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------ performed by Rihanna

Question Existing | Reviewer: Robyn cay | 1/1/2008

Hey..when im older i want to be a singer and by this song i can see how hard its gunna b because i though it would be easy but looks like is isnt!!

Question Existing | Reviewer: Sashay | 9/10/2007

Hey Robyn..Hey im 13..I love this song cause it tells you about all the presure,pain,questioning and happiness of being a Celebrity.I wants 2 be a singer wen i get older n i know like wats its like to be a entertainer just listening to dis song..ITS VERY HARD WHO TO TRUST WEN YOUR A ENTERTAINER...

Dang | Reviewer: Erick AkA Fez | 6/12/2007

Dang diz song shows how she feels been a celebretie! Dang If i wuz her friend I wouldnt let her write diz soong... girl u da best!!! keep ur chin up and trust the ones that ALWAYS had love you...

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