OMG I love Rihanna!!!! | Reviewer: Damian | 8/3/06

Hi Rihanna,
I love u and all your songs and so do all my friends. My fav's are Definitely S.O.S (Rescue Me), Unfauthful,Let Me, Pon de Replay and Break it off, but i really love all your music.
Keep making more smash hits.
Love your number one fan Damian.

Never Seen such a talented artist at a young age | Reviewer: Rola Elbayrakdar | 7/26/06

Hi Rihanna, wow i really am enjoying each one of your songs, i got both albums and plus your s.o.s. video with Jamie in it doing dance moves
i actually tried doing your dance in my dance class, and they found it real good, so its thanks to that dance video that i learned new moves
i hope u remain in the music business and you still remain gentle, thats my favourite part of ur songs, there soft, so you can listen to them without geting a headace, i especally loved the S.O.S. one big catch into the head, i am a lebenese girl buh im living in Canada
are you touring it or going to do a concert, i think you already did buh im not sure
anyway keep on singing and doing yor thing!!!
much love

Caribbean Flavor | Reviewer: Judelka K Gumbs | 7/24/06

Hi Rihanna,
I'm from the caribbean island of St.Maarten and i'm loving your music, stlye,fashion everything that you do i just adore. Your young talented and thats what counts, your music moves me everytime that i listen to your songsthe one that i love the most is UNFAITHFUL the words in that song are wicked as hell. Before i die your one person on my list that i have to meet so i could say i met someone who sings a variety of good music. Rihanna i hope you come visit our island (St.Maarten) to do a concert either for summer fest or carnival (crop over) i have to leave my signiture on this one i love you rihanna. hugs and kisses like we say in the caribbean ONE LOVE.

From a Canadian girl...who loves Rihanna's music!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/06

Your music is so awesome Rihanna! I'm actually listening to some of it right now. I'm listening to Bring It Back, Final Goodbye, If Its Lovin That You Want, Kisses Don't Lie, You Don't Love Me [No, no, no], Pon De Replay, P.S. - I'm Still Not Over You, The Last Time, S.O.S. [Rescue Me], Unfaithful, We Ride and Break It Off! I know, long list. I actually sing, and I've been practicing singing Final Goodbye, If Its Lovin That You Want, P.S. - I'm Still Not Over You, Unfaithful and We Ride. I know the lyrics to them all off by heart! And your songs are PERFECT for my voice. I may be singing at a local public event too, and I think I may sing one or two of your songs. You are a great role model and you have a great voice and a great personality to go with it! Could you tour Canada????? I would give the world to go to your concert! To go to your concert would be like striking 300 000 000 tons of gold in a mine! LOL! I am singing We Ride right now too...Awesome music! Keep making albums. I've got both now, listening to them now...............Yes I know, you may think I'm obsessed, but I'm not a freakishly obsessed, but you are awesome!

hey rihanna | Reviewer: Bran-Bran Mesa | 5/27/06

i love your songs so far....keep up the good work and you'll be the top...i wish if i could see you live...your cute and beautiful....well thats all i wanted to say alryte....bye...bran bran

Proud Bajan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/06

On my myspace page she's on my list of heroes. I'm so proud that she has come from tiny Barbados and making it BIG. I moved from Barbados in 2000 and so when I saw her video for the first time in 2005 I thought she looked familiar. it tunrs out I remembered her from Comebermere!! i was so happy that I was so close to knowing a celebrity!!

I usually download my music for free but I just had to buy her albums. She has my support 100%. I love her voice and I love her voice. I hope she continues ot be as successful as she already is right now. Much luv homegirl!!

i luv u | Reviewer: Shenice | 5/4/06

Hi rihanna
omg!! I love u so much i got both ur albums and ur my icon on my msn.
ur so pretty and u have an amazing voice.
i love ur albums and songs and its so cool that ur from the caribbean cuz so am i . would love 2 meet u and when u have a concert in london near to me i am definately getting front seats!!
love u lots

W.OOOOO.W | Reviewer: Tallies | 4/21/06

Rihanna made us Bajans very proud the very first day of her adventures, exciting career. And we thank you very much for your achievements.

baby gurl! | Reviewer: emma | 2/2/06

babe i'm from aus aye and u rok ma world, love ur flavor, love ur style and ur b-e-a-utiful eyes. I really hope to see u makin more songs in the future coz u still young and extremely talented! my fave song of urs is "if it's lovin' that you want" i think u look ToTaLlY HoT in it:)
keep it real babe
xoxo love em
hola bak

sarpppppppppppppppppppppp pepoz | Reviewer: tori | 11/8/05

dang i juss wanted to say dat hannah ur album is off da hook its da shiz and gurl u hot keep bringing outt dat flava coz we luv yew....oh and one ov ma favourites gots to be (i gotta thug in ma life)!!!!woohoooo

What i like about your song | Reviewer: Danielle | 10/16/05

I really,really,really,really like pon de replay and so dose my frinds