she is hot, sexy and talented | Reviewer: CINDY NTULI | 7/26/11

wow she is really doing it her music is extremly good i love it so much...i was real disapointed with what happen between her and chris brown they were so cute together but wat can i say we cant always expect things to work out the way we like...RIHANNA CONTINUE DOING YOUR THING U ROCK

you are the best | Reviewer: kate brown | 6/13/11

i love you rihanna and one day i hope i can get a meet and greet with you. i went to your sydney concert in australia on the 4/3/11 but i wasnt close up but i still had a great time and untill i meet you i will always be thinking of you. love Kate from australia xx

Rihanna | Reviewer: kaylah | 6/13/11

my life, i love this woman so much ! She is straight sex ! and like seriously she is very talented. She is unlike all those other RNB singers which is good because you get sick of seeing the same thing over and over again. Her videos are always different, yeah they may be R-Rated but than again, you see girls in bikinis grinding their fat asses on guys on even on cars etc, yet they block the video te amo. how the hell does that happen, but basically i love her - she is well amazing ! and gorgoues:)
Support her 100% :D

You are a star | Reviewer: Ivy | 5/7/11

Among e flowers u are a rose,in the darkness u are e light ,in e cold u gv warmth,among e millions u are e best .I rily lv u my sister ,i wish to c u one dae bt pliz pliz pliz reply me and i wil b e hpiest gal on earth.Pliz pliz pliz i'm nt evil i'm a catholic christian.

you are the best my dear rehanna | Reviewer: anthony hillary bolo | 3/1/11

to me rihanna is the best and i love her very much, even if she consider me i will marry her . I love her with my life( yes i am serious , she is the best woman to me,, my love you are more than a queen to me....... Hope to see your contact info. 6th march is my birthday

go on girl,never back down | Reviewer: jennifer | 1/29/11

hi rihanna,my name is jcmua,i can act and sing.please help me,i promise you that i will never forget you in my life.i love all your songs and i admire you alot.i want my family to be proud of me,i am 15 years old.please call me:07062330049.i am from nigeria.never back down.

I LOVE RIHANNA! | Reviewer: ashley | 1/7/11

she is amazing!i love her songs!!!for me,Rihanna s best song is Only Girl(new song).i like and Rude Boy,and song with Drake What is my name...she has great voice,and she is pretty!Rihanna,your are best!!!

YOUR AMAZING. | Reviewer: Connor | 1/6/11

Hia Rihanna, i so love you your seriously amazing your beautiful i love your read hair! your so inspiring i am hopefully going to come to one of your concerts and i think your my one and only role model, my 3 favourite songs has to be only girl.whats my name and unfaithful! your seriously talented when i watched you on xfactor i thought i wish i was their, i love you! your actually the best singer going i reckon dont let anybody put you down, because your the heart&soul i think, your music always touches me, i think your amazing rihanna! pleasr reply if you can.. LOVEYOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

i love rihanna | Reviewer: jerrymike | 12/11/10

i have got know word to exspress my feling how i love u sometimes i feel like creazy when i hear u my family my firend my niabour they know how much i like u i have many pic more than even my roomwall my pc background my teashert even my u the one of hotchick brave & sexy u r more than any one

My Opinion | Reviewer: Mariah | 11/6/10

I think that the style of your music is amazing even though you came a lomg way from Barbados but i love it and on T.V you look like your enjoying it and I LOVE THE HAIR!!! the diffrent typed of hair you have is amazing you have a cool style I wish i could meet you some thime and actually talk. I am 13 years old and sopose to be working on a english assignment but i couldn't help but to stumble apon this site.

Am in luv wit an Angel | Reviewer: Emma okonkwo | 4/22/10

No much tin 2say bt one tin i knw is dt even a blind man dese days knw wht is gud talk mre of me dt has double eagled eyes.weneva i listen 2her albums i got moved,inspired esp dis album"if i were a boy"pls any one dt knws her shuld tel dt am in luv wit her.i luv u my beautiful RIHANNA.LONG LIFE 4U N ALL UR FANS D WHOLE WORLD FAR N NEAR.

rihanna | Reviewer: ashlee | 3/30/10

omg rihanna is one of my fav singers i love her 3 songs rude boy, hard,and pon de replay i have always wanted to sing like you and meet you because i just love your songs all of them and you music videos are the best to love ya

Rihanna is Kewl. (: | Reviewer: Ashley | 3/27/10

I love Rihanna so much. She is so kewl. The people that don't like her have their own opinions, which i may not like, but that doesn't change the fact that Rihanna is PROBABLY more liked, than hated, and I like her, so I'm pretty happy with that right now.

You are my life! | Reviewer: Sydney | 3/23/10

I know that people everyday tell you that they are your biggest fan, but I really love you and your music. You have a great voice, you are really pretty, and meaningful. All my friends make fun of me for liking you, but I am unique and love your music! My favorite album is Music of the Sun. I love all your albums and all of your music, Live you Life is my favorite song of all time. I really think that song is good, and really meaningful! You are a great role model! I really wanna meet you someday! :D
love you and your music!!
Syd <3

I LOVE RIHANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M THE BIGGEST FAN | Reviewer: Robyn | 3/19/10

I was born in Barbados
Rihanna's my favorite singer her and Mary J. Blige!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RIHANNA MY NUMBER IS 410-728-2140 OR 443-529-6982