My icon,Riri | Reviewer: Noxy | 3/16/10

Riri you one and only icon that I most admire,I'm gonna be honest to ya,I'm a person that is very talented in many ways and I wanna let ya know that you're very inspiring young beautiful woman and I love ya so much,and glad that GOD created a being like you

a new artist love's ur style | Reviewer: sica | 3/6/10

I love ur style, and i'll like to know you more, keep ur 1derful carrier dream alive. also i am one of ur fan,wish 2 see u someday,pls send ur picx and email address 2 my mailbox and add me as a friend on ur facebook. i just love ur styleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. byeeeeeeeeee. stay cooooooool. pls reply.

Hard | Reviewer: crystal | 3/3/10

i just want to say to you rhianna that your album with young jeezy was the best and i understand exactly where you are coming from when you say people are aiming at your pedalstool and i feel the same way. good luck to you and your music career i wish you the best of luck, i look forward to meeting you one day.

happy birthday!!!! | Reviewer: Illa Gaitskill | 2/20/10

dear Rihanna!!!
Right now i am doing a project on you and your life, and i just want to say that you rock!! I love the new you, even though I loved the way you were before!You are an insperation to me even though i am only 13 years old! I live in South Africa and I hope to move to America because of my singing and dancing... I luv you x:D

rihanna | Reviewer: erica | 2/6/10

Rihanna i am writing to confirm you what a big fan i am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i know all of your songs,ive got all of your albums.YOU ARE MY NUMBER ONE CELEBRITY....i just love you,i think your fabulous,but one thing i would like to tell you that you should change your music style,because it is a bit mystery,and in a last few years you have really changed........especiually your music!!!it has turned to something scary,like a scary dream,really i think you should really change your music style....because people are bored.ive got your new album which is rated r and all of the songs in that album are the same....same rhythm,style,words,it is soooo you should start singing a bit more umbrella,rehap,live your life,please dont stop the music.....I love russian roulete too.

Ok your style,people are saying that u try to copy lady gaga but i dont think so,you became a fashionista-sista ,love your style,but in a last few concerts you are dressed like a SLUT!!!!like a usual women,i think it is not a very good expresion...So do people say that you are a bitch

Sorry for writing all of those facts,but thats the truth,i heard people saying all of that bad stuff about you which is totally annoying.....YOU SHOULD REALLY CHANGE YOUR PERSONALITY

lmao | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/10

rihanna if u know how much i dont like your, ugly, prostituting, skank of a hoe. i dont know how chris brown could have been with you. Stop siging devil songs, d peopledown here are telling there children stop listening 2 ur music. sing songs that make sense and stop whorshipping d devil.

Such a wonderful voice, Rihanna | Reviewer: Nicky Mu | 1/22/10

hi,Sister.I'm also is one of your fan. i can't speak English very well. so i can't describe what i what to say to you in English. i Chinese and live in Myanmar. i can feel your voice full of art and other.Okay, wish you can find the one who is your real love. Your sincerely,Nicky.

i got a f.cking great idea!! | Reviewer: Alysonn . | 1/15/10

Dear Rihanna ,
I Am Probably One Of your Biggest Fans . But Im Sure You Hear That Every Day . But I Have Great Ideas . I Think You Should Make A Song With Lil Wayne . Im Only 13 Years Old But "Weezy" Is My Future Husband !! lOl . I Think A Really Good Song With Lil Wayne Would Be On The Top Of The Charts:]

Thanks For Your Time:] ,


Dear beautiful kind best singer in the world Rihanna, | Reviewer: Jade | 1/3/10

hiya rihanna i am your number one fan , i have got facebook and msn plz add me on afcebook plz if you have got one if you have plz add me on it and put me on your commen friends my name for it is jade kao and i am on staires and i am wearing a grey top on it so plzz add me and i really want you to maake a song bout me being in care cuz my mum stabbed her self and her boy frend cuz she was drunk but shes still alive and i have to go bak to her when im 18 and im only 11 and my brother is 15 and he hasnt got long to go you know soo plz make a soong bout me you are soo amazing your parents must be so proud of you darling luv ya just remember that i am your number one fan luv ya byeeeee dont forget anythig i sed

luv from jade kao xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;)

U R Amazing! | Reviewer: "Gihanna" | 12/4/09

Hello Rihanna,

I just want you to know that I think that you are an amazing woman. You are also beautiful inside and out!!! I wish you all the luck in life. I think that your Rated R cd is the hottest cd of 2009! I love your style also. I love your hair so much, that I recently had mine cut the same way this week!

Welcome back and keep doing what you do!

God bless you always,

Gloria (a.k.a. "Gihanna")-your #1 Fan!!!

to rihnna my idle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/09

i know you probublywont read this but i wanted you to know that you are my role moddle i love your hair styles songs and clothes and i can sing almostall your songs inffact i have one of your hair styles done your biggest fan nicky

No One like you....!!! | Reviewer: Max | 11/10/09

Dear Rihanna,

You have been my inspiration even from living in country called Rwanda which has experienced " genocide" but now we're among the best growth economy in Africa...We do love you. We hope we gonna see you in our lovely and beautiful country. Please do come one day and we love u so much. And am sure you gonna love this country. We have seen here many musicians but u still number One to us especially me. Loooove u. Stay strong and be blessed.

kiki the best and only the best | Reviewer: akivia campbell | 11/9/09

hey rihanna i am your biggest fan you are truly a role model for me no matter what happens i want to be just like you. you are the most beautiful person i have ever seen in my entire life. i hope someday i can look just as beautiful as you look. you are an amazing inspiration to me inside and outside. love you always akivia campbell from bainbridge ga.

your the best | Reviewer: marus | 10/12/09

omg i love all of your are so pretty and your the best of the best.i would die just to go to one of your concerts,you are the best singer of this cetury.when will you have a concert in dallas?ilove you so much.

i love u riri | Reviewer: dequan | 9/19/09

hello rihanna i love u so much i am from guyana and i loved u from day one since 2005 december 31. rihanna when is ur new album comming oiut?and i am migrating to canada when is ur next concert there i love all ur songs including those that people dont know like like it and others