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------ performed by Rilo Kiley

, | Reviewer: buzzedddddddd | 5/9/2008

California IS a recipe for a black hole, especially for younger people living here. I live in san diego and it's so easy to get caught up in drugs and alcohol especially living so close to the international border? everyone's a pothead or a crackhead, they shoot heroin, whatever. everything's so easy to get and everyone has a hook up whether they know it or not. you spend so much money on liquor and bud and whatever you can get your hands on that you don't have enough money for anything else. i mean, people use their paycheck to pay their rent first but then after that all their money goes to fucking anything that can alter their state of mind. i mean i'm drunk as it is and im 17 years old and its a school night. if you're 18 you can just go across the border and its legal to bring over 2 bottles of sealed liquor!!! otherwise some of us are forced into desperate measures like dramamine or sudafed (the pseudo kind mmmm). anything to escape this fucking reality that we're going to have to grow up someday, you know? and its possible and even socially acceptable to live your whole live this way!!! in san diego at least. whatever...

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