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BEST BAND EVER | Reviewer: TJ | 1/28/08

I saw these guys at the avalon in Boston a couple years back, all there albums are amazing and you hear all the effort they put into each song, ive seen them ever time they come to boston and i love every single song, i think the most underappreciated song is Halfway there off revs per min.

pwnage plz | Reviewer: ... | 1/8/08

I used to like thrice a whole lot then I heard the song "Worth Dying For" and I was instantly hooked. Personally I love their inspirational lyrics, they make me want to go and do sumthin about our worlds problems. My faveorite songs by them atm are "State Of The Union" and "Black Masks And Gasoline".

BEST BAND EVER!!!! | Reviewer: Med | 1/3/08

I honestly didnt have a clue who Rise Against was until the beggining of summer of 07, i kno its kinda pathetic but when i heard Blood to Bleed i just had to find more of there music! all of there songs have a message in them and one of the best songs is State Of the Union(all i gotta say is FUCK BUSH!)

speechless...well..not | Reviewer: tyler | 12/12/07

RISE AGAINST is my favorite band in the world. I got into them with the song "LIKE THE ANGEL," and after I heard that song, I went searching for their cds. It never occurred to me that they would have more than one cd (call me weird, but a lot of the bands at the time were only releasing one cd), and anyway, I came across SIREN SONG OF THE COUNTER CULTURE, and they have been my favorite ever since. The musicality (TIP THE SCALES), the symbolism in the lyrics (THE GOOD LEFT UNDONE), the positive messages (SURVIVE), and their honest opinions of the world we live in (BLACK MASKS AND GASOLINE)...just make this band totally awesome.

the best band ever!!! | Reviewer: Riseboy | 11/22/07

really good band i love them ... my favourite band was KoRn from bakersfield but now its RISE AGAINST !!! my best songs : tip the scales,give it all,first drop,behind closed doors and ready to fall

Great Band | Reviewer: mick | 11/15/07

Rise Against is one of the most out there bands I have ever heard. The first song I ever heard was "Paper Wings". That is probably one of the most underappreciated songs by them.

Awesome... | Reviewer: Eichler | 11/9/07

... is often heard in Rise Against posts, but it's the best word to describe something which can't be caught by words. I don't know who or how or which song brought them in my live. But it seems they'll stay for sometime... or even forever in my head. Don't get me wrong but I'm usually not a "punk rock" freak (OK, just want to mention that words are only an illusion made by our world and it's people to rule our heads :-) and my beginnings with my eternal love "music" startet up with some "real heavy metal bands" like Manowar...) and even if the chords and music has a punk style there are just a million things which make Rise Against different from the "others". They simply rock, have great lyrics and they are a band whitch members seem just as usually like you and me (OK, it only seems so...! And I like listen to them. And that makes them different for me!). I saw them 2 days ago on the "taste of chaos tour" in luxembourg. For me Tim's voice is a unique expression of beeing one with the music. And that's amazing... Never heard something like his voice before (live it is still the same as on CD, just fucking up everything!). But calling myself a singer I can only say it's totally UNIQUE how this guy throws his vocal chords against the mike WITHOUT loosing his voice.

Keep on amazing people and their minds!

Thanks | Reviewer: brian | 11/1/07

Man Rise Against is bad a$$ they are my favorite band. But the song that I really appriciate is ether Swing Life Away, or Prayer of the Refugee.

Amazing | Reviewer: Manda | 10/13/07

My favorite band, the song Heaven Knows saved my life. So underappreciated, these guys have been a major force in my life, over my speakers and in my heart, for six years now. Every album is absolutely amazing.

Awesome | Reviewer: Phil | 10/8/07

Basically Rise Against is my favorite band. The first song I heard was Swing Life Away and it was just awesome. That lead me to get The Sufferer and The Witness to get Siren Song of the Counter Culture. Then I got the other two

Rise Against Rocks! | Reviewer: jaden | 9/16/07

the first song I listened was "Survive" it was awesome and than i loved rise against you're the best band i've ever listened good job keep it up guys:)

------ About the artist/band Rise Against | Reviewer: joao | 9/13/07

this band rock!!behind close doors,prayer for the refugee,last chance blueprint and 1000 good intentions are their greatest songs!!they should really come to portugal...............

brilliant just brilliant | Reviewer: chris | 9/13/07

the very first song i've ever heard by these guys was prayer for the refugee and it was kick ass, but my fav song is the good left undone it stands out above all the rest. and my jack ass of a friend says that insane clown posse was better, yeah right!!! keep on rockin!!

w00t! | Reviewer: hannah | 9/3/07

I love Rise Against so much! They're pretty much my favorite band in the world right now...I love pretty much all the songs but my favorites are "Give It All," "Swing Life Away," and "The Good Left Undone." Keep on making good music!!

There just Amazing | Reviewer: Sheldon | 8/15/07

The first number I ever heard of them was 'Give it all', when i heard I was immedatly an Addict.
There Lyrics ar just awesome, and I have al their albums but from 'Siren Song Of A Counter Culture' They began to rock out
They Just Kick Ass

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