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Performed by Richard Marx

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would'nt wish do hear a lovelier song dan this. | Reviewer: aden jr | 2/27/14

This songs might be older dan me. . .but it was realised only after a month i was born.whenever am sad,depress or emotionaly hurt i always listen do love ballads and this song is the best of all love songs...the music,lyric,tone,voice,etc are just the lovelist,romantic and melodist i ever heard...listening to this song made me fall in love for the first time. . .the greatest love song of all time.god bless richard!

present for my bestfriend | Reviewer: joslinejosh | 2/5/14

Both of we present to her this song..
Because she like this song since her in 13
Years old..This song very touching her heart..
We will present this song to her in
This night at 12o'clock it her birthday!! 06/02/97
Wish this song will make her happy

I miss you | Reviewer: Jonathan | 9/11/13

Another song that always reminds me of the one that got away its been 5 months now and we were together nearly 5 years and she was the best person i ever met, i wish i could take back every arguement but i cant. Ill love anyone like i loved her, the words to this song mean everything.

Right Here Waiting You | Reviewer: Carmen & Pete | 5/2/13

This is my 20 Years Wedding Anniversary. On May 1, 1993 I'm never forget this song because went I was dating My husband We was hearing the music in the car first time it came out in 1989. We feel this song it was us . On wedding day that was our song. ( Right Here waiting For you). Beautiful song went I hear it like falling in love again with my husband . 20 year of happiness god blessing us, an with 2 children.

O.M.G | Reviewer: Faa | 11/20/12

I jus am in deep luv wth ths goes perfectly wel wth wat am going thru ryt person i luv does crazy things bt i'l alwyz wait for him cz i luv him and i wana hold on to tht luv and i noe i cn b hapy if i'm wth him

Reminds Of Ma Love.. <3 | Reviewer: Muzzammil Admani | 1/3/12

when eva i hear this song i jusss feel close to her... when eva i listen to "I took for granted all the times
That I thought would last somehow
I hear the laughter, I taste the tears
But I can't get near you now
i feel like i've lost yu bt i dont wanna i jusss wanna b wid yu for yu nd by yu

my sadness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/11

Broken heart is killing me.. I will be right here waiting till the time is come where i can be together again with the love of my life..
I've made a mistake for leaving him before, now he with someone else,it cuts me deep, but i believe, love doesn't always must having each other.. I'll keep this love inside, and ithink i can take care of it alone..

Soulful | Reviewer: Aaron | 3/14/11

This is one of the most soulful song out there. Anyone could have made this a song, but Richard Marx has made this transcend "song" status and turned it into a hit. His voice makes you feel what he's singing, and that's what a true artist does.

Hmm(: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/10

I love this song, it reminds me too wait for the one I love no matter what. And that no matter what you should alway be here for the one you love no matter what. And always love that one person. :D<3

beautiful song! | Reviewer: LeLenKa | 1/23/10

but i like this song so much! I listened them always! Yet when i sleep!. . . So romantik song. . . I wanna that it play always! . . . It's remind me about my love,about all things what incur with him. . .)))

never told........ never done.... i just love you | Reviewer: asif | 4/27/08

i cant get you that ... that great look to be your. but i just want to say that wherever you can go whatever to do.. i just waiting for you ..
this expression is being expressed here same to me. thank you richard.. thank you for a great lyrics with a great combination of music and vocal..................... thank for my "nevertold" sayings said by you....

NICE NICE NICE SONG | Reviewer: maria garcia | 1/10/08

With this song my husband would alway dedicate to me when we were single & everytime I hear this song reminds me when we were dating & just makes me take a deep breath. It makes me be in Love more more & more :)

this song sucks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/07

i hate this song, everytime i hear this play, i really get upset. i dont want to hear this

great song | Reviewer: xiaoli | 6/4/07

I like his husky voice and the music is moving and touching. I am in tears when I listen.

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