hello god girl gone bad...? | Reviewer: ladybird | 9/18/09

hey girl...u're so beutiful...and you had a very powerful voice..keep it up girl...ermmm,about you and chris,if you think about your career,jz forget him..you can find another guy that more better than that...but,if you love him...think....does he perfect enough to take care of you forever n ever?....ok...thats enough..have a nice day girl....

I luv her | Reviewer: Stella | 8/10/09

Hi rihanna am ur bigest fan in da world just like ur voice.pls text me ur cell number.am a 16 yr old nigerian gal.i lv u so much(am a gud girl)kal me +2347062620967.ur hit rehab drives me krazy,but i dont like u dressing nude in ur songs like.HATE DAT I LV U.

i and riha shares the same birth date,month and year | Reviewer: uche | 7/14/09

i ve been a very big fan of rihanna for years....but i just read her biography today and found out that we were born the same day ,month and year.Isn't it wonderful? i love rihanna so much......pls can i get a direct contact to rihanna....

riri will u marry me | Reviewer: Rihanna's admirer | 6/4/09

I'm crazy about you Rihanna Fenty!!! I love all your songs and I admire and respect you more than any fancan ever do! I love you to death! your beauty! your talent you're my princess in dreams real Cinderella!!!

jole fraerica... | Reviewer: Jovana *94 | 5/13/09

Hay Rihanna,my name is Jovana and I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina..I just want to say that you are the best singer on the world...I love your songs and I love songs of yours ex boyfriend Chris...Bye!!!You are the best!!

barbados no1 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/09

Dear Rihanna,I truly am your number 1 fan reason being I love all the songs that have song so far and know all the words to them to.I so wish that I could be in your boots right now.I know that if I try I could probably be a star just like you, with my own fans making money and living it large and I would also think of the poor and remember where I came from.sharika

Hey Rihanna Your the Best!!!!!! | Reviewer: Kristina | 5/7/09

OMG Rihanna your the best. I love all your songs but my apsolute favorite songs are Take A Bow and Umbrella. Those songs are so beautiful. I can't believe that a young girl from Barbados is now the greatest R&B singer ever. anyway love ya from your number one favorite fan Kristina Jameson

Make the most of your experiance | Reviewer: Amber Harvey | 5/4/09


You are wonderful. You are pretty. You are talented. And you have alot of things going for you. I hope you are smart about the desisions you make. And may God Be with you. Some people arn't as lucky as you are so make the most of it.


rihanna | Reviewer: rushida | 5/3/09

rihanna you are such a good role model to all of us,and we all love you so much.you are my favourite singer and mostly i only listen to your song.i'm so happy that you're famous because you have such a nice personallity and deserves nothing less.

i love her so much | Reviewer: ijeoma | 4/22/09

i just love her so much.i love her songs every thing about her is so perfect eg her lips,her sexy body. so dear take good care of yourself and your boyfriend.Hope to hear another hit of your song. love you.

Hi baby? | Reviewer: Matia | 4/17/09

Im a ugandan by nationality.
We rearly love u and your songs like Take a bow,Distabia,Umbrella,Music othe sun,shurtup and drive,Dont stop the music and so many others.U the best for all the ugandans,we wish u the best.
We wish u vist us in uganda!!!!!.

Hi rihanna how you doing? | Reviewer: Sheryl | 3/27/09

Hey famous rihanna you know wat you the best girl.just think that love come and go don't bother to what people say of what happen to you and chrisbrown could have happen to anyone because everything has its solution ok don't ever loose hope.your song are all wish i could have that talent text me +248545043 il be waiting.be the best ok hope to hear another hit of your songs soon.do take care.

I LOVE you | Reviewer: Dakota J | 3/11/09

i love your personality, i am so glad you and chris brown are over.. i mean i understand a lot abou it. to tell you that i am a major fan. i have every magazine with you on the cover since from 1998. That was when i was 3. i am 13 now. but i was a major fan ..and i still am.. but ya i lo e your music and i have every cd you ever made except for one of them.. you should give me your number. ill give you a call. im not all the freaky girls that are ubsest...

Queen of fantacy | Reviewer: Dieudonne Mbaacha | 2/10/09

Hi Rihanna,may our good God keep watching each step,each move you make, your songs has inspire every person here in Sweden,espacially those from Africa my home country(Cameroon).You are a smart and talented girl.Sister we all pray for your success.God is with you sister peace.Dieudonne

true believer | Reviewer: harriet | 2/1/09

dear rihanna i don't alwise listen to your songs but i have the talent you have i try to reach the stage you are in now.you are a beatiful talented woman i i take you as my role model.but as a singer you shouldn't smoke be bad and all those thing,just pray and you will go further.never put anything before god.i believe he has given you this voise for a reason and don't mess it up:)