the same kind of things. if it wasn't for this band i dont know where i'd be or what state of mind i'd be in, but the music they play has helped me realise that i need to start living my life. Thank you Rise Against

This... | Reviewer: Kenny | 1/17/10

This song makes me think how I've survived the things that hurt so far. Life gets shittier every day(imo) and we(or me) just have to accept it. Sometimes I just forget all my problems and feel great for a moment. Wish I had more of those moments...

rise against | Reviewer: Joe | 1/5/10

I love rise against. I first heard them in guitar hero 3 the song "prayer of the refugee" and fell in love with it...then i went on youtube and searched them and found songs like "Survive" and "the good left undone " which to me are the 2 most meaningful songs that i know. I went from knowing 1 song by them form GH3 and now I have all there songs on my Ipod

Rise Against | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/09

First, I'm sorry for my english. I'm from Europe (speaking german) and still tryin' to learn your language.
And now my comment to this song: Just can say WOW. I saw Rise Against live (twice so far) and I'm absolutely fascinated. In these lyrics we can find more than just music. It's a kind of strength. As Tim McIlrath asked, if we felt the music in our hearts too, like he does, everyone knew that he doesn't just tell anything. These words he spoke and these words he's singing all the time again and again, that's a passion. A passion for life.

Rise Against is (in my opinion) the greatest band ever. And I'm really lookin' forward to the new album.

Simply amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/09

This is by far not only the best Rise Against song, but one of the best songs I have ever heard.
It really does make me think carefully about how Im living my life, and I can really relate to this song, and especially the lyrics.
I noticed some people getting annoyed because people were complaining about the vulgar language used. Well I have one thing to say, grow the fuck up. That may come across as harsh but as some people said, they made the song with the word 'fucking' in it several times, so thats how it will be shown.
Anyway, I saw Rise Against live the other week and they were absolutely fucking amazing.
When they played this song, it was so perfect, and one of the most amazing experiences Ive had.
To sum it up: Rise Against are one of the best bands ever, and this, being their best song, proves that.

Speaks by it's own | Reviewer: Tal | 6/22/09

The songs makes it clear to everyone Life sucks and we're here to fix it,that's my moto.And it's true the way you survive the painful things at life is what makes you who you are.My friends come to me shocked "How can you still be happy?" "You're just weird I can't believe you can still smile"
"I don't know how you smile after that"
And my answer is always:"If you wouldn't smile for life they won't smile back at ya"

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