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Performed by Rise Against

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Injection.. | Reviewer: Dyna | 3/15/14

For my personally I think the song is about nothing else than love. He/she is so caught up in a relationship that the can't live without that person "give me the drug" - the love that the other person gives him or her
"Keep me alive" - they feel they can't live without that person, its what keeps them alive
"Give me what's left of my life" - the let go of a lot things when they found this person like friends and family
"Pull this plug, let me breath" - they need to breake up because he/she needs space
"On my own I'm finally free" - they feel they can get intouched with their family and friends again
"Don't let me go" - they can't live without the person, no matter how hard they try they find themself going back to the person again and again because they simply can't let go of the person although he/she maybe already let go - "if you never meant to leave then you only had to stay"

bwa ha ha ha! | Reviewer: lol | 5/7/12

I enjoy reading what everyone thinks the lyrics mean. And the flamewars that ensue when people think they're right.

I CANNOT believe that everyone agrees on Rise Against lyrics.

Fantastic song, even better fan base IMO

<3 thx for restoring my faith in humanity

Referred to what Arafel said | Reviewer: Zwein | 4/28/12

I mostly think the same way as this user do (or at least the line is almost the same)

The drug he mention might be anything you want it to be: music, behaviors, power, love, real drugs and even life itself.
The fact is that this song always turns out to give a positive meaning in any case with the "let me breathe - don't let me go" whole thing.
Cuz I think that people might think that they want to die, they are not understanded enough or they want to cut theirself, but I'm sure that NO ONE wants to lose their very own self, even if compared with life.

I think that this might be another face of the thousands one of this song. :)

I am legend relation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/11

I think that this song has a lot in relation to the movie i am legend... the song is basically about someone who is on guard their entire life (movie: from the infected... the song: from a heartbreak). the whole "keep me alive, dont let me go" part is about how he wants to be let down easy and not forsaken... he is lost, and either needs someone to console him, or to guide him... the other meaning is overcoming a drug addiction.. very fitting to this song:

My thoughts | Reviewer: Arafel | 5/17/11

I personally think this song is ment to be whatever you make it to be... its ment to fit into your lives so you can better understand your situation. The words he most commonly says in the song are "Dont let me go." which he could be refering to absolutly anything. He might be saying dont give up, or never give in, but mostly he is just saying what you WANT him to. His songs are ment to enlighten and secure our future. To make us think about everything, so listen to yourself about what any song is about. You will find deeper meanings then always were inteded.

Many different things | Reviewer: | 1/18/11

I believe this song's lyrics are about more than one thing. It's about opiates injected into your bloodstream while in a relationship. It tears apart not only your ties with our significant other, but your friends, family and your very life. By pulling the plug, I think they meant that they were on Life Support in the Hospital from overdose and that they wanted to die and be free from addiction and resentment.

Euthanasia | Reviewer: Mikal | 12/5/10

I think this song is about euthanasia (mercy killing) the person depicted is on life support and can't handle the strains of living so he want to be killed so he can be at peace.

Give me whats left of my life: let me enjoy my last moments
Don't let me go: don't forget me
Pull this plug: turn the machine off
Let me breathe, on my own: (self-explanitary)
I'm finally free: I can die

I think that | Reviewer: Enturo Lover | 9/6/10

Injection is totally about love relationships but perceived through a scope of dependance. That's why the "drug" of this song works like any common drug. It temporarily relieves from pain but afterall it kills you. So, maybe the "drug" is the presence of a lover, that's why there is a great contradiction :
"Pull this plug, let me breath"---->Let's brake up
"on my own I'm finally free"
"DONT let me go.."---------------->Contradiction.

Finally I think that for every person that has loved a girl, stayed with her the next step is to brake the dillema among keep staying with her or leave. In such cases we tend to accuse our lover for numerous things that we wish they were different, yet this is a false way to express our dissatisfaction for not having the same feelings for our lover anymore. We accuse, but we can't leave because guts are needed when we make decisions. So, by accusing someone for not being the one that we want to or that he/she doesn't cover our needs anymore we press them to take decisions and leave us. Goddart relationships suck.

I don't see this song as literal as the words... | Reviewer: Lament | 8/13/10

The idea I get about this song more along the lines of a person being the drug.

These lines discount the song being about literal drugs, and more of a person lost, not necessarily dead, but maybe so. It's about love and loss, and maybe redemption. Memories of those times, good or bad, are always bittersweet.

The trail of crumbs you left somehow got lost along the way
If you never meant to leave then you only had to stay
But the memories that haunt us are cherished just the same
As the ones that bring us closer to the sky, no matter how grey

Awsome | Reviewer: Jamidge | 6/25/10

First of all I wouldlike to say this song is awsome. It actually relates to my life I find.

I think the song is about being on life support and the drug is death. I think he wants to take the drug in a full dosage and just dissapear. Thats what I think. I'm probably gonna get emails saying oh yeh your such a dumb ass or some other bull shit. But whatever. I'm not afraid to speak my mind.

Thumbs up! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/10

This is a great song that i just love listening to. Heard it the first time while playing DiRT2 and loved it right away.
To all you people who make coments like "You guys are tards, it's like this" and "You are so stupid if you don't get it's like that": You are doing the exact opposite of what RA is fighting for... so quit it!
Personaly i have been thinking about this song diffrently each time i listened to it. Respirator, drug addiction and hopeless love have all passed my mind from time to time. As many of you have understood, RA writes songs for us all to find our own meaning, making the song more important to us.

Life | Reviewer: RA fan | 2/23/10

At first i thought it was about a mix of love and drugs, but as i really started listening to the song and looked up the lyrics, my perspective changed. After reading the lyrics i realised that this songs isnt about life and drugs, its abut death and drugs...

When i hear this song, i tend to picture all the kids that suffer from lukemia (spelling is probably wrong) and cancer. The song illustrates how at first they cling onto life with drugs and chemo and then they welcome death as a strange friend.. hence "Guide me through unchartered waters,Before we lose our way again
Will you be my compass until forever?
Until forever ends!?"

This is my opinion and as i read some others too.

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/10

for me its about heroin cause i am an addict and all the words fit my current situation but i cane see this song being about anything you want it to. That is the nature of a great song it relates to every person differently

injection | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/10

i think its about him shrugging off all his loved ones ("Can you remember what it feels like to care")and just wants an escape from life. He dosent know where to go. He wants freedom and something that will save him.

Euthanasia and mercy | Reviewer: Kev | 1/14/10

This song applies to many different things.
But for me its the story of a poor person thats hooked up to a life support machine. Miserable and sad, the person decides to end there life and be finally free.

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