My go-to self-help | Reviewer: Mike | 9/7/14

This song is always that one song that I listen to when I feel that things aren't going so great, and when I feel that I'm wasting my life... both by either being lazy, or, more often, when I, indeed, feel useless to the world. Which is apparently quite often...

what can i say... | Reviewer: xolomn | 6/27/08

just pure bliss.. i always like to kick back and relax to most of their songs, have most of their albums and definately worth the disk space on my pc. incredible lyrics, excellent voice and a great variety in style throughout.. fave album? Mhmm. ofc.

This songs awesome | Reviewer: Leigh Moir | 7/11/07

I lovethis song XD loved it since it came out and its still my favourite song for 3/4 years, And I totally agree with Daniel Kim, They're a christian band & they always mention God in such an unoticable way, that people dont notice (mayb so they dont cut out their non-christian fans,after all they did hit the charts heaps of times lol), but the lyrics start making so much more sense once u kno its refering about god , lol some songs from the top of my head are like, Pressing on, Apathetic way 2 be , I so hate consequences , that do it and i guess thats why i love all their songs haha they rock XD lol

Relient as ever | Reviewer: Daniel Kim | 5/16/07

Relient K has been around much longer than people realize. I cannot say that I've been a fan since day one. I only found out about them about 5 years ago. But I love their music. They have great lyrics, they are a Christian band, (which doesn't mean that all their songs are about praising God) in actuality, a lot of their songs refer to Him in a vague way.
If you look at these lyrics for instance:
I wonder why I'm even here at all
But then you assure me, I'm a little more than useless, when I think that I can't do this, you promise me that I'll get through this, and do something right, do something right for once.
It could easily be interpreted as a PERSON, where in fact it's about the lord.
They also have some funny songs such as Marilyn Manson Ate my Girlfriend and Hello McFly. They have great albums, great lyrics, great music, and a great overall attitude.

hot song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/05

a friend told me about this and its a great song, definitely in the top5

more than useless rocks! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/05

this is the greatest song on the earth today and i would *deffinetely* spend my whole life listening to it.rock on reliant k!