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The best | Reviewer: Marva Wong | 11/15/13

I am a jamacian, heard your music at work in the '80' some young guys kept the radio on rock station, heard you, and still listening. Always on my play lists, have all your CD's though don't need them with today's technology...great music!!!

Huge fan | Reviewer: Susan | 10/5/13

I still enjoy your music after all these years. This morning my daughter was in line with you at a coffee shop. She did not want to bother you. I wish I was there. Make some more songs, u have a great voice.

truely amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/13

Hi Richard. i have been a huge fan of yours from the early days. even now at age 54, i still find the same comfort in your songs and your voice. i would love for you to come to Cardiff, Wales, UK so that i could actually see you perform. god bless, love and hugs. Kerri.

┖Oνĕ You Everyday | Reviewer: Deeniah | 1/30/13

I'm Deeniah from Indonesia. I save many Richard's songs, and videos in my , everytime I need a relax I lay down on the bed on put his records on ツ. Believe me.. It feels so great... Thank you Richard for all the songs you bring in this earth ツ. I ┖Oνĕ you everyday.

After 20 year.... | Reviewer: Ana RODAS | 11/8/12

I just do not know, but I was 15 Ys.( I am 38 now) old when I heard Right Here Waiting for You, back in Argentina, ...and now at my 38's I am living in USA and your songs captured my heart. The radio I listen to everyday plays your songs ...and wanted to find out if U were still singing after all these years and that is when the curiosity lead me to look for your name on line and guess what?? You ll be performing here in Florida, Coral Sprigs @ the end of this month!!!!!!!!!!11/30/12. I bought the tickets for my husband and me already and cannot stop listening to your songs again as I did ore than 20 years ago. Besides your voice and talent, I am very impressed with the philanthropy that you practice, that is what makes you a great human being. Now , my question is how can you manage all those things that you do I mean charity, writing songs not only for U , but for others. You are an inspiration for me. Thanks and thanks for doing what U do with your heart.
Ana Rodas,
Pembroke Pines, Florida ( USA)

Thank you | Reviewer: Justin | 10/29/12

It was back in the 80's sometime that I frist got an album of yours. I remember I listened to it all the time. And singing with you to the songs made me feel incredible, and free,and happy. Briefly, back in 96-97 had a really bad car accident. Girlfriend was killed, I had to relearn everything over again. I lost over a year of my memory. Life is rough after, but I bought Richard Marx a night out with friends. When I'm feelin good or bad. I listen and sing along with it,and all's better. Cause hearing, actually listening and thinking about your words, always improves the way I feel, and reminds me how good the music made me feel before, and in no time I'm back to feelin up. Thank you so much for your beautiful and touching music. You have Diffently been blessed to be so talented. God bless to you, and your family. Thanks again. Justin

I love you | Reviewer: Ramin Bagirov | 8/14/12

Hello.My Name is Ramin.I live in Azerbaijan in the Baku city.Every day I listen Richard's music I love all them.When I listen his music I will be right here waiting for you I remember my lovely girl whom never give me the chance to love her.Thank you Marx for this music

Still listening to Richard Marx | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/11

I'm an 'fossil" (I think that's being over 50) former d.j. who played Marx's song beginning in the eighties while living on the west coast. This morning I'm tearing out the backyard brush listening to Dont Mean Nothing which is beingplayed on 88.1 a high school fm station that plays all the great music! Loving hearing Richard! Jeanne

R.marx you are simply the best | Reviewer: Medo.sumi | 5/20/11

Hi marx..i'm realy glad to think you're gonna read my text im writing to you..i love you,your songs and everything about you..'endless summer nights',,hazard' 'children of the night' are my favourites..but dat does'nt mean i dont like other songs of yours..i like them all..God bless you..lots of love and regards..

love your style | Reviewer: patricia | 5/3/11

mr. marx. first let me say how much i love your music to this day. i love (hazarh). i was reading some of the comments that people where writing to you about the video. well i do believe the cop in the car killed her, and blamed it on you. they let you go because they found out that the cop in the car was the one who did it. he watched the two of you, and was in love with her, and wanted her. when she refused his company, he killed her. thats how i see it.. i know who the actor that played the cop in the car, mr. conard... is that right? i also would like to know if what i read about you is true, that you are realted to the famous (marx brothers)? if so thats cool i loved that group of talent.. and one more and i will let you go.. are you married to the pretty woman that danced in (dirty danceing) with patrick? well, please keep up the great work. keep on singing to us love, we need you. i have (HAZARD) on tape, and my computer. i pull it up on the (on demand).. love ya keep us fans happy..patricia

Love your voice | Reviewer: A Ghifary Pratama | 4/12/11

I am from indonesia your song is very good, especially right here waiting song, i am very like that song, but this biography not completed because not display Albums of richard marx

Wherever ‎you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you

Haunted | Reviewer: Alisha | 1/19/11

Hi, I am 29 yrs old and I heard your song Hazard on the radio a couple of years ago, it has haunted (thats the only way I can explain it) me ever since, I didnt know the name of the song or who sung it, so I rang up the radio and requested it, I had to try and sing it to the DJ to them so they knew what song I was talking about. Anyway, I loovvveee that song, Hazard, I can listen to it all day, over and over again. Thank god for people with such fantastic voices like you. Also is there any truth to the song?

Hazard | Reviewer: Gloria Rogers | 1/12/11

Hi Richard
Have loved your music for many, many years...but my favourite has always been Hazard is one incredibly moving story.
Could you tell me what prompted you to write this... was it due to some personal experience?

you live in my heart and will be ,since i first listen your song | Reviewer: yogesh | 12/23/10

well, u are great singer with heart and it will be thirst to meet u in personally because the way the lyrics is written and sung is marvelous wowwww,,you have great guitar friends and u himself and the guitar aways takes u r song higher and higher. well i am INDIAN but i love u r heart , voice and guitar. Well hope u will come with great song on this coming christmas...........

Richard ! you will be always in my heart | Reviewer: K RAMESH | 10/9/10

Iam in India. I don't know English much. Even I can't speak fluently. But, Richard - You proved that Music has no language. Your every song - Every album I love - Eventhough I couldn't catch the exact meaning. My favourites are - Hazard, Right Here waiting for you, Ready to Fly, Shine, Everthing I want, One more time. Richard I tell you - I never sleep at even a single night without listening to your atleast ONE SONG. I am always indebted to you for your music which gives my SOLACE whenever I'm in distress. I'll love you as long as I exist in this world. Millions of thanks Richard for the GREAT MUSIC. Keep gives us songs.

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