Reviews for Prayer Of The Refugee Lyrics

Performed by Rise Against

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Inspiration | Reviewer: An inspired citizen | 10/21/08

One day i was surfing the web for some song's and I came across this one. It inspired me, i've begun to work harder and hopefully very soon will learn to play guitar. And one day, one day i'll be in a band that'll spread the word, just like Rise against.

Economies Next Reliance | Reviewer: Boldness | 10/15/08

This song is SO amazing! The music has a great rythm and really gets the adrenaline flowing. -i always start dancing around idiotically haha - but honestly its totally true.
There are always people -kids - that have to -did -deal with what this song talks about. Sadly, i know a lot of them. We see differently, you know? everyone sees differently by the way their life paths.
But this song ... truly speaks out the truth of what DOES go on. I love it. its inspirational

REBELLLLLL | Reviewer: My Name | 10/4/08

WHOOOOP!!! This song gets me pumpd soo much. The adrenalin just rushes! I also agree with some of you guys about it having two meanings. One side, singing of the tough life of a refugee and on the other side, the emotions of the average day to day teenager going through life's challenges. This song and "Give it all" are my favourite. I swim at national level and having a song to get u pumpd helps heaps. Those two songs just work onders 4 me. Thanks Rise agaisnt, keep up the good work... ur way better then nofx and pennywise even though you're on the punk-o-matic together. lol

taking life for granted | Reviewer: mut | 9/30/08

im 14 and live in england, i find people at school feel as though they don't want to be their. they think it's cool to be an ass and to not think about other things that are happening throughout the world instead of their own sad lives. they take for granted what these people want more than anything, who has the right to make these kids grow up thinking that working all day everyday for nothing is just life.

this song just makes you wanna stand up and fight for these people. rise against have got to be the best band easily but not just for their musical skill, they help tackle the most serious issues around the world.

Awesome | Reviewer: Sand | 8/12/08

I think there's more than one meaning to this song. While it could match all the bigger stories mentioned above, it can also touch on an individual level.

"Don’t hold me up now,
I can stand my own ground,
I don’t need your help now,
You won't let me down, down, down!"

Who hasn't felt that way at some point in their lives, especially in their rebellious teen years?

Through out the song, it describes individual thoughts held in the head of someone.

"We are the angry and the desperate,
The hungry, and the cold,
We are the ones who kept quiet,
And always did what we were told."

While that could hold the emotions of the older person telling his story to the child, it can also hold the thoughts of a teen listening to the song.

The meaning is different to every person. Awesome song.

At a price | Reviewer: Brandon lemieux | 8/13/08

As you should know in my previous message i'm a 11 year old canadian boy. And as for the crashing economy it's not getting any better. Canada has less jobs because of the increaseing loonie and gas prices are skyrocketing. even people who have a good life need to work harder than before to just have transportation. But still people shouldn't just only care about thereselves. donate money to places like the salvation army.

Now that i'm done saying that i have say go rise against. keep createing meaningfull songs and you'll get fans from all over the world!!!!!!

Awesome! | Reviewer: jiakko | 8/3/08

I love this song! It's great to play on guitar hero, and I can't stop hearing it!
As for the message, I think it's actually talking about how a lot of US companies actually make people from other countries make stuff like clothes and shoes. It's called sweatshops, and the song is talking about how it's not right to make people work in them.

makes me think | Reviewer: muffin | 8/2/08

wow every song that rise against writes always comes with a message and talks abot lots of problems when i hear there song's it makes me sad also makes me see that im not the only one who had a hard life and just makes fell better lisning to there songs ^_^

great band | Reviewer: muffin | 8/3/08

the song that rise against are amzing they have meaning not like other songs. rise against talk's about things that is important and the other band just talk about usless things rise against is an awsome band and after he there songs it makes feel better

F*IN GREAT! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/08

This song is awesome. It shows that even with despair there is still hope especially in the lyric "Of the lives that we’ve lost,
And the lives we’ve reclaimed".

Many people may be going through this right now since our economy is hitting a recession. Here's to hoping that tomorrow is a better day for us all!

Re: =D (STFU lauren) | Reviewer: Paul | 7/26/08

Why the hell do you care if people think the band is great just on one song or by playing it on Guitar Hero? It could be just that one song that people like. If anyone cares to rant their feelings on this topic, please take it somewhere else.

With that aside, I think Rise Against is one of my favorite bands, along with Dragonforce and Led Zeppelin, with this song being my favorite.

the ever growing faces of economy | Reviewer: Brandon lemieux | 7/24/08

Wow. i feel sympathy for these children. i have a great life. fully fed, and clean. not haveing to work. and haveing a chance to learn in school. although i find school a pain in the ass, i will soon realize why i need school, to stand on by myself. and wow i'm canadian. gearge bush is gone usa. his reign of hate is over. and gearge bush. fuckin go screw a fuckin slug. u bitch. u ruined eamerica. although im canadian i would love to just beat u up asshole.

and as for those children, help will come. today as fellow children realize how unfair the world is, there trying to devolope some starting orgaiazations to help u. it may not do too good right now. but they will grow and save future children. yes the economy of america hangs on a delicate balance of the povertised children. but not just usa all of north america. and kids in poorer countries face the same thing. i hope this helps people understand poverty

NFS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/08

i first found their song, give it up on need for speed underground, and then i searched all of their songs!
theyre fucking great their songs are meaning full unlike any bands now talking about bullshits, how life sucks for them, they talk about world issues AND THAT WHAT MAKES THEM STAND OUT AMONG ANY OTHER BANDS!

One of the most amazing songs I`ve ever heard. | Reviewer: Jillian | 7/20/08

They amaze me with their lyrics and the changing tempos of the song. I had tears in my eyes at the end of the song, and the video made me think of how we Americans live our lives floating in the clouds while other countries work their asses off to make our little precious paradise. Amazing band. Completely amazing.

=D | Reviewer: lauren | 7/17/08

People who found an interest and love of Rise Against through Guitar Hero, congratulations. But for those of you who ONLY listen to the Prayer of the Refugee ONLY when you're playing it on Guitar Hero, go broaden your horizons. Rise Against is an amazing band, even their early, less polished stuff. However, if you're judging this band on one song, even if that song is amazing and your judgement is correct, you should really just shut the hell up.

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