Umbrella | Reviewer: Bek | 7/23/07

Umbrella has a kool beat that makes you want to dance whenever you hear it! I luv rihanna!!

u cute baby | Reviewer: sheila | 7/25/07

hi riha,u r the cutest young girl i ever seen in r n b.ur songs n videos r just as cute as u r.i love all ur songs especially "umbrella" n "unfaithful".just keep the faith ya,sheila.

u are awesome | Reviewer: saif | 7/25/07

hey rihanna, just wanna tell you that you are awesome and hot! i love ur songs like crazy and i wanna marry you. i swear. u are totally hot and happening! and here is my id so we can chat give me ur id please, please, please! i luv you alot and seriously if i was a bit older i would marry you. please marry me.ok. not anyone else cuz i luv you alot and im ur biggest fan and lover. i have a crush on you and also have all your photos. so please marry me. and if you accept to marry me call me on my number : 050-2548601. oh and one more thing, i am only 12. who cares. i still wanna marry you. please reply. and always remember that there is someone who loves you outhere in the world and that one is me. seee yaa.

rihanna rox | Reviewer: j | 7/14/07

hey rihanna,
ur songs are gr8 and i luv all ur music. my fave songs r:
Pon de replay, sos, unfaithful, if its lovin that u want, umbrella, shut up and drive, a girl like me, we ride, music of the sun, breakin dishes and all of ur other fab trackz. they are totally funky and u are well fit. luv u,
from ur biggest fan, j

good songs | Reviewer: Bunny-boo | 7/11/07

i love Rihannas music the songs are very well written but shut up and drives music video was for me horrible i think she could of done better than that.The song is great though.

Rock and come in | Reviewer: JOANNA | 7/7/07

this is your best friend Joanna.i love all your songs.some of my friends say that beyonce is nicer you but i know you are nicer than beyonce.i am from Trinidad. you are very beautiful . i hope you get this message.
please reply. i hope you get this message,bye

hi rihanna! | Reviewer: archane | 7/9/07

my name is archane, i am 13 years old and i just wanna say that you are my favourite singer and my favourite songs that you sing is.
i hope you read this message.
bye bye and rock on you rihanna

Hello .. x | Reviewer: Georgia gurnett | 7/7/07

Hiya! My name is Georgia, but everyone calls me George.
I am your biggest fan!
ii really hope you get this message, i just love you! I love your music, your look, your everything, anyway, i really hope you get this! Love George x x x

Lookin sexy Rihanna | Reviewer: Troy Brown | 7/6/07

Just wanted to see what was up with you. Your CD is hot and so are you.

The Queen of The Carribean! | Reviewer: Vanessa | 7/2/07

Dear Rihhana,
Hey Girl! Just know that I am your #1 Fan top of the other people who say they are but I am our beyond #1 fan. I love all your songs specially WE RIDE! So keep on making those beautiful songs. By the way I am from Belize which is in also North America if you havnt heard of it so im almost close to where your from.So keep making those songs so that I can put them on my ipod. P.S- You can talk to me @ my email address! we talk soon)-Vanessa! L Luv you sooooo much!

love rihannas music | Reviewer: dammy | 7/2/07

love all your music. i think that they r great and fantastic. including pon de replay, break it off, unfaithful, we ride, n of course umbrella. i havent seen any nigerian who is doesnt love ur song. every body is totally crazy about it. i also think u r very pretty n talatented. keep up d good work girl n u rock.

I lOvE u!!!! | Reviewer: Ciara | 6/29/07

Hi Rihanna,

Just letting u know im ur biggest fan! i love all ur songs i know how to play the piano background to 'Unfaithful'. i asked my piano teacher if she could get the music to it and she did! i even have the songs 'Umbrella' and 'SOS' on my cellphone! u have to visit Ireland in Europe it is right next to England. u should visit it is a really nice country! well to finish it off u are really talented and i love all ur music! u have an amazing voice!
from ur biggest fan,
Ciara Reilly

hello | Reviewer: Raquita | 6/29/07

Hi I just wan't to say that I think you are very cool and I love all of your songs. And by the way I really love your hairstyles.


CFB. Best wishes Robyn. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/07

Hi. I remember Robyn from back at Primary School. There has been too much talk in the media about how we Barbadians do not appreciate Rihanna as an ambassador. It is true that a few older people are not satisfied with her style of dress and how quickly she has evolved, and unfortunately those few people are the ones with the big mouths. Rihanna must appeal to the American public in order to advance. Barbados tries not to embrace what some belong are the 'evils' of North American culture. The cultures may conflct but, the reality remains that there is plenty that America can do for the Caribbean and the Caribbean has lots to offer to America as well. In life, there will always be a critic, someone who will not like you but, one must hold one's head high and prove them ("the haters" as you Americans say)wrong. On behalf of those of everyone who supports Rihanna, everyone who walked past her at school during her 12 years, I wish her best of luck. God bless.

Bullet proof Umbrella! A,A,A!!! | Reviewer: British | 6/29/07

Ms. Robyn
How are you? Your music is officially punk rocked out! you are so unpredictable. I gotta say I knew I liked for a lot of reasons.1 being you know how to shoot a gun 'Ms.Cadet', 2 you think Paul Walker(Fast and Furious)is HOT, and 3 you have a great connection with your best friend. Keep it coming with the hits shawty, and believe your fans appreciate you..!!!!!!