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Performed by Rise Against

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fucking awesome song | Reviewer: amber | 5/9/09

ive been a rise against fan for a few years and i hadn't heard of this song until today when i was searching songs with my name in them. wow. let me just say-- amazing!!! I already knew it would be a great song because of the band and especially the lyrics, but the sound just tops it off.

sick | Reviewer: Julio (AKA Freeze_L) | 4/3/08

the lryics have much more reason when you hear the song. this song is amazing. like the guy before me said it stands out. AND I HAVE HEARD ALL THERE SONGS !!!!!!! i urge u to get the album it is worth it.

crazy sick | Reviewer: donovan | 7/10/07

This song is one of the best Rise Against ones. I have all 60 somethin of their songs. but for some reason this one stands out. Amber Changing is crazy sick.

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