Sweet. | Reviewer: Kiley | 2/19/2008

Relient ks songs actually have meanings and not just a good beat. Their songs are perfect for jamming out to. Plus This band is a really good role model for everyone. I love Relient K! YEA!!!!!!!!!!1

luv itt | Reviewer: ashley | 8/2/2007

this song makes me cry cause it is just so SADDD
But i still luv it everytime me and my friends listen to it we always cry together I was just kidding this song is not sad i just said that to be funny i luv this song i luv the oh oh oh. its so awesome

LOL | Reviewer: ashley | 5/6/2007

i wonder why but this song is so cute!
it kept me smiling through the whole song,
and the 'ohohoh' is just awesome =]

love ittt!!!<3 | Reviewer: bob | 3/22/2007

this is like the awesomeest song ever!

concert | Reviewer: Maxx | 3/11/2007

we saw them in concert and during "ohohoh" The audience would say it and the band would stay quiet it was awesom!!!!

yes I do like your sweater | Reviewer: julie | 6/20/2006

this song is awesome. me and my friends listen to it all the time. it makes me laugh which is good.

So stunning | Reviewer: Jennifer and Aleynah | 2/21/2006

This is an awesome song. Relient K rocks. Check them out on www.sing365.com

IN MY KHAKI PANTS!!! | Reviewer: Anony..... | 2/16/2006

This is a great song that you can really relate to!!! Relient K catches the thoughts and stuff of the ordinary person and makes it into songs so that you can actually listen to and be like "Hey, that makes sense!"

Hott song! | Reviewer: Katie | 8/14/2005

This is DEFINITELY one of my favorite songs of all time! Relient K is amazing! I sing this song every place I go. All my friends love it too! The song is awesome!!!