One of the greatest songs ever. | Reviewer: mfrae | 3/7/09

From Jenny Lewis on lead guitar to her absolutely incredible vocals, this is one of the greatest pop/rock songs ever recorded. Rilo Kiley is a truly underrated band who may never record another album. But this one song will should put Jenny into the rock and roll hall of fame someday.

just bit size | Reviewer: Ian L. | 1/2/09

This is a great song. But every time i hear it reminds of what I'm gonna lose someday. Knowing that love doesn't last is one of the most painful things i can think of. Its a constant reminder that the ones you will love the most wont be there for you. Wont be the one you end up with and are bad news.

just bein' around you offers me another form of relief | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/08

I want to play it for him, but I think he would laugh at me. Two and a half years of this exact story. This is why I listen to music, to know that I am not alone in all of the crazy things that I do. I have liked him for so long now and all he will ever be is a small comfort between other people that come into my life b/c that is all he wants to be. And for him...I think I am just a toy. Most of the time just being with him makes me feel less alone, but once he is gone I cry to my fiends. He never lies-he tells me that he is bad news and I just want to hold him anyway hoping that some day he will see. I smile to his face-I cry when he leaves, but still I'm not ready to give it up.

If it can happen to Jenny Lewis-then it's not so bad. This is why I love the band. Songs are not simply about loving someone or breaking up. They talk about all of the tricky situations in between.

who can really tell us how to keep the mistery | Reviewer: all | 9/9/08

i love this song
i guess everybody has been in this situation at list once ...
its weird because who can really tell us how to keep the mistery or when we can be just us or open up...this is complicated

BAD bad news | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/08

the first time i heard this song i cried because it exactly described the relationship i was currently in, and i was so saddened by the fact that it was happening to me. but then i listened to the song again and i realized that that's just how it is but hey i like him and it's ok. this song is amazing and i think it can speak to many souls.

Portions for Jenny lewis | Reviewer: Addison | 2/10/08

everyone does sex, smokes, drinks and other stuff. You just tend to do it with a person you like, who doesn't like you back. this has been a problem for people since the pre-historic ages. So what if he is her sex-buddy or just her normal crush, we all have sex-buddies and crushes. Jenny Lewis was just the only to admit in something meaningful, more meaningful then


She sings like it is, no teen crap about heartbreak and crying after your gone like Hannah Montana and the JoBro's, the talking leads to touching and touching leads to sex and then there is no mystery left pretty much is true and explains\sums life today.

meaning | Reviewer: dina | 1/15/08

it's funny to read some other people's interpretation of the song because i thought it was really straight forward. She has this fuck buddy and she's worried that she's bad for him, but then she realizes that it's ok because he's bad for her also. So really they aren't bad for each other, just in a mutually casual, fun relationship. And maybe they are both kind of messed up, but it doesn't matter, because we all end up the same way in the end (portions for foxes) and life's too short to not enjoy each other.

good song | Reviewer: molly | 1/14/08

I think a lot of us can relate to this song. You truly care about someone who treats you like you are just another thing that happened to them. Your friends think its bad for you to be with them but you dont care because you like them. I love this song.

Join the ride | Reviewer: Mel | 10/11/07

Everybody enjoys a rollercoaster ride .. This is an amazing song .. Love is grand .. Pain makes art .. After a while once the pain goes away .. you find yourself missing it .. amazing !!

and the touchin' leads to sex | Reviewer: kelsey | 10/12/07

this song is amazing.

i can't stop listening to it.

i am in a current relationship that pretty much is identical to the song, its like they wrote it about me but maybe that is the reason i like it so much, maybe becuase i am living it.

this song, it is brillant.