He will never leave.... | Reviewer: ... | 6/23/12

I love this song. I've loved for a long time, and now that I've shared a similar experience i can feel her pain more. I stupidly fell for a friend who was secretly dating my supervisor and when I found out I was a bit crushed but shook it off. Then shortly after the night of the big reveal, we hung out at the park and he confessed his love for me, which in hindsight makes him a big asshole, it wrecked me. We kind of remained friends and then he tells me that he wants to be with me and he breaks up with his girlfriend, leaving me with a chance. Or so I thought, after tell her that he wanted to be single, she didn't see it that way, and the time I spent with him growing closer when I thought there was a chance was just a big fat lie. I found out about it one night at a bar with some work friends, it hurt so bad. When I finally spoke to him I told him to stay, I don't tell him I said it because it was killing me. I still had feeling for him and decided I should just tell him he should've fought for me and not let this chick,who felt like she deserved a good guy so she held onto him, just keep him under her thumb. Shortly after I made that decision she told me she was pregnant and I forgot how to breath for a while, I'm pretty sure my face turned a different color, I couldn't believe it. So long story short they got married had a kid and I see one of them almost everyday and it still hurts even though I wish it didn't.

great song | Reviewer: nas | 2/12/11

I listened to this song for about two weeks just enjoying Jenny's voice until one day I actually paid attention to the lyrics and this shit just blew my mind. The delivery of the final line and the emotion in her voice is just so awesome.

same as 5.14.09 | Reviewer: kjayne | 1/24/10

i wasnt much of a rilo kiley fan until i heard this song-- and yeah, i cried too. every now and then i still cry when i hear it. what really impresses me is that i've never experienced anything remotely similar to the lyrics of this song... but theyre still so powerful that somehow i can relate and experience the appropriate emotions, despite never being in the situation myself.

Touching. | Reviewer: reviewer | 5/14/09

This song absolutely touches me. At first, I didn't get it. I just thought it was a soft, crescendo song. But then I listened to it, and I cried. Listening to something like makes your emotions attack. It makes me grateful, heartbroken, upset, nostalgic...everytime I listen I think of something else. This song is like a treasure chest of thoughts. I also like imagining what music videos could look like for songs if my life was the song; and it's beautiful. Everyone must listen to this song.

rad | Reviewer: Caitling | 3/18/09

The pain in her voice when she sings the last line is so raw and a perfect ending to the song.
Yeah, it took me a while too, to pay attention to the lyrics, hah.
Rilo Kiley is good for seeming lovely and fun, but actually being horrifically depressing in general - I love that in a band :D

<3 | Reviewer: Kelseyyy | 12/4/08

Absolutly amazing song. It took me awhile to understand what was happening throughout the story, but I now understand it, and love it.

My favorite line is: Keep the wind at your back and the sun on your face. It's good advice too.

Genious! | Reviewer: Line | 11/16/08

Never ceases to amaze me!
I listen to it constantly...
have done for a year now, always at interesting times in my own life...
It makes me happy, sad, thoughtful, elated, confused....but ALWAYS satisfied.

Artistic | Reviewer: Rilo Lover | 11/22/07

Rilo Kiley is a fantastic band and this is one of their best songs. Jenny's voice is unique and the lyrics are beautiful. This song is like an art piece, it evokes emotion by tying your heart strings into knots. This is an amazing song!

jkh! | Reviewer: :) | 10/22/07

gives me goosebumps everytime i hear it.
simple yet the lyrcs have so much meaning in them, thats carried out by jenny's voice/

Does He Love You? | Reviewer: anon | 8/1/07

I absolutely adore this song. I have listened to it countless times and I am still discovering new things about it each time. It's actually a very heartbreaking song when you listen to the words and read them over.
I love Rilo Kiley. I think their sound is amazing and all their songs that I have heard are unlike anything else.
I would advise anyone to listen to their songs, once you do you won't ever want to stop.

/I/ love you. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/07

I love the story in the lyrics, that you don't really understand until you read through it a couple of times. The buildup with her voice is great too.
All around amazing song :)

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/07

this song is great, it is by far one of Rilo Kileys best songs. the lyrics are strong and i love how the song builds up throughout it

Agree | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/07

I agree with cRILOzKILEyj, this is an amazing song on an amazing album. Jenny Lewis is a truly gifted artist. Rilo Kiley deserves so much credit.

Do I Love It? YES!!! | Reviewer: cRILOzKILEyj | 1/18/06

This is one of my favourite songs of Rilo Kiley. The song starts of with Jenny singing very soft, and I love how it builds up throughout the song.
Her voice is great here and there are even some violas at the end! I want to close my eyes everytime I hear it because it makes me happy!

PS: Never heard it? You're missing out! If you go to the bands official site, it is part of a 3 song rotation. It should make your day!