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Performed by Rise Against

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Insight | Reviewer: Garrett | 10/22/08

This song doesn't have just one meaning. Maybe it can be easily labeled as a commentary on a heroine addiction, but it can also be seen as so many other things. Arguing about the meaning and insulting other fans of the music is just ridiculous. The song can mean different things to everybody, and it's a person's own interpretation that defines how they see it. I personally believe the song is a commentary about modern society's dependence on medication, but someone else may see it as something else. Allow people their opinions. That's something that I absolutely love about RA, none of their songs have one definitive meaning, everything can be analyzed and interpreted by the individual, finding a personal, more powerful meaning than anything they might have wanted to convey. Anyways, just enjoy the music and see the song how you want to see it.

My opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/08

I think this song can relate to many different in different ways. It doesn't necessarily only have one defenitive meaning to it. That's what's so good about Rise Against, they can relate to all of us.

Dame man! | Reviewer: FLexi | 9/8/08

Wtf.. I really feel this song in my fucking feelings.. really nice song.. Im really getting fan of Rise against cos i was searching the game in youtube then i see this song there.. That was Rise against - Prayer of the refugee.. Isnt it nice? well wat i mean is I really getting fucked of this songs! Im gonna fuck my self i cant take it lol.. Nice song Rise against!

Rise against - Injection
Rise against - Dancing for rain
Rise against - Drones
Rise against - Prayer of the refugee
Rise against - Behind closed doors

yea.. | Reviewer: matthoffman | 9/1/08

matt's right. you guys are pretty dumb. its pretty much strait out telling u the meaning in the words, there is no hidden meanings. its about a heroine addiction and the problems it caused in their life, hence the subtite heroine.there is the one person in his life that is guiding him to recovery from it, hence the line will u be my compass. the single line of lyrics before each chorus are signs of withdrawel he is having from trying to quit. well the rest is up to u tards to figure out for urself, i got a handcramp, and im going to bed.

You guys look to much into it | Reviewer: Matt | 8/13/08

All you guys are looking to much into this song the sub title for this song is heroine so its obviously about his addiction to the drug hence the title injection and give me the drug and now im finally free you guys are stupid

03/29/2008 | Reviewer: brock | 3/31/08

i think this song is about people on the death beds waiting for the plug to be pulled and how life support is keeping them alive

"So give me the drug,
Keep me alive,
Give me what's left of my life"

my meaning of the song | Reviewer: anonymous | 3/21/08

In my opinion, this song, like many rise against songs has many many meanings. First, I think there is clearly a burden or pain that the singer wants to be rid of. Second, I think, as one who has asthma, that it could have something to do about not being able to breathe. Finally, I think it's hard to imagine that there isn't a love element in this song. Other than bashing other people's opinions of the song I agree with the opinionof the anonymous reviewer on 1/9/2008.(I just refuse to re-type anything that isn't necessary)

What I think it's about.. | Reviewer: Andrew | 3/20/08

I reckon this song is about someone who has wasted most of the life doing something they didn't want to do and now they're hoping to make up for lost time by doing it. I also think that there is someone special helping them along too, "Your words are always there to break my fall; In them I find the comfort to see through it all," and "Will you be my compass,
Until forever, until forever ends." Evidence showing someone is helping him.

Also I have read Fahrenheit 451 so I understand what your saying Evan, lols.

great song | Reviewer: marco | 2/26/08

this song is great it has only recently been my favourite song and i havent paid so much attention 2 it. But wat i know atm is its about a man on life support and he wants 2 be free so he can experience life for longer. And i know that my opinion might not be right but its wat i think and you shouldn't judge people just because they dont know everything about a song i mean to love it u need 2 fully understand the song and soon i will.

PS. 1000 good intentions is a freaking mad song aswell =)

What it means to me | Reviewer: evan hanson | 2/7/08

This song is about a man who realizes his life is empty. He has no passion for life (counting the hours he's awake) and he realizes that no one really cares. Our lives constantly filled with instant gratification (boredome=tv emtiness=drugs)and it isnt till we feel pain that we truly grow. If you broke your arm you would tell everyone you knew because it gave you pride and excited you (the memorys that haunt us are cherished all the same) This song is about a person who experiences the excitement of pain and is asking someone to guide him into the unknown.


:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/08

I love this song along with prayer of a refugee and ready to fall. n_n
Like someone else said, everyone interprets songs and lyrics in different ways, whether it's literally or in other ways and I don't think that people should bag out how other people relate to the lyrics.
It COULD be about drugs. It COULD be about life support. Or it COULD be about a special person. who knows? (apart rise against of course xD)
Well anyway.
PS: blood to bleed is a good song to.

deep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/08

you people are stupid, this song is not about drugs or life support its much much deeper than that your looking at it way to literally. this song is about a lover he once had most likely a girlfriend that they cant let go of and they dont want them to forget what they had together either. i think you people need to give rise against more credit they are much deeper and heart felt in their lyrics than most think

My personal view. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/08

I have recently started suffering from depression. My current interpretation of the song is that of a man who is depressed, and needs help. He doesn't want to do something stupid, but he cannot figure out a way of sorting himself out.

I also think that the song is about letting go | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/08

I always heard this in my car when i drove off to my ex-girlfriend who I still was in love with. But it was a one-sided love as I got to know at new years eve.
So my way to interpret the song is the following one:
The Person singing is lingering around because he once was together with a person he really loved. So it says "If you never ment to leave, than you only had to stay". This shows that now he regrets whatever he made wrong and what led to the divorce. Now he hates himself for not having behaved like he should have done it to keep on being together with the person.

Now he's trying to escape his sick and for emotions blunted mind in drugs.
But he doesn't consider taking the drugs as a path to an higher level (like being "taken closer to the sky") - but the love he lost is the only thing that could have brought him there.

But even if he would have been together with the person he wouldn't have been happy. Because they were already once together, so that he had doubts in loving her. Although it's the only thing he wants right now - but he desires most what he is unable to get.
And now that his time counting the days of uncertainty are over he is glad and "On his own now finally free".

Not drugs or life support | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/08

I hate how people interpret songs so literally. Drugs, life support..
It's not about that. If you listen closely, it's about a man who can't let go of something. Probably a memory. He wants to be cut loose and not remember anymore, "pull this plug". But he can't, because those memories are probably of a very close ex-girlfriend and he ultimately, nevers wants to let her go or her to forget him. "Don't let me go"

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