Reviews for Marilyn Manson Ate My Girlfriend Lyrics

Performed by Relient K

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What the fuck? | Reviewer: Yma Moore | 12/31/10

This is one of the most stupid songs I have ever heard, and there have been some really stupid ones.
Marilyn Manson was supposedly enrolled as a Reverend of the Church of Satan, but it was really just a title I am assuming Anton LaVey gave him, and people made a lot out of it. Satanists don't even worship or believe in Satan or any such entity. People really need to do actual research rather than listen to what their petty Bible has to say about it, because the Bible is not preaching Satanism. Read the actual book, and you actually GAIN information. There is nothing wrong with Marilyn Manson, because there is nothing wrong with standing up for yourself and being yourself, questioning society and what everyone believes, making people look at it in a different way. Ignorant Christians make him look evil.
Really, boys and girls. Do your homework, THEN make accusations and statements.

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/10

Absolutely love it. Hahahaha wow... I've got nothing against Marylin.. well... maybe i do... but this song is oh so true. I love my chemical romance, black veil brides, avenged sevenfold, etc etc. But this band; even though its... annoying poppy sound... Relient K rocks haha

Response to an earlier post about this song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/07

MMAMG is a song with quirky lyrics. It's meant to sounds ridiculous. But just so you know, Manson IS Satanic. He was actualy ordained into the Church of Satan. Don't think it get much more Satanic than that.

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