Coincidence | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/11

My friend was listening to this last week on his MP3 and singing it out loud. We suddenly realized it describes him and his girlfriend almost PERFECTLY!!! Only prob is was that it wasn't two years ago, but about 2 months! Talk about a coincidence!

(= | Reviewer: NIAAA. | 6/26/07

they're songs are amazing.
-this one- for instance.

L-O-V-E it. | Reviewer: Katie | 2/11/07

I think this is a great song, & my this is actually my boyfriends song to me!

RELIENT K!!~ | Reviewer: gerald | 10/24/06

hey people that are reading this right now! lol i love this song and i love relient k! dude!~later

How Stupid | Reviewer: Aleynah | 4/15/06

How stupid is this guy in the song to lose that girl.NOw she is with Matt Theisen and is happy haha for that guy. i love this song and I LOVE RELIENT K!!!!

Awsome | Reviewer: piximafia | 5/10/05

I absolutly love this song!