accurate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/13

I'm bipolar, and it's creepy how well this song can fit into those feelings. When you're up, you're very happy. But when that dreaded low hits, it's terrifying in it's intensity. But like every other person you get up and go on. Not that you want to, but that you refuse to lay down to the disorder. 'The cries and the wails of the valley below' describes those down days perfectly.
But I can see how any other person can interpret this song.

You will not find happiness here | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/11

There is no happiness in this song. It's a song about how hope is a total fucking sham.

It's a mockery of everybody who hangs on to the hope that they'll someday be smarter or better or happier without having to fake it in front of people, and about how things never get better despite everybody telling you that they will.

Rilo Kiley's music has never really been the kind that's supposed to be inspirational. From the Angels Hung Around to the Moneymaker, it's always either about how life is disappointing or how all the good you do is usually done out of necessity rather than benevolence.

Humans are bastards, and Rilo Kiley never pretended otherwise.

Depression | Reviewer: Mellow | 7/7/11

Yeah for ME this song is about depression. The highs and lows. How when your not depressed life is fucking great but when it hits you for no fucking reason you just wish you could die. But you'll keep trying no matter what, not because you want to but because its the only choice you got.

If you suffer from panic attacks this is your anthem | Reviewer: Michelle | 8/31/10

For me, this explains exactly what I go through when I get panic attacks instigated by the stress of everyday life and its not that I can't deal with life but for some reason I freak out more than others. I do wake up thinking I'm having a heart attack and wish for things to be easier but "I'll fight and I'll make it through." I don't necessarily want to die because life is being a douche but I hope it gets better, put on my smile, and move on and remember life could be worse and to enjoy the good things. Its all very cliche but if I didn't remind myself of such obvious things I would be at my wit's end.

a better son/daughter | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/10

this song is just about life. i don't know if it really has anything to do about depression or sleep paralysis but i'm not saying it doesn't make sense if it does. i just think this song has everything to do with life. it mentions the hard times and it says you'll make it through, and you will as long as you try.
i mean how many times have you had to like just smile so that you aren't bombarded with sympathy and whatever? like this song basically says that your problems suck but they are yours and only you can get through them, sure others can help but you have to initiate the change in yourself.
oh well, whatever the meaning is, i love love love this song.

Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/10

Well, I was just introduced to this song tonight and yes, music is interpreted very differently from person to person. For me, it has nothing to do with sleep, depresion or being bipolar because I am none of the above. However, my mother in law is fucking nuts so I relate to it in the way that she speaks to him. And the rest for me is fighting everyday batals what ever they may be. The important thing is that you get up, face your batals and fight them. That along the way, you are surrounded with people that will sing with you.

it's a pretty song. | Reviewer: emily | 5/23/09

this song manages to describe perfectly so many parts of life that are so important but never get the right recognition or credit. I like everything about it... I can relate, and it inspires me to complete those simple easy tasks that mean a lot in the end and to never stop trying to do right

golly, gosh | Reviewer: Celina | 5/6/09

personally this song always makes me think of my mom. LOL which is not a complement to her. She has a terrible addiction to pain killers, and whenever I get to the part about; your mothers still calling you insane or high, it makes me think of pour many, many phone calls where she is insane as usual, and high. Great song though!

i like that someone said something about sleep paralysis, have to check that out!

the seductive euphoria to dream of escaping mediocrity | Reviewer: danny | 2/24/09

i like this song. it's fun to listen to.

the depressing beginning of this song is sad, but its nice to show two sides and i have seen what a lot of people say about being bipolar and stuff and even those of us who just 'feel down' sometimes can identify with what it feels like to be depressed...when you keep trying and you just can't break through the day to day struggle

when it takes all you have just to barely skate by and stay afloat and you feel like youre spending all your time and energy but not making any headway towards what your dreams are or what you want to accomplish. i feel like that very often

in some ways the song is very inspiring to me, because you can just listen to it and like a reassuring sort of 'get over it, life is hard but keept at it' sort of way. as i have seen others echo on this forum.

on the other hand when i listen to the song and how it talks about your total transformation as a person, and the magical light of success and goodness that you want to reach every part of your life and enhance every aspect of it.

it is the future we all dream of for ourselves, when we come out of our shells, when we become the person we wish to be, when we lose that last 10 pounds, when we finally land the job that will make us enough money to pay the bills, when we fianlly finish school, when we finally get over whatever it is that is holding us back and everything finally just goes right.

its a great thought, and thats what i feel like this song is talking about, but i also am reminded of how absolutley absurd that idea is.

its just funny because on one hand yes i know its absurd and i know that nothing in life is going to give me what this song is talking about - nothing is going to fix all my problems and make everything go away, life will only continue to be a tough struggle until i die.

yet at the same time, like this song is just a catchy and lovely tune that i can't help but sing - the whole idea, the romance of dreaming about what we hope for the future, it's so attractive that we continue on through life hopeful that someday it will happen and our dreams will come true.

sleep paralysis | Reviewer: Julia | 2/2/09

I was happy to read that someone else understood the first verse as a description of sleep paralysis. It was too creepy/accurate to mean something else. I suffered from this sleep disorder since I was very young and it used to terrify me. Before I understood what it was, I was convinced that I was haunted or crazy. Kiley describes the experience perfectly.

Hokay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/09

So I guess the best part of music is how open to interpretation it is. And when I listen to this song I don't really think about disorders, although that would be logical too, I just think it's saying, Hey, things may be kind of suckish right now, but sometimes it's not, so move the fuck on.
which is a nice message even if it's not intended.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/09

This song is beautiful. There is no other way to explain it. I myself suffer from Bipolar and I can relate to this song. Its never easy living with any type of disorder that sets you back.. I just want everyone out there to know, you're not alone.

The Absurd Hero | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/08

We can all interpret the music differently- thats what makes the music beautiful- but I personally feel as if she is depicting the absurd heroism we have to life our life by. Life can be unfair, but we will "be happy" if we keep on and see the beauty in adversity.

To "you guys are gay" | Reviewer: Dionne | 11/29/08

It never matters about what the intended meaning is. It's about how you interpret it, however you might. Depression isn't about slitting your wrists, dipshit. The slitting of wrists has been the stereotype for so called "emos" not for those suffering from depression. I am assuming you meant "slitting your wrists" in the way one might to seek for attention. Depression is about jumping off a fucking building so you don't have to feel the shit you do every fucking day in your stomach and in your brain. Anywho, I can relate to this song because sometimes you just can't be depressed anymore. Sometimes nobody really understands how fucked up your brain is so you have to slap on a smile and hope that one fucking day you'll wake up actually happy.

and this is how you appreciate music, motherfucker

This song is how I feel every day. | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 10/16/08

To me this song has a lot going on and I relate to it in a number of ways. It is about not living up to others expectations, your mother still not excepting you for who you are, your life not being how you want it to be and everything feeling wrong or bad everyday. But you go on because you have to. You try hard and do whatever it takes, and still it's not good enough, but you do it. You hate your job but you need the money to live. Your friends have no idea how unhappy you are and you don't dare tell them because maybe they won't want to be your friend anymore. So you fake it. You go through the motions of life, putting up the appearance of being like everyone else. And the good that is cheap, that's the moments where you are not faking it and it's really good, but it never lasts long enough. Those moments are also when you are the most real and the most exposed and so while you cherish them, they can also be raw and real moments, bitter sweet. To the reviewer "you guys are gay" you obviously don't understand depression because when you suffer from it, you can't just snap out of it, and even when your life may be going alright, you can feel horrible. That's the irony of mental illness often, because you know your life is not that bad, but you feel so bad and you don't want to. You just want to feel "normal" whatever that is. You want to wake up and go through your day without feeling like you are going through the motions. I love this song because it speaks so clearly to me and I realize that I am not alone in feeling this way. I have never read anything or heard anything that was more clearly to the point of exactly how I feel almost every day of my life. It is a very sad song, but it is also a survivor song. The fighting is not giving in to the sadness, depression and bad thoughts. Sometimes the going through the motions takes a lot of bravery and strength, but you do it because you refuse to give up. For me suicide is not and has never been an option. Although I deal with depression, therapy and medication everyday of my life, I have never wanted to give up. And so I go on fighting. I hope someone reads this and it helps them to feel like they are not alone.