bitter before better | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/08

this is the realest song about depression (or bipolarity) out there. it's not whiny; it's honest and it's bitter. the comments about being better/smarter/happy are certainly sarcastic. it's frustration against a world that would rather tell you to pick yourself up "by the bootstraps" than allow the possibility that people suffer unhappiness that is not their fault. ultimately, the song is a positive force, because it offers solace to those who identify with her words.

It's not about interpretation | Reviewer: Ginger | 8/10/08

I think this song just sends out a positive message in general. It's helped me just fight on through things. As long as it's a positive influence to me, I don't care what the "true meaning" is.

It's a great song for those suffering for any kind of chronic illness, not just depression.

Wrongo | Reviewer: Anne | 7/11/08

The song is about getting over and through with anything that would keep you from ultimately bing that "better son/daughter"(or person seeing as everyone is a son or daughter to someone). Such as addictions, depression, or just simply changing into the person you want to be.

I interpreted the song a bit differently | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/08

This song isn't about some bright light at the end of depression. It's talking about feeling horrible but having to pretend to be happy only to hide your real feelings. It's talking about having a fucked up life but having to smile to your friends and go to work smiling. To me, the line "you'll fake it if you have to" clearly shows that when she says "You'll be happy" it's just fake.

This whole song SCREAMS having to carry on life even if you're having a horrible time and still needing to be what everyone expects of you.

I absolutely love this song; I don't know if I've ever heard a more amazing interpretation of life.

This song is partially about | Reviewer: christine | 5/27/08

The beginning of the first verse is about sleep paralysis. (also probably a metaphor) I read that somewhere, and I experience sleep paralysis about once a week. it sucks, and that is an accurate description of it.

"You guys are gay" - You are, unfortunately, retarded =D | Reviewer: Vicky | 3/5/08

What do you think most depressives want? TO GET BETTER YOU FUCKTARD.

She's basically talking about being depressed, and how it can feel like, and then how you're going to be a better person when you come through it all.

shut up | Reviewer: you guys are gay | 2/24/08

wow. "i'm depressed" shut the fuck up. she's just trying to say that she wants to be better in a life that it's hard to live. so all of you stop slitting your wrists. appreciate the music. and be happy for what you've got. because that's what this song is about making things better. and not being fucking depressed douche bags. great. thanks. love ya. BYE.

bipolar | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/08

that song isn't about depression... entirely. its about being bipolar i think. and when things are good.. they're really good. the second stanza of the song is all about a fit of mania.. which is fun...but it can be destructive. its not something people look forward to really. the end is talking about trying to hang on to that mania even though she knows shes sinking back into depression.. she knows that she is going to lose the battle... so she'll "go out fighting all of them"...

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Kat | 1/25/08

This song really speaks to me. My boyfriend is clinically depressed and so am I, though I try so so hard to be happy for him and try to show him the bright side of life, coupled with the fact that my dad never loved or wanted me, so I really feel like this song ties into my life. If I'm going down, I'm going down fighting.

Someone needed to comment this song, so... | Reviewer: Matt | 1/9/08

This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, the lyrics explain misery and pain, and the happiness that might just lie at the end. It's just a gorgeous song.