Then Jim | Reviewer: Yes please | 8/31/12

I believe "then Jim" refers to Jim before he passed, as opposed to "now Jim" who has indeed passed. But its also a very clever play on words in stating who the 3 "speakers" are in the song.

Jim's suicide note says he's baffled by the statement that "living is the problem" which are words spoken by the lady with the issues in the second verse, presumably his wife. Beautiful.

the title is the answer | Reviewer: sandpaperdoll | 3/4/11

To morick from 2/25/11:

"A Man, Me, Then Jim" refers to the different points of view of the three verses, I'm pretty sure. The first verse is told by "a man," talking about running into his old lover at their mutual friend Jim's funeral. The second verse is told by "me," i.e. Jenny Lewis (the singer/songwriter). Then the third verse is told from the point of view of Jim, before he killed himself, remembering his old girlfriend and how they were pulled apart by "the slow fade of love," which the first verse said was ultimately what killed Jim.

wow | Reviewer: morick | 2/25/11

when i first heard the melody i doubted that the lyrics could match its beauty but the words of the chorus are just gorgeous. they are clear and understandable despite being so sad. i am confused though.. 'jim' was the guy who killed himself.. who is the 'jim' or where does he fit from the last verse? this song is just amazing. soft and deep

simply incredible. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/07

so sad. just reading the lyrics ((you should see how teary i got when i first really listened to the lyrics)) makes me so sad. especially the part about the telemarketer. beautiful. rilo kiley is so amazing, the way they don't talk about love, but how messy it is, when there's divorce and another woman and custody battles. it's remarkable.