Reviews for P.S. I'm Still Not Over You Lyrics

Performed by Rihanna

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this is my summary of my ex and I. thanks hope you all don't get treated like i did!! | Reviewer: Clara G | 1/18/14

yea!! I listened to this song a few days before Christmas because my ex boy friend cheated on me with another girl and I had to go over to my ex;s house for Christmas in 2013. It does hurt to git cheated on right before Christmas and i wish he would have told me but he didn't. I figured i had to find out my self and when I found out it tore my heart really bad. I know how everyone feels and I hope you all feel better soon. Its taking me a really long time to try getting over my ex boyfriend.

Im stil not over you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/13

Eish this song makes me cry cuz i rly rly mic my ex even though he hurt me but i stil lv hm so mch...hoping 1dae he wl realize tht i rly lv hm...thnks 2u Rihanna rly lyk this song...

:( | Reviewer: bella donna | 8/1/12

.. i so much appreciate this song.. i am left alone by him..for about how many months.. he has a new girl now..but im still left alone..left alone in the pain that he brought me...

:(( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/10

this reminds me of my ex
i miss him so much
i look at his pictures everyday
i cry over him every day
most songs remind me of him
i get dressed up wen i no i will see him
i go mad wen he has other girls
i let him no that he will be mine forever
my baby cakes :( <3

Kenneth im still not over you...Charlene | Reviewer: Nikki | 3/26/09

My first time hearing this song was on March 24,2009..yeah i know im late but, my ex was the one who made me to sit down and listen to it...we havent been together in 6yrs. but know that i see him everyday its like damn i really messed up. But i know he still loves me and baby i feel the same.

ma XxxXxx | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/09

i keeep on lsnin to dis song every second coz i reallly miss him sooo much and its hard for me coz he always in ma mind i cnt stop ma slf n i cnt move on he slways will be in ma heart n soul
thanx rihanna for this song its mean alot to me and everyone i no how do u feel

Goodbye Brett Loving you always and forever Amy xox | Reviewer: Amy | 5/13/08

Well what's to say... All girls are going to have there heart ripped out mine was torn to shreads 4 months ago, and i am still not over my huband, marriage is different for a relationship knda says to the world that you would gladly give your life for a person who you thought you could forever rely on. Nothing feels the same you feel empty and numb kinda lifeless, but i hold onto the hope that my pain will turn into hapiness. Thaks for such a great song.

i think the songs for me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/07

hhahahaha....i just feel like rihanna made the song for me,..even if i dont want my ex back, still i want to see him and befriend him...i miss him

Brezzy | Reviewer: briasia | 8/8/07

Dis is mii song even though i dnt want mii ex just sounds so rite when im just sum where by~myself

Lovin ths song.. | Reviewer: Hannah | 3/25/07

I have onli jst heard ths song my m8 brought ths CD nd gave it 2 me jst recently, i have tha same feeling nd my bf broke up with me recently, lol oh well, nd im still not over him! :(.. BT IM LOVIN THS SONG!

LOVE THIS ONE TOO!!!!!! | Reviewer: BRE-BRE | 2/17/07


Never a song like this again | Reviewer: Victoria | 2/17/07

this song, she should've definitly make a video for. It would boost her album sell no doubt.

corey kassidy | Reviewer: karlie | 12/10/06

this song is GREAT cause my exboyfriend just moved away and im still in love with him and i was gonna tell him but then he was gone. this song is SO SAD when i listen to it cause im writing a letter to him and it hurts a lot for him not to be here with me!!!

REALLY good song! | Reviewer: kara | 9/10/06

i've been there done that and i know what it is like 2 still feel 4 a man!i luv ur music Rihanna!

pretty good song | Reviewer: Nikki | 7/17/06

I'd say this is a good song if you have ever been in love with someone and still have feelings for them. If you listen close enough it will sound just like your life

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