Weeds | Reviewer: Tom Bowler | 9/19/12

I just discovered you on the last show of one of my favorite series. It brought tearsto my eyes and memories of my son who passed away in 2004 at age 37. Sad yes but cathartic and beautiful. A young singer lyricist who writes poeticand profound lyrics which I can actually hear and understand. I'm 76 years old so that's important to the music I usually like. Exeptions are occasionally made for Tom Waits and Van Morrison.

i <3 saddle creek!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: surrr | 9/20/07

yes, rilo kiley is amaaazing and i love them, but i would have to say that saddle creek as a label is just INCREDIBLE. the best bands of our generation are, for the most part, on saddle creek, and rilo kiley definitely deserves to be on that label with such giants as curisve, bright eyes, etc etc

Spectacular Re-veiws | Reviewer: Meg Thompson | 1/27/07

The only thing to say about this band is brilliant. Brilliant lyrics, brilliant music, brilliant band members alone, just plain brilliant. Through all the glitz and glamour after being discovered and heard, they're still wonderfully humble and undeniably talented. Jenny Lewis on her own has done great for herself. Rabbit Fur Coat is amazing, and I suggest you give it a listen, but I do hope she puts out another record with the band, because I have yet to hear a song by them that I was not impressed with. Overall, Rilo Kiley is one of the truly unique bands of our generation, so don't pass their music up.

Wickedly | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/06

I love this band! It has its own special twist.... Its wickedly awsome!

best american band formed since the clinton years. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/06

i never much liked modern american pop music, but their video for it's a hit was the trippiest i have seen since 1985. i figure i might as well listen to ssome more of their songs, cause who knows, i might like it. they're definitely some of the best in the new generation of music.

rilo kiley... definitely falling on love | Reviewer: nikki | 4/18/06

i heard their song on an episode of grey's anatomy (yes im on that bandwagon) and i had to find out who this amazing band was with the hot female vocalist. low and behold it was rilo kiley!! from the moment i heard the song on the show, ive been researching them more and more, (ie looking for more of their songs), and everything i hear just gets better and better. they are an amazing band with a lot of spunk and i hope to hear more from them!