great song srsly | Reviewer: jenny. | 7/3/2008

this is really one of the greatest songs ever.
i can so relate to it.
i've been playing it out for the past few days.
every line of it amazingly written.
"it ain't the resy, WHY DO YOU jenny?"
why do you is so perfect.
the whole song is perfect.
"I cry, cry, cry, then I complain
Come back for more, do it again"

Awesome song pretty much | Reviewer: rick | 10/3/2007

never really liked this kinda music - then my friend brittany played this song in her car... I said i hated it just to mess with her... and the song really started growing on me lol ;) great song - im listening to it on repeat now - wow i hope she never sees this post ;)

Glendora | Reviewer: Amanda | 4/13/2005

This song is really good. I think that the message she's trying to send out is great!

Glendora | Reviewer: Sara | 9/16/2004

Can I just say that Rilo Kiley is one of the best groups on the face of this universe? Glendora is such a great song. LISTEN TO IT... OR ELSE!